Video sharing experience B1, B2 exam passing 100%

You must be very worried first B2 driving license test And today, I would like to share a / c some experience so that you can easily pass the B2 test. And certainly if you have this experience, I believe if you can pass the B2 test and have a B2 license on hand to drive on the road.

Video sharing experience on B1, B2 exam passing 100% 1

To be able to enter B2 driving license exam then the first thing a / c needs is to get through Theoretical driving test and this part of the test, you need to study at home and do the first test and practice at the time you take the theory test so you can easily pass it very quickly and then in the learning process, we It is necessary to listen to and follow the instructions of the teacher to have the chance to pass this B2 license.

Perhaps the most difficult thing to pass the B2 driving test is the psychological problem. Many students drove very well in the learning process. However, when the psychological examination is not good, it leads to the failing exam. A / c need to prepare psychologically like.

+ First, we are not arrogant and show that we know how to drive. Because a driver's license is just an ordinary high school diploma, not a doctorate or university degree, we should not be arrogant.
+ The second is that we need to try to study and practice seriously from theory to driving the car, following the diagrams, and the signs in the test of a great cahcs cahcs.
+ The third is that we are not in a hurry, but need to be careful and pay attention to all the points that the teacher reminds us. We need to be calm, not nervous. The suspense will lead us to forget or make a mistake when we take the test.
+ Wednesday is that we need to focus on the test completely. Don't be reminded by other people, don't be affected by other sounds or problems, such as ringing your phone or trying to memorize lessons. a / c just need to focus on your test.
+ And finally do not care about time and scores. So many a / c are afraid of running out of time. However, the time given for taking a test is longer or more sufficient for the above 11 exercises. So you just need to focus on the test.

The score is ≥80 points for passing. So I don't look at your score sheet anymore and just take the exam. To have a good mentality, a / c must practice well and be confident in their abilities. If a / c sees that his / her training time is not enough, his / her ability to drive is not proficient, he / she should hire practice time in the yards. I'd rather spend several hundred thousand dong or 1 million more to pass the exam than spend a month - 2 months later to retake the exam will be very time consuming.

Before the exam or close to the exam date, you should practice a few rounds first. Tomorrow the exam, today you should practice enthusiastically. Try to train seriously in these practice days.

Video sharing experience on B1 and B2 exam passing 100% 2

The sections start across the slope, go over the wheel track and accelerate, then pairing in parallel, along vertical, a / c should give priority to practice these exercises because these exercises are most likely to lose points.

At the big centers, you will learn which car will drive that vehicle to enter the exam, so try to get used to the test car and treat it like your friend, please respect it.

The next thing to remember is that we and the episode always have markers and tips that the teacher shows a / c means to this point there are signs. A / c to this point need braking, need to go slowly, need to accelerate, the teacher instructs a / c signs that can be paint streaks, bricks, a tree, an electric pole, the teacher Will only for a / c. Any lesson has all of these points and the students will understand each other implicitly

When a / c sit in the car, it is necessary to open the glass doors. Turn off the air-conditioning to adjust the seating position and visibility, the mirror to make it as comfortable as possible. Pay attention to the outside issues are the signs as I said.

And distracting information from the outside is absolutely not paying attention to it and focusing entirely on the post
On the day of the exam, we should arrive early and dress properly. Dressed properly, the new exam. Bring all identification, especially ID card and documents that the examination board requires to bring.

Next is that we need to come early to learn from the experience of those who came before, to learn from their driving experience and we should ask to guide you and follow up during the exam study, the person who took the test first If the second one failed or passed, we still need to learn. People pass, we need to learn from their experience and receive more spirit from them. And for those who fail, we ask them where they fall so we can avoid it, so we can drive more carefully.

Video sharing experience on B1, B2 exam passing 100% 3

Get acquainted with teachers so we can count on you to take the tests sooner. Choose a better car or in the case of force majeure that if we miss, we can contact the teacher to be able to retake the test. There is no regulation in the school but in the exam school it is possible.

In addition, if necessary, a / c should pay a little to be able to pass this B2 license. Actually, this is my trick Not recommended. I have seen many cases where people spend money to retake the exam or pass B2. I condemn these practices. However, if anyone wants to rooster, you can refer to those ways.

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