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Review the Honda CB500X 2019 - the price from 188 million is worth buying

Honda CB500X 2019 - price from 188 million is worth buying


    Today is the model that we can go on a trip, abroad, on the streets are, it is the 2019 Honda CB500X - a small sized adventure very suitable for Vietnamese consumers, physique to xi volume The cylinder is also suitable for the VN road, only 500 cubic centimeters, to be exact 471cc. Then what is it superior, let's find out. Honda CB500X 2019 was officially launched for the first time at the Ema 2018 exhibition in Milan, Italy at the end of 2018. Right from its launch, this car has attracted a great deal of attention from international media. and the Biker around the world thanks to the strong, neat and Vietnamese style.

As part of the Adventure series, the 2019 Honda CB500X has a wilder and more stylish design language than the CB500F and CBR500R brothers in Honda's 500 cc series. In addition, CB500X is also a model of Honda's strategic motorcycle group with sales always ranked in the top of the best-selling skateboards of the Japanese automaker. 

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   This new CB500X car is quite different from the old version. The first is the paint, which is more flashy, more attractive and youthful. It is a very popular point on the large displacement bike, it has something that gives its ego more. Next is the rigid diamond steel chassis system, more flexible and raised chassis under 180mm, really very high. But for Adventure cars, going bad roads is required. 


Next, we have the front suspension, it's just a normal shock absorber but when combined with aluminum wheels and the size up to 19 inches, a huge size and the journey of the Adventure cars travel abroad this way is very long, brings a sense of smoothness but it runs in the city is also very good. Next is the 2-level led headlight cluster, which is very similar to the recent Honda 500cc but has been wrapped in a different appearance.


    We also have a windscreen right on the front of the car, a characteristic of the Adventure. The rear tire system is more spiky with a 17-inch rim size, this cast aluminum rim will be faster than sports cars and a bit lighter to provide a more flexible operating feel. Both wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, with ABS, a fairly common technology for today's large displacement bikes.

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Next we will have shock absorber system, mono shock on the rear brings a sense of health and of course with these cars, shock absorbers mono shock will be much more convenient. The clock of this car is identical to the cars we recently introduced of the Honda line, which is an electronic screen with all the same parameters as the CBR 650R or CBR500R, VV.

We will have double gas wire rather than electronic gas. Next is our heart with a 500cc 2-cylinder parallel engine but still feels very good, especially when running in Vietnam because the power is still guaranteed to conquer every road in the country. Spectacularly VN is even a bit redundant.


The second is that it is relatively compact and very suitable for the physical condition of Vietnamese people like the 750, 800 or 1200 lines are a bit oversized, of course those cars look very interesting but to operate and conquer, the car line. This CB500X is quite affordable, making it easier to conquer. The 2019 Honda CBX is heavily influenced by the design philosophy of the Africa Twin elder, possessing a smart and modern face thanks to the lighting system using full LED technology for impressive white light. High light performance brings harmony and modernity to the whole vehicle.

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Honda CB500X 2019 owns a modern LCD clock cluster with many display features such as the location of the number, fuel indicator light, GPS, fuel indicator, speed and technical information of the vehicle. This car is equipped with a diamond-shaped chassis with a diameter of 35mm, seat height at 830mm, overall dimensions of 2155mm, width of 825mm and height of 1410mm, ground clearance of 180mm. The above figures show that the car possesses a pretty neat appearance and is suitable for many types of roads from urban to road. Another plus point for the Honda CB500X 2019 is the car has a fuel tank capacity of up to 17.5 l, can travel a distance of 500 km.

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Honda fitted on this car with 41mm telescopic fork with adjustable preload, the vehicle journey is increased by 10mm compared to the old version to 150mm.This brings the ability to reduce shock and absorb good force to help improve Traction ability for front wheels, rear suspension cylindrical spring design new design, rear suspension fork increased from 18mm to 135mm and used monoshock single cylinder shock and single hydraulic tube, in addition Honda is also quite proud When equipped with 19-inch wheels for the front and 17 inches for the rear wheel combined with front shock absorbers, longer journey helps optimize control on complex terrain, ABS anti-lock braking system on this car.

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Regarding the engine, Honda CB500X is equipped with a 2-cylinder, 8-valve engine, liquid-cooled to produce a maximum capacity of 74 horsepower combined with a 6-speed gearbox, 2-way non-slip clutch, From there, the gearshift process will become softer and more smoothly. Honda CB500X 2019 is distributed in Vietnam market with 3 basic color versions including red, matte black and white. Vehicles are imported from Thailand with prices from 188tr. 


   For Adventure cars that need to go on difficult and difficult roads to experience properly, they will feel very comfortable from the saddle to the suspension system, the journey is very long, you do not need to think. a little when working through the steep slopes, the car is very light, the winter is also extremely light so the steering is very light, flexible and easy to turn around. The rear tire has big spikes, more so you will feel secure because of the road.

This car is a multi-purpose vehicle that runs on the street, abroad, long distances, and trips. When you walk in the street you will find it very easy to drive because the sitting position of this car is like a regular car, even easier because of this winter, the distance with people is very reasonable, it is a little higher. As easy to control, sitting very comfortable and relaxed, the view is very interesting. Because the price of this car is quite cheap, so the equipment is not much, but compared to the price and features of this car, it can not be argued.

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