Honda CBR650R 2019 - 254 Million

Honda CBR650R 2019 - 254 Million

Honda CBR 650R

Honda Vietnam has launched a lot of very nice, very new and very high displacement bikes. Ladies and gentlemen, standing right next to me is a CBR 650R motorbike, priced at only 254,000,000. It can be said that in the past, it was more reasonable and the design was more beautiful. And today, we will experience, learn this car.

The Honda CBR 650R 2019 is the successor to the CBR 650F that was first launched through the EICMA exhibition in Milan in Italy in late 2018. The new Honda CBR 650R inherits design inspiration from the man. SUPERBIKE CBR 1000RR Fireblade with strong, sharp design lines for a healthier and sportier look.

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Next we have the chassis system, the diamond steel chassis system is stiffer and adds flexibility to this car. We have the Showa shock absorber system in the front to increase and decrease the hardness and softness to help control more flexibly to your liking.

We have disc brake systems at the front, with each disc brake with 4-piston Nisin and ABS 2 side connection very safe. Next, on a large cylinder I want to talk about the tires, this tire uses the Dunlop brand with 120/170 front and 17 inch wheels for both front and rear, and rear tires The rear is 180/170, a tire that can be said not too big but fits the body of the CBR 650 R, helping you tilt more stable and more confident.

Honda CBR 650R

Next we have to talk about the exhaust, this car's exhaust inherits CBR 1000RR, short, neat, very harmonious. The CBR 650R in 2019 is also a model that uses a diamond-frame design with the rear bolts being machined by an empty method, making the overall vehicle 1.9 kg lighter than the previous generation.

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Along with the new fuel tank design, the new footrest bar, the weight of the new CBR 650R is reduced to 207 kg. Honda fitted on the cross bike model of the 2019 CBR 650R, the front suspension system, 41mm FFF shadow showa screws with the ability to adjust the load damping separately, the rear shock absorber form with 7 levels Load adjustment.

Honda CBR 650R

In terms of braking, the Honda CBR 650R has a 310 mm dual disc brake with a wave-blade structure at the front and a 240mm rear disc brake with nisin brake clamps, a 2-channel abs brake system is standard equipment of car. In addition, the Honda CBR 650R 2019 is equipped with 17-inch cast aluminum wheels for both front and rear wheels.

The engine is still identical to the CB650R, with a cylinder volume of 649 cc or rounded up to 650 cc, with a capacity of 93.8 horsepower combined with a 6-speed gearbox will feel really rich. is the VN road. Of course, there are many opinions that Honda cars are not always as mixed and mixed as competitors, maybe some views of someone who likes other cars but with power like this, there is no Which Vietnamese roads can satisfy this car?

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With this 650cc bike, you can even go up to 290 km / h very simply and that is already beyond the permitted level in the roads in Vietnam, even if you have the right to drive in the highway. then you run to 120, you only use the number 2 is the same even if the number 1 if you run hard can run up. So to talk about the viscosity or the mixture, there is no need to compare anymore but Honda is clearly very durable. Demonstrating that all Honda models always keep the price higher than the big displacement cars of other brands in Vietnam because of the durability and persistence that is very noticeable point of the large displacement of Honda.

Honda CBR 650R

The heart of the CBR 650R 2019 is a 4-cylinder DOHC engine block with a capacity of 469 cc producing maximum power up to 94 horsepower at 12,000 rpm rev / min and maximum torque to 64 Nm at 8500 rpm rev / min. In addition, the CBR 650R 2019 is also equipped with a 2-way gearbox and the latest torque control technology of Honda HSTC for smooth and easy gear transfer plus better traction of the rear tire than the previous generation. a lot of.

Talking more about the exterior, the car today is black paint lumpy, matte paint very hard, something mysterious, brings the ghost feeling of a very powerful bullet forward. We have a sharp LED system, not too big, but like two criss-cross blades forming a straight, fierce arrow that makes us feel very fast, very fast.

The instrument cluster remains the same in the recent PKL version, even from smaller models using this electronic clock cluster which is very intuitive and easy to see, relatively beautiful, but sporty models when driving the left hand, the throttle cable, the engine will cover the instrument cluster a bit, not significantly because of the specific design of such a sport, when driving, the light will not move but remain only a little just like that, it's not too troublesome.

Honda CBR 650R

In the front, Honda CBR 650R 2019 owns the main lighting design, turn signals, modern full led technology similar to the CBR 1000RR, below the headlights are 2 aerodynamic wind holes. The fierce appearance of this 650 cc motorcycle model when viewed from the front, different from the Honda CBR 500R with a low handlebar, the sporty Honda CBR 650R still uses high sport city clipon handlebars, however, the handlebars of the CBR 650R are moved 30 mm further, combined with the footrest and shift lever to make the driver's seat more comfortable especially on long trips, the fuel tank of CBR 650R 2019 has a high muscular design and a capacity of 15.4 liters as announced by the manufacturer.

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With a full tank of fuel, the Honda CBR 650R can travel a distance of 300 km, above the fuel tank is a monochrome LCD digital clock panel shared with two brothers CB650R and CBR500R, this LCD screen for It allows you to display basic parameters such as speed, speed, speed, hours and some technical information of the vehicle.

Regarding the height of the car, when supporting the legs want to be most comfortable, it must be 1m75 tall or more. Moreover this car is very neat and smooth. As a super sporty car, only for speed roads, but in Vietnam inner city roads are traveled a lot. With a sport-style car like this, we have a relatively cow-sitting position that this new version is crawling even more, this clipon handlebar brings a sense of churning and for those who just go will be tired.

Honda CBR650R 2019 - 254 Million 1

For someone who is familiar with this type of operation, it is not tiring because of the light design, flexible control when traveling in the city. Of course, when you travel in a narrow road, when turning or when backing up or will be tripped because the height of the saddle is relatively high, sports cars are like that. When traveling in the inner city is no different than the CB 650R, without overheating, the Honda models optimize the cooling method, not giving a sense of inhibition when the speed is slow. When traveling on the road to meet the features of the car, for those who are new to the PKL should use the 500 cc of Sport Honda, the feeling will be easier, and with this 650R you need It takes a little skill because when you get on a car that is too strong like this, Vietnamese roads are not really safe, it will be very dangerous.

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With this car being able to conquer all roads, the ability to hold high speed cornering is very great, satisfy your thirst for speed, of course there will be many people think that there are many better cars but Remember that this is a 650 cc bike and with a price of just over 250 million along with the design and equipment like this so can not ask for more, this is too good already because if as you line up 800 or 1000, the price is almost double and even more than that.

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