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Hello everyone, nice to see you again in my latest video clip today, I've been busy in the past few days, too much work, so I haven't released a video clip. OK, today I have some free time, I will make a video clip, in today's video clip, I would like to share with you about the car's suspension system & electronic air suspension system, structure How does it work? What are the advantages of each type? We invite you to follow along!

What Is Suspension System? 5 . Electronic Air Suspension

Friends, since the invention of the car, people have noticed that when traveling on different roads, sitting in a car without a shock absorber is very shocking. Just like riding a Horse, the feeling is very uncomfortable, that's… for those reasons, one needs to invent a shock absorber system on motorcycles called shock absorbers, and above. In automobiles, people call the suspension system, the suspension system is the part that connects the wheel with the car's frame, which has the effect of increasing traction as well as making the car feel better. smoother operation, even when traveling on asphalt roads, there are always undulating mounds and make the car shake when moving.. that… even though the wheel is flat The rubber it also absorbs a part, but it is not enough, it is necessary to have a shock absorber system, a suspension system to enhance the grip and smoothness of the car when traveling.

Since then, people have researched and created a system so that the wheels can oscillate up and down in the vertical direction relative to the body of the car to quench the oscillations. the laboratory to develop suspension systems of different dampers, elastics, here they are simulating a wheel going through mounds where the height of the car will shocked, above it there is a screw to describe the shock of the car when going through such a bumpy land, the first thing is that the car it moves has only rubber attached without the system hangs, has not attached the shock absorber, then we see that the line of the graph is bumpy, it is very shocking, that is running at slow speed, and running at high speed, its shock is even longer, Here you can follow…then thanks to this kind of experiment, people find out the methods of shock absorption, the optimal suspension methods to mount on the car.

What Is Suspension System? 6 . Electronic Air Suspension

That… you see when running at high speed, it bounces, its amplitude expands even more, that… now people will make a shock absorber, a simple suspension system, the first is to use tweezers. , using a piece of woven steel, which we still see today on that truck, we see that it has not reduced the shock how much, it is still there. The road it is now is different, it is different than before, that is, it has decreased but not reduced much, people will reduce the hardness of this steel to make it softer, to find a way to reduce it. more comfortable or not? Well, this is a very old experiment, now it is found that if you attach the springs to the four wheels and for example the passenger or the driver sit in the middle, its shock can be reduced. , people will continue to do experiments on four wheels.

The iron xi, iron xi system is that frame guys, this is a miniature simulation model only, for people to research and manufacture, you will see that its shock is also improved compared to one wheel, then you see when the front wheel collides, it shocks less than the rear wheel, or both wheels go up, people will continue to improve, people will replace the wheels. The front and rear suspension change its stiffness, in the front people will replace the springs, with a different suspension, in the front are the two wheels that were horizontal like this. ... people call it dependent suspension system, and now the two wheels are independent of each other, it is called independent suspension, people replace the spring leaf with a spring two wheels that can move up. descending vertically independently of each other, not depending on each other, people attach a soft spring here, then this system is a suspension system called independent suspension, which is used a lot. above cars today.

What Is Suspension System? 7 . Electronic Air Suspension

That... then this soft spring will give it better elasticity than the steel, the spring steel, then the car now seems to be much smoother than before, however the the degree of fluctuation it is still there and people will continue to improve it and replace it with a softer one, here... people have replaced it with a softer one, this one is very soft, ie the degree the softness of the spring, the stiffness of that spring, people, people reduce the hardness to make it softer to increase the softness, but you see the spring it's weak when it wakes up it turns on quite quickly, it's not good to create a vibration it vibrates continuously like that, so they added a device to reduce the residual oscillation of the spring, that is, the vibration after when they meet the spring mound to improve the vibration of the car, when going through the mounds, people attach the same part as the shock absorber that is now called a shock absorber. those visual shock absorbers, but in the old days the shock absorbers weren't Other than that, next to the spring, add a shock.

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Ah! So now the car it works quite effectively, you can see that the damping vibrations have been absorbed a lot, the vibration it is absorbed a lot, the car is quite quiet, showing represented by lines... the fat line drawn it is quite straight and when passing through the bumpy mounds, the insignificant fluctuation has been applied to the shock absorber system of current cars. , the front one uses an independent suspension and has a soft spring attached, and there is a system to reduce the vibration of the spring, the same is true of the rear wheel, here you can observe an independent suspension on the car in front with a chassis rod connecting the wheel to the chassis allows the wheel to oscillate vertically, just like in the previous model. , now people practical application.

here it has this spring…that…spring on the front wheel, it also requires parts, this part is a shock absorber that extinguishes the vibration of the spring when we ride the wheel. potholes, then thanks to that small part above that the... the front suspension is quieter when working, then today people replace this part with that reduced vision, to absorb the excess vibrations of the spring when I go through the part… when I go through the bumpy mound… that… here is the finished product after people have applied it Using research, people have found that what? The suspension system works very effectively, my car is much smoother…that… here you can see this is an antique car, above people put a tree on it. up for people to let out smoke so that people can check the vibration of the car as it moves over different bumpy mounds.

What Is Suspension System? 8 . Electronic Air Suspension

That… people will blow out smoke to see… that… and the wheel is tied with a string to check the oscillation, the head oscillation of the wheel…that… the more straight this smoke line proves. This car is quieter guys, that's… as you can see, those are the early stubs about the car's suspension system, this is the Auto Source document. American car company, followed by a suspension system called air suspension, air suspension, you can see this is a modern suspension technology that is applied. on new cars like Metxedet, Audi, BMW, Colombo... these cars are equipped with a system that is very modern, you see… that… the undercarriage can be lowered or can be raised, depending on your preferences, you can control the suspension or lower it differently, it is a great advantage compared to the traditional suspension system is fixed, can not change the height, control change. Can change the height, the chassis can.

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As for this car, I can change the chassis height depending on the speed of people's preferences, or depending on the conditions of the road surface, this is a very modern suspension system, it is built how? Please watch the following illustrative video clip, this is the air suspension system ha! So instead of using springs and springs and elastic steel leaves, they use the elasticity of air, which is the air when it is compressed like that ball, when you Squeeze you to compress, it has bounce elasticity, people take advantage of that to make the shock absorber, the car's suspension system, here! You see a car when loading goods and luggage into the back compartment, it can lower its ass and raise its head and the headlights it will blend up very difficult when I move, that's the problem. problem of the normal suspension system.

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Now the air suspension system will solve that problem, based on the central processing unit ECU and electronic control systems, there are three supporting parts that are the compressor, the tank. gas tank and valve system besides sensors such as the height sensor of the chassis, speed sensor, wheel speed sensor, based on these sensors, it will report to the ECU, for example For example, just now, the rear wheel knew that it was lowered, the vehicle's height sensor would notify the ECU, then the ECU would tell the compressed air to pump more air into the two rear wheels to make the two wheels. behind it is higher to avoid the case that the chassis behind it is low to release the lights to the front like this, causing difficulties while running.

In addition, when running on the road, the suspension system also works very effectively compared to the spring, this air suspension system is much quieter, can adjust the height, it has the modes such as comfort, comfort and comfort it is very comfortable or sports touch mode, the touch mode in comfort body means it is soft, the air pressure is moderate. yes, and the touch mode, it enhances the rigidity so that when I hug the car, it is less bouncy and wobbly to increase safety. For example, when running at high speed, the front part will release low compressed air to let the aerodynamics pass easily, save fuel and it lowers the car's chassis to increase safety when you speed. height, then based on the vehicle's speed sensor measured and reported to the ECU and ECU can completely calculate it, either when entering a bad road, the ECU will automatically or manually raise the chassis. climb up to cross that stretch, it's the air suspension system they call Pneumatic Suspension.

Then this is a very modern suspension system on new cars today, I have just shared with you about the suspension system on cars, as well as the air suspension system, Air suspension system has not been applied on popular cars but only applied on luxury cars, because of this system it is quite expensive, then thank you for watching the video clip , say goodbye and see you all in the next video clip! Bye bye…

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