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Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying?

Honda City Top 2017 - The car worth buying in the price of 600 million? | 4K | Baby Pet |

Hello everyone. If you have recently visited the website of Honda Vietnam Auto, you will see a banner pop up. Record sales of more than 12,000 vehicles. I don't remember the specific number but that is a figure that Honda Vietnam had high expectations in 2017. Civic is the car with a growth of 700% in 2017 of Honda. Not because of impressive sales, of course, but because the old Civic was so bad.

Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? first

But today we are not talking about Civic but about another car. A car that helps Honda not only in Asia but also in Oceania, but specifically like some countries like New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. An extremely impressive production vehicle has helped Honda have a sales that they have dreamed over the years is that the City Top 2017 is standing next to me.

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They have been constantly changing City in recent years. Almost every year they change, they change a lot. If more than a year ago the headrest in the back seat in the middle position has not appeared, it is now on City Top 2017.

Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? 2

That proves Honda always knows how to listen to consumers. And to prove the spaciousness as well as the comfort in the back seat, join us inside City Top 2017.

The first time I took my friend on this 2017 Honda City Top he had to say that. Oh it's as wide as Camri. He is driving a 2017 3.5 Q. Yes, the experience is extremely realistic of a friend of mine. Of course, I can't bring up a B-Class car like City compared to Camri in D-class.

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But I have to admit that Honda engineers have designed an extremely comfortable and spacious space for the Honda City Top 2017. As you can see from my knee to the front of my leg There are about 23 centimeters. Because my gloves are 21 cm long, it's still very comfortable. And about the head. The rear of the car is a bit crooked. If I was to lean back, it would be quite close to the ceiling, but if I sit up straight because the seat is quite reclined.

Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? 3

Sit upright and we have a little bit more space. I think it also falls somewhere around 7-8 cm. Generally ok. With a car with a 2600 mm long wheelbase inferior to the Mazda 3 to 10 mm, but actually sitting here is much better than sitting in the Mazda 3. And I will move in the middle to see how this car feels like ? It is really very wide. My knees were still far away from the front seats, quite a distance away. The space in the ceiling might have shrunk a little because the seat cushion underneath it was slightly raised.

In the middle of us there is a palm rest, so my back is a bit confined because this seat cushion protrudes, it's a bit stiff but I think it is also acceptable when traveling not too far. If you sit like 1 2 hours, you can still sit like this. And of course we have a headline here. Yes, it is very comfortable as I said above. A small change but really useful for long journeys.

Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? 4

Yes, as you can see, the 4 adults sitting in the back seat of City Top 2017 are still quite comfortable. Oh, not so comfortable, I mean, we can all stand up to less than 50 kilometers. Talking about the spaciousness of City, I would like to show you more of the trunk. This trunk is 536 L wide.

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A pretty impressive number for a B class car. From the key we can open the trunk with the push of a button here. And I'll sit inside to try it out. Oh, really comfortable. I think one more person can stay here. I can get in quite as deeply as you have seen. Those who go to Fiesta or Madza 2 are probably craving for this trunk. And to introduce more to you about City, let's go back and will sit in the driver's seat.Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? 5

Back to the inner space of the Honda City Top 2017. I am going to start the engine. Yes, the air conditioner is very nice, all are touch and Honda City Top even has air conditioning doors for the rear seats. However, whether the air conditioner is mechanical or automatic, its main task is still cooling and the Honda City Top 2017 is slightly less cool. That is a rather depressing point of this car. Above the air conditioner cluster is an LCD screen displaying the vehicle's infotainment information. Honda boldly removed the CD player.

Yes, this is also one of the nice improvements. I don't remember the screen of the City, it falls somewhere around 6-7 inches. If you equip the screen replacement option in the company, you will have a screen of about 9 inches. There is even an 11 - 12 inch screen that looks like it overflows with newer phones. But of course, the real feeling of this car is poor. We can use our fingernails, press with our fingers several times to receive it. Actually, I think this is another criticism on this screen.

Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? 6

The display is also not very sharp. It is far below the 2017 KIA morning SI that I have introduced to you in previous issues. Turn to the left a little, we have a few buttons to adjust the mirror and the most important is the eco button with Honda's Earth Green technology, world famous already. And soon we will operate this car together to see its superiority. Below this we have a few buttons to turn off the electronic balancing system and there are sensors.

These are the handbrake and the shift lever. The shift lever is straight, not zippered. We pull straight to enter the number. Of course it is a little bit sluggish. All straight shifters like this one of its plastic is relatively poor. Of course it works very well, on very standard numbers.

Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? 7

But the quality makes it a bit poor so I don't like it at this point. This is a synthetic leather, not leather. We have a storage compartment here, relatively large. This anti-glare mirror manually. Sunscreen we have a mirror, quite convenient for you to sit on the makeup.

The steering wheel of the car has quite a lot of buttons from listening, calling, answering the phone, until the sound adjustment key. On the right hand side, I have buttons for Crusor Control cruise control which is quite modern. Along with that we have 2 gear shift levers behind the wheel.

Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? 8

The steering wheel is also quite comfortable. Next I want to mention is the smart key of the car. This smart lock car I received feedback from some users that this Smart Key system as well as this Engine Start Stop system is a bit poor. Many people after pressing the brakes repeatedly to start but the car does not explode, the brain had to change the fuse. However it affects the electrical system I'm not saying. However, some users reported that some sensors in the car to detect keys were faulty. Someone has to change the whole cluster of buttons here. And to prove it, I would like to simulate some users who are using Honda City.

Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? 9

A: The first question is how long have you bought this Honda City?

B: I bought this car a year ago

A: So why did you choose City without choosing other cars with the same price range or the same segment?

B: I think the advantage this car has is that it has a steep departure and some pretty safe features. For me I feel very suitable for me. Some of the ones that haven't been examples yet are in the car still a bit noisy. If it doesn't make noise then it seems very noisy. I think that if in the 700 price range or less in the B segment, actually for me feel is a perfect fit.

A: As far as I know, the smart key system with the ignition button of the Engine Start Stop has ever failed, how did you fix and fix it?

B: The first day I went to the parking lot to start the engine At first, the car could not explode, then when the car exploded, I started the car and it reported a key fault. Then I also contacted the company and was notified by the company that the error was brought out for inspection. After the inspection is completed, the company has a warranty for your car because it is in the warranty period and completely renovated for you free.

Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? ten

Male: yes. Hello Dung.

Dung: Yes hello Nam

Nam: Yes, nice to meet you, here are some questions for you to ask me in today's interview. The first question is how long have you bought this Honda City?

Dung: I've been buying this car for half a year.

Nam: So after half a year of use, in your opinion, what are the advantages of this vehicle?

Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? 11

Dung: In terms of advantages, there are actually many advantages. To say it all, I have to ask Nam to say it. It is handy for me, for my family it's very spacious and its gas mileage is relatively good.

Nam: Besides the advantages, do you see this car has disadvantages or points that need improvement?

Dung: I only have one weakness about Honda City's Gear Control mode but it is not very smart. I use Gear Control very often. But if the price is like other cars, it has a speed display and it can be used more easily every 5 to 10 km.

Nam: According to him after a period of use, how much does it cost to repair and repair the vehicle?

Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? twelfth

Dung: After 6 months of use, I only changed oil and maintenance. Every month, on average, it falls into the range of 5 million VND / month, including gas money, car maintenance money.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, today I am honored to sit in a position that can be considered a boss in cars. He filmed after he finished his lunch break, but today he drove for me. And of course, as you can see I just passed by a speeding edge.

City is actually quite quiet. I think compared to the Morning SE, a car with a lower segment, the City's shock absorbers are much quieter. Compared to a car in the same segment as the Vios, for example, the City's suspension is slightly better. It swallowed the vibrations as it passed through the pothole or slowed down like before. Sitting in the back has a cooling system for a long time and I still consider this one of the city's weakest points.

As you can see I'm sitting very comfortably. I can lift this headrest a little higher. The space is really wide, there's a fist here. This car is equipped with 8 speakers. A pretty impressive number for a B class car.

Sound quality, I do not overestimate, but in my opinion it is suitable for about 600 million of this car. In general, the entertainment equipment is difficult to criticize City. In the city, the soundproofing of the car is quite good, in my opinion is fine.

Honda City Top 2017 - A Car Worth Buying? 13

The car consumes more than 5 liters only for the long haul or when you set the throttle mode to automatically control the cruise. Of course in the street, the fuel consumption will be about 8-9 liters. We don't test one, we always test a few and compare it to older cars manufactured in 2015 2016 to give you the most accurate numbers to help you and your friends. Can refer to before choosing to buy City.

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Well off to the school road I returned to a familiar position of myself. City engine 1.5 L 118 horsepower at 6600 rpm. Currently I am moving on the road of Thang Long Boulevard. The speed here is allowed to run in the consolidator lane of 60 km. In just a bit, I'll go onto the freeway so I can try to accelerate at higher speeds.

Actually, when running at 60, the noise level in the car was quite high. I didn't expect City to sound so poorly at such a high speed. If at low speed City soundproofing is very good, at this speed the City soundproofing is much worse. As you can hear, I honked. And it seems people made this whistle towards the driver. I heard the whistle very well, and I don't know if I can hear it outside.

The whistle was quite loud and I didn't understand why people would do that. With a B-class car, City accelerates very quickly and is extremely loading. Perhaps in part because the car is quite light at only 1142 kg. The sound, I think is not as good or as good as Mazda 3, called me something sporty and excited.

Go on the road with a range of safety technologies like this ABS, EBD, BA brake assist or electronic balance system. City really for the feeling too safe. It gives me more confidence when operating at high speed. Vehicles are also equipped with 6 airbags. You should note that 6 airbags instead of 2 airbags as in the past.

Yes, I have now merged into the freeway side of Thang Long Boulevard. I will accelerate. Wow I have to say this car accelerates so fast, it is very fast. CVT gearbox but the car is still very loading. I can shift to S and use the two shift paddles behind this steering wheel. 7-speed simulator gearbox, I easily pass the cars on the road thanks to this gearbox. However, I'm in Eco mode, so this car will always show a blue light. It means that you are going without saving because when you turn on eco mode this vehicle will notify you and teach you how to drive economically.

If the light on this central clock face is green, this means you're on the right path. Optimizing the performance of the engine. I just returned some to pass the truck. At high speeds like this the chassis of the car is still quite solid. However, it is still unavoidable for the road to float due to the fact that sugar in Vietnam is really not too good. It must be said that Earth Green technology is recognized worldwide, introduced by Honda. It accelerates very smoothly very smoothly, accelerates very quickly to the speed I desire so effectively.

Speaking a bit more about City's automatic transmission when sitting behind me, I told him to film a D gear and go. It was really smooth, but when I drove this car I thought I still liked the more advanced gearbox and had to be more level. It really made me feel something more real. With a car with the Gear Control automatic throttle system, there's no reason to go on such a nice and airy road without setting it up. I'm letting the car go by itself with an average speed of 80 km / h. Indeed, the fuel is currently reported at less than 5 liters only.

City gives quite a wide view and is comfortable when I sit here. The driving feel of this car also really follows me as well. Vehicles for sure steering wheel feeling. Electric steering is very gentle. Another advantage I want to say is the City's cam back. It allows me to see 3 angles. The wide angle, super wide angle and close-angle make it possible to get back exactly with the flickering sensors. Just now, I turned on this feature, but the sensor didn't sound. But in my opinion this is not a big weakness of City. As the owner of this car also shared, the car's automatic throttle system is not really smart.

Of course, this car is also affordable. With Gear Control, in my opinion it is okay. However, when running the test on slippery roads or on rainy or sloping roads, the wheels felt clearly slippery. Of course the manufacturer also recommends that we do not use this function when traveling in steep roads or slippery wet roads.

I also tried the experience and found it to be not really secure. One advice is that if you are in bad weather conditions or bad roads you should turn off this feature. One final outstanding feature of City Top 2017's performance is that it is a slope assist system. I will not say more or explain the principles of this system anymore because I already have a clip dedicated to supporting horizontal departure on the Honda City Top 2017.

For now, maybe I will find an area to stop this car and turn off the engine and we will go out to see an exterior of the Honda City Top 2017. Compared to other City versions, Previously manufactured City vehicles, City Top 2017 is now equipped with led technology.

All front lights use LED technology. LED daytime running lights, led fog lights and headlights are also led lights. However, there is a weakness of this car that its lighting range is not very wide. Although I set the headlight mode to be a high beam, my vision is quite limited.

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Of course, the objects within the lighting range of my car are very clear because the light of the car gives good light intensity. But the lighting coverage of this lamp is not really excellent. On the side, there's not too much change. The wheels are still 16-inch wheels but the motifs have changed a bit, it's a bit confusing.

I find it not as beautiful as the 2015 generation 2016 rims, looking healthier and sportier. A little regret is that 4 disc brakes do not appear in City. We only have 2 front disc brakes. Behind is still 2 anti-tank brakes. And the rearview mirror of City is quite modern. It folds the mirror automatically when you lock the car, better than the Mazda 3 we have ever experienced.

At the rear of the lamp cluster remains the same, still a backward cam. Sensors, sporty embossed veins. City is so, very young, very active and very athletic. After signing up for about 600 million, we will spend about 700 all to own it. If it were me, I would buy this car. If you do not like it, do not hesitate to coment. I will make a review clip of this car to show you how worth buying City.

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