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Share quickly about the Honda Brio 2019

Share quickly about the Honda Brio 2019


In this paragraph, I will share the latest information about the upcoming Honda model in the Vietnamese market in June 2019.This is the first Honda Brio model of the Honda Brio model imported from Indonesia. with fellow TOYOTA wigo, guys. 

Share quickly about the Honda Brio 2019 1

Honda Brio model is distributed in Vietnam market, there are 3 versions and all these versions are automatic versions and no manual version, the picture is now the design part of the front. you can see the design of the front of this most advanced version has the symbol of the RS version and it has the grille in the general design language of the honda bird-shaped language here you can see the bar that is painted in glossy black is very sporty design associated with the headlight cluster, in this cheap segment, the halogen headlight and this headlight use the reflector reflector in In the segment, you can see wigo or la morning it has rochecter reflectors but all use halogen headlights, but there is no version using led headlights at all.

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In terms of performance is the same, for the sporty bottom grille is the sporty part with the black grille around the underbody or this fog line below with the lower grille. very big. 

Continue to the side you can see Brio, using the multi-spoke wheels design is very beautiful and very sporty new design trend in this RS version Brio wheels will be 15 inches and also lower v version, the tray will be a bit smaller than the 14 inch door handle, the body paint and the body color is very solid. This Brio design is generally gentle with modern design. Believe it will be durable and very long obsolete

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Next in the back of the car Brio has a slightly rounded design it is a bit full, then you see the signal light on the back of it designed from the side it extends from the side to the back always, the This lamp is very simple design with cheap indicator light and reverse indicator on the inside, you can see this Brio is equipped with wind vents at the back very seamless and underneath I have a bumper on the side. The back of the black is very sporty, very personal and the view from the back is also beautiful, in my opinion, the overall overview of this Brio is not too aggressive, not too young but the overall view is very beautiful.


Next I enter the interior compartment you can see the steering wheel of this Brio in the segment of mostly plastic parts, the part of the steering wheel is also very full design for the RS version. Inside, there are details painted orange personality suitable for young customers who are active and underneath the air conditioning is very delicate design although this air conditioner is not automatic , but there is a part that controls the function keys are electronic keys instead of the twist keys are also very good or always have a screen but this air conditioner is still not automatic air conditioner.

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Also in this part of the gearbox, it is known that the Honda brio and the gearbox fitted to the brio is the CVT gearbox that will give a smoother driving feel than fuel economy than the 4-speed gearbox of the car models. same level of the brio interior, the seats in the car are still felt but high-end felt with orange stitching, the RS version is very personal, but in the climatic conditions of Vietnam if you have the conditions when choosing this Brio model I need to upgrade to the leather seats so it is more suitable it is cleaner.


Next, the engine fitted to this Brio model will be a 1.2-liter engine and it produces 89 horsepower coupled with CVT gearbox, I am confident that the Brio model will feel very good to drive if not saying that it will be best in the segment, I will wait for the Brio car and when there is a demo car, I will test it based on the number, I will guess so and what do you think about this Brio.

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