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          Hello everyone, this is the 2017 Honda City with small improvements in terms of exterior, a bit of interior and safety features, so is it really safe, when its name is Honda City in the city? City, we will try the safety features now.

      Yes, the first test will be a Slalom zigzag to see if the electronic balance system of this City 2017 meets the requirements or not, and the road is currently very wet, slippery, the first speed will be 60 km / h start, 60 and the speed is quite good, sweet and light like no, there is no sound at all.

      Next, it will be 70 km / h speed, 70 already, there is a very small tire noise is still very stable, safely passing the marker post at 70 km / h, the next will be 80 km / h slippery road whether this City can pass the Slalom at 80 km / h or not accelerating, 80 already, the tire chirping is very loud, even I can hear clearly even the sound of the brakes skating, it was obvious that the car could skid right away but still pass this Slalom without crashing the stake.

      Now it's time for the quick test, quick braking, driving me to accelerate to 100 km / h on a wet and slippery road like this, folding brakes and steering to see if this car's ABS system works. stable or not. Now it will accelerate to 80,90,100 and the brakes will still be able to avoid the horizontal posts, still on the road trajectory, the ABS of the new City is very good.


      Yes, you have seen how safe the new City is, even testing on such slippery and wet roads, now we move in the inner city road simply, gently about operating in the city level. Fuel consumption according to the manufacturer claims to be over 7 and a half liters, but in fact I ran on roads with lots of green lights, red lights and crowded Hanoi roads, the traffic congestion was obviously exceeded 8 liters. , even 9 liters.

Trying to run the road with mixed consumption is only about 5 liters, 6 liters / 100 km for this car, so I think a very good number for a family car like this, of course you only go in the city alone, the consumption of it is definitely about 8 liters, over 8 liters, not as much as 7 and a half liters as the manufacturer announced.

      Hanoi, Saigon off the road constantly, the new Honda City is still equipped with the same engine CBT gearbox, still very smooth, light, smooth operation, but the new City's CBT gearbox has now been created. 7 levels of simulation so that when you go on a long road, even going over a hill you can go to number quickly and it is also quite sporty, on the street we do not use much, we only go to D don't use the plucking gear to make it soft and smooth, this is the advantage of the CBT gearbox, the operating feeling is not much different from the previous City, in terms of sound insulation I think it is A little more excited, after I found out some of the door seals were made more carefully and seemed to have been added a bit more, City was equipped with new leather seats that actually sit as if it's not as smooth as the seats. fabric in the previous version because its skin was tougher, but it would be cooler, but it would give a more premium feel, about City's air conditioner or Japanese cars in general is not much discussed, Japanese air conditioner Always cool very deep.

      And now it's going to be an acceleration track, obviously the engine is only 1.5 and more than 100 horsepower, the leap is still there but obviously the engine is small so it is forced to brace to push the car forward. , but basically the 1.5 engine on the City is relatively strong compared to the same segment, when you step on the accelerator you still see a certain jump to overcome other cars, you can hear clearly, The car can be shot straight up to 80.90 can go up to 100 km / h on the highway, now I will try Stillcontrol click here to install. At the moment, it is extremely idle that none of the cars in the segment have this and must have this in order to save fuel.

Of course, Stillcontrol on Japanese cars in general is really not very smart, because it does not have the number on the clock and your watch must still be based on the clockwise, meaning the needle is pointing to 60 if you want to go to 61, then you press once, if you want to hit 62 then you have to press twice, 80 then you press once to 81, 100 then press once to 101, but not to jump 10 km / hour 1 time, a little lack a little smart, but it's okay we still Stillcontrol on the B segment car, but no car like that is too fun already, go on the road and turn on RuyControl, turn on economical Econ mode , the fuel consumption is only a little more than 4 liters, a number can also say that extremely cute.

On the street if you want something sporty, then go to F, even though some CBT as I said, it's City equipped with 7-speed simulator so you want to get in the car in front of you. About extremely fast, the machine roared into number 7 already, more than 100 km / h as a sports car on a relatively cheap car like this, what else to expect.

The feeling of driving, the feeling of running this car is 600 million, so I think it is more than enough, you have a Japanese car, you have a spaciousness even more than the C-class cars on one. B-segment car, the price is reasonable for a famous Japanese brand that has durability and need to keep the price down, Honda is from Japan, that's the reason. But why are Vietnamese consumers so keen on this car as soon as it has just been launched.

      In terms of the design of this 2017 Honda City, you can boldly say that it is outdated compared to other competitors in the same segment, with the same money try to look at small details. For example, daytime positioning LEDs don't have a car in its rival segment, all headlights, lights are Led, nor any competitor has that. The steering wheel's face has been changed a little more chromium, looking healthier and sportier of course in terms of appearance and beauty, each person has a different way of looking at this person, the other is ugly I do not speak anymore but small details like just now as we see City more than rivals, the details are even smaller than that.

For example, like the paneling in the headlight is a bit black, counterfeiting the carbon fiber we do not have a opponent that is very very subtle with such small changes, but Honda City has been very A lot of people have complimented their wings and proved that they just received a lot of orders right after they debuted.

There is not much difference in the side, only the brakes are replaced, in this Honda has chosen very subtle although I think it is not as beautiful as the previous one, but it has hidden one. The downside of this car is that the rear wheel still uses drum brakes instead of the hydraulic disc brakes, visually, the drum brake looks not very nice, but in terms of performance, it is still very good, but the brakes This has covered the defect that Honda has very cleverly, the car is still equipped with intelligent automatic features.

For example, such as a smart key, lock the door with a button just press the button and touch the door is the door has opened, touch is also very smart only when pressing the mirror door lock does not automatically close again This is a bit pity, but all cars like this are almost Japanese designed like that.

The tail is no different but the details are still very wide, but with the rear camera installed, Honda is very strong for this option on his car and the rear sensor, You will feel secure when backing up.

Entering the interior compartment you will immediately see the difference it lies in this chair here if the previous version was a fabric chair, felt chair, now it is covered with leather and looks more advanced than it is. The air conditioning panel, the adjustment here is the touch screen, making the taplo board look more luxurious, I would boldly use the word luxury because there are many more expensive cars like this one that are nearly 1 billion without Air-conditioner like this, you just need to touch the touch button is always very easy to control, the Start Stop start button looks very nice, the touch screen is very sensitive only it is slightly upside down. When you go out into the sun it will be slightly blurred.

As for the steering wheel, the steering wheel is very light and interesting, also has a gear shift, the 3-circle clock is very nice and bright, the 3D floating design on the right has a screen that displays all the features. and it also displays the CURSE Control example, now available in the first Honda City in the segment.

Ladies and gentlemen, these cars are also equipped with up to 6 airbags, a lot of things are covered by Honda in this City and it is clear that City's direct rival Vios will surely have to be very cautious of this car. If not want to say Vios is a bit weaker than City.

Honda City is one of the B-segment cars with a very wide rear seat that is even wider than the C-segment cars, even as wide as the D-class car they have. I have introduced to you in recent times that the KiaK5 is even the K5 does not even have air vents for the rear seats, the Honda City has, very wide, very cool, very quiet in Rear seats.


Honda City 2017 possesses an overall polished design that provides a sporty, yet youthful appearance, with a newly designed front and rear ports, chrome-plated steering wheel surfaces also. The new look creates a more solid appearance connected to the headlight cluster that enhances the stylish appearance, the car is equipped with Led headlights, Led fog lights, Led daytime running lights, 16-inch alloy wheels The all-new sport of Honda City 2017 is 4,400mm long, 1,694mm wide, 1,477mm high and 2,600 mm wheelbase, approximately 135 mm ground clearance with a radius of 5.61 m makes City become an extremely beneficial urban car. Entering the interior compartment can see City 2017 is complemented with advanced utilities that optimize the comfort for passengers on the car such as high-class leather interior, audio system with touch screen display 6, 8 inches can be connected to smartphones via HDIM and USB ports, the automatic air conditioning system is adjustable on the touch screen for the first time in the B-segment car, 8-speaker upgrade system. 60.40 folding rear seats and fully ventilated with air-conditioning luggage compartment for the rear seats of smart key integrated modern trunk opening button, leather-wrapped steering wheel with integrated audio adjustment button, free voice mode hands and shift gears.

In addition to the driver assistance features are also found on the newly launched models, including the CRUSE Control, cruise control with the push button of the fuel-efficient driver assistance system. ECON EXIT, safety is the most important factor Honda continues to equip City 2017 with advanced safety features that are only applied to more advanced cars, especially City 2017 equipped with reversing camera. 3 turning angles, Jcon safety-absorbing chassis, reverse sensor HSA horizontal departure assist system, VSA electronic balance system, front airbag system for the driver and the next, curtain airbags For both rows, the heart of City 2017 is the in-line 4-cylinder SOHCi- VTEC engine that delivers up to 118 hp at 6,600 rpm and a maximum torque of 145 Nm at 4,600 / minutes accompanied by a CVT gearbox with Ustream Vtec Monogi technology.

Honda City has gone well in the inner city, but will the 1.5 car with CBT gearbox climb with enough 4 adults to weigh more than 70 pounds and the back cargo is full. Now we will go up a familiar road of Xe or that is the way up to the top with high slopes and bends of sleeves. I'll go to F number and turn off ECON mode and speed up, let's try it. Wow, that's okay, every motor roar is a little big but it's okay to be all 1.5 like this. The 4 adults who cross this ice ramp are not so bad at all if not delicious and the roar of the engine forces us to accept because this is a small engine but it is clearly a box The number of simulated hours of this City is a huge advantage that helps you to accelerate quickly.

Regarding safety systems we have tested this City 1.5 Top has an electronic balancing system we will cornering more peacefully even when crowded like this, I will go relatively high speed and enter Crab, gently but it must be up to this sharp bend to be special, you can hear the tire squeaking when I entered the high speed cornering, the electronic balancing system intervened immediately to avoid this car being undertea , of course, at that time, the speed was quite high, 60 km / h and carrying many people and going normally, it was still very good, folding 40 km / h did not hear the sound of tires, the car was still very stable.

Obviously City is not only for the city, but if there are roads to go out and play, going to the countryside to go through difficult passes, you can still pass other cars without difficulty, moreover this car Fully equipped with safety features are operating very well with a car in the price range of 600 million like this very safe, very stable.

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