Video Examination Examination 11 Sa Sa Figure GPLX Car

Driver training center in Ho Chi Minh City to video practitioners of the 11 stakes exam - test driving license B2 for students to refer and know exactly how the tests will be performed.

Video Instruction Examination 11 Sa Sa Figure GPLX Car 1

Overall on the test vehicle includes 1 scoring screen, in the scoring screen includes the screen to calculate the total time, the time slot in a post, the total score box, minus points, the camera identifies the candidate. Things to note include: buckle up, lower the hand brake, enter the number 1, turn left turn signal.

Driving Practice 11 Lessons Of Police


Start of the exam with 30 seconds to start the exam:


  • Move slowly.
  • Turn on the turn signal when hearing the bell, turn off the turn signal.
  • Remember: - Adjusting the mirrors, adjusting the seat, fasten the seatbelt - Turn the left turn signal - Enter the number 1, release the clutch slowly to let the car go - Cross the 5 meter mark to turn off the turn signal

Stop and give way to pedestrians:

  • The car goes straight.
  • Look at the upper window with the door handle running so that the stop sign is in the middle of the door handle, stop moving for 3 seconds.
  • From vehicle nose to the prescribed stop line is 0.5m.

Stopping and departing vehicles on a slope:

  • Look at the upper window with the door handle running so that the stop sign is in the middle of the door handle.
  • There are 30 seconds to perform the exercise over the slope.
  • Release the needle to see the needle move slightly, hold the clutch pedal firmly, then depress the brake pedal to move through the slope.
  • Remember: stop in front of the bar, do not let the car stall, drop down, in 30 seconds to cross the ramp.

Across the corner of the wheel, make a narrow right-turn road - ROAD Z (go through the nail):

  • The driver's shoulders drove across the edge of the eel, driving all the way to the left into the row of nails.
  • Between the distance between the car and the eel 0.5m.
  • From the eyes looking through the steering wheel straight ahead creates an imaginary line for the vehicle.
  • Go to the left corner, look to the rearview mirror on the left and hang over the touch line.
  • Cross the right corner similar to the left.
  • - Wheels go through the nails - Drive rhythmically - Must master the movement ... turning hands! (turning the steering wheel) - Move slowly, drive

Driving through an intersection with traffic control signals:

  • Sitting normally, the yellow line stops and the wiper stops on the prescribed line, the soup is ready for 2 seconds to release the clutch, slowly the red light slowly goes green.
  • - Watch for the right signal - Move slowly through the intersection

Drive through a winding road - L letter S:

  • Running slowly from the steering wheel to the center of the road to the left, hugging to the right, we have to look at the rearview mirror on the left, then drive across, then drive all over, similar to the right corner of the crab.
  • Turn to look at the right mirror.
  • Turn left to look at the mirror to the left.
  • Turn left and extend right.
  • Turn right, then turn left.
  • - Advancing to the back, backing the abdomen - Watching for the right signals - Do not stop too close or too far from the line

Putting the vehicle in a parking place:

  • Align your body in the middle of the road and start driving to the right so that the vehicle is perpendicular to the corner and set the reverse gear.
  • Then look at the left rearview mirror to reverse, slow down so that the body with parallel touch bars, check the right side glass in parallel, then back and adjust evenly when you hear the signal, stop the car. Go back to gear number 1, move to the right, so your shoulder is straight with the latch just past the eel and steer.
  • - Within 2 minutes, you must back down along the vehicle into the parking lot. - The wheel, do not touch the limit line

Pause where railways run:

  • After the end of the danger signal turns off the priority light and releases the brake pedal to release the clutches, this move occurs once.
  • Run for the stop in the middle of the door handle.
  • - Move slowly - Align your shoulder (latch) across the railroad sign

Change the number on the line:

  • Release all the clutches to hear the signal on the number 2, then they release the accelerator pedal strongly at a speed of over 20km / h and run to the forbidden sea to finish reducing the speed to 1.
  • The distance from the sea starting to accelerate and the signal board was 25m.
  • From the command sign to the ban sign is 25m.
  • Take the number 1 to the sea to accelerate: slightly increase the gas.
  • Go to the limit line of the newspaper (ping pong sound) increase the number 2.
  • Increase the throttle over 20km / h.
  • Run across the sea at a minimum speed: reduce the throttle.
  • Reduce the station to less than 20km / h, return to the number 1 before passing the limit limit sign.

Pair the vehicle horizontally in a parked area:

  • Run the body parallel to the touch line and 0.5m from the line, the body is straight with the eel.
  • The tail is straight with the angle to park 45 degrees.
  • When the left wheel is near the yellow line, proceed to the left to drive.
  • Align the car with the touch line, back a bit to hear the newspaper to end the lesson.
  • Then, go back to No. 1 and drive all the way to the left.
  • - Within 2 minutes, the vehicle must be pulled back to the parking area. - The wheel does not hit the limit line



  • Return the steering wheel to the car in line to turn on the right turn signal to finish the test.

Video driving practice test video b2 - tai-lieu-huong-dan-me-di-thi-bang-lai-xe - 11 B2 practice tests (with the addition of a transverse pairing test)

Video supplement before taking driver's license test


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