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Choose the loan package that is right for you when buying Innova car

Choose the loan package that is right for you when buying Innova car

Hello all friends. Thai here, Thai big Toyota An Thanh here, how are you? How do you feel today? Today Thai will introduce to you, re-quote you some options to buy Innova cars. In front of Thailand here, in front of you here is a Toyota Innova E 2017 floor car. Its color is metallic copper color, the color that is very personal customers love family.

Choose the loan package that is right for you when buying Innova 1 car

What are the strengths of this Innova E? The strength of this Innova car from the ancient time, from 2006 has already, it is fuel economy and durability. The third one is the low operating costs. Ie oil change, warranty, maintenance, spare parts, maintenance is very easy and cheap. Yes, that is the strong point, from the strong point of this Innova car to one that the purpose of this car is to use it for most business customers, as well as for family use. Yes, the caravan is okay.

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Today, Thailand wants to make this clip to give to those who want to start a business, from the drivers who want to start a business, or to give to siblings who are small families who have just bought a car for the first time and would like to That car and you need to buy for the company ... Thai wants to make clear that in this clip, Thai wants to advise financial solutions rather than selling cars. Yes, with the Innova 2017 version of E 2.0 version of this floor, your city number plate is now cheaper than the city number plate. After finishing all the papers, Thai downloaded all of the insurance price under the promotion program in July, August 2017 ... then this one is now finished, less than eight hundred and a half hundred, Thai is rounding out eight one and a half hundred.

Choose the loan package that is right for you when buying Innova 2 car

In fact, if you go to Toyota An Thanh, then I will charge for you all without missing anything, it is eight and a half hundred. However, if you take out eight and a half hundred, then you probably want a few to want to spend eight and a half. So the question is how many options are there for the installment? Actually, if you have enough statistics, there are dozens of options for you to choose, but Thai only mentioned a few options as follows, some financial solutions as follows:

So in the cheapest case you should borrow 80% and 20% prepayment. With plans 80 and 20, you only need to spend less than two hundred and fifty million. Two hundred and four Thai rounders are two hundred and fifty million! Two hundred and fifty million is that you can own an Innova like this with number plates for registration, registration, and two-way insurance. Well, do you find it easy? You will ask what the remaining amount will look like, the remaining money you borrow is equivalent to about six hundred million. With six hundred million, you will pay like? If you pay with the eight year plan, you will pay about 10.3 million for the first month and then it will decrease and this discount will include interest and principal rather than interest. Ten million three is not interest for you guys, rest assured, in case you pay 5 years? For some, paying 8 years is too boring. What about paying 5 years?

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If you pay 5 years, each month the amount will certainly be over 10.3 million. That number is 14 million of you. Some want Thai to advise whether to choose a short-term payment plan or a long-term option. This is based on the opinion and financial capacity of each person. If new people start up, according to Thai, I choose to pay 8 years.

Choose the loan package that is right for you when buying Innova 3

Keep the financial pressure on you after you drive for months. Every month you will remember that I pay 10.3 million, with this Innova, my monthly sales run, the lowest is also 40 million to pay 10.3 million I feel comfortable. After deducting all the costs, I also earned twenty million, right? When I paid 10.3 million, I felt comfortable. You should remember that after three years, you should be paid in advance from the 4th year onwards. I borrowed for eight years but from the 4th year onwards there is no interest penalty anymore so you have the right to prepay so why are you insisting on a short loan. From the fourth and onwards there is no penalty and the second and third years pay a little. But it is also negligible.

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For example, the first year people give you an interest rate promotion. So in the first year, if you join the game and if you have money, you stop, then people have to get back that promotion interest rate, so the story of people calculating interest rate somewhere around 3 % is also justified. The 2nd year is 2 %, the 3rd year is only 1%. Many people say that the word used to use the word is a penalty interest rate so it makes you feel scared.

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But in Thai thinking, this is a binding financial solution for both the borrower and the lender. If there is no penalty interest rate, the bank may raise your interest rate at any time. But thanks to this penalty interest rate. It is the tool that it fair play for both sides. Borrowers and lenders. If the bank raises interest rates unexpectedly you can apply this penalty. Ok, I am fined 1% I pay you all I take all that. I took out the cavet and I borrowed from another bank that is more competitive than you, right! So you look at this interest rate penalty from a more objective perspective, more fair.

Choose the loan package that is right for you when buying Innova 4

Well according to Thai is like! So today's banks also need customers and take care of customers. Don't worry, it will increase interest rates later. Every bank wants to hold customers. So this interest rate is the interest rate after the promotion. Floating interest rates it will not increase bluntly as it was five or ten years ago.

You guys rest assured. Similarly I will give you some more solutions. In case I don't want to borrow 80% too much. I want to borrow 20% only, why? If you want to borrow about 70% and pay in advance 30%, it is good. In case you borrow 70% and pay in advance 30%, you prepare for Thai 320 million, remember! Oh 320 million and that means how much I will borrow. That means you will borrow 527 million. 527 million that means I will pay for 8 years, how much will I pay each month. Yes, 527 million you will pay in an 8-year plan, the monthly payment will be about 9 million. Explain the 9 million that you think of in the first video, including the interest! What about within 5 years? Five years, 12 million, yes! So, with the 70 and 30 plans, you only need to spend 320 million and you remember 9 million per month for Thailand. The rest of Thai takes care of you all.

There are some people who say that my financial capacity is strong, I don't want to borrow much. Even, they want me to pay cash. For these subjects, Thai advises you not to be foolish, but we pay it all in one go. While you have many very profitable business plans. Then you should choose the 50/50 plan ie you borrow with 50 car value. With the 50/50 loan option, you only need to spend 470 million to own the car. The rest you borrowed 376 million. With 376 million, 8 years then 6.4 / month. So for those with better financial ability, just borrow 50% worth the car, the monthly payment is only 6.4 million this is very gentle, right, you do not need to say much when you see 6.4 million too little. So what if 5 years. 5 years, only 8.7 million only.

Choose the loan package that is right for you when buying Innova 5 car

Yes, besides the Toyota finance, this 50/50 package has a nice package that is you borrow less, you pay in a short time and you do not need to pay monthly. Thai is very committed to this package for customers with strong financial. That means you spend 470 million and you borrow 376 million this loan package for you only 1 year, but every month you do not have to think about paying interest without fear of being late. or what. After 1 year you return to pay and the interest rate is always set at 8,99% / year. In this year, if interest rates change, you do not change. This package has a good thing that you always know your prepayment is how much and how much interest is.

In a slightly larger case, for example, you said I borrowed for a year but sometimes my needs didn't come and did I pay in advance? This question is very interesting with the 50/50 package of Toyota Finance, you have the right to pay after 6 months and no penalty. So this is a customer who is struggling between borrowing and not borrowing, that is, if you have enough finance, you should join this package. This is just some information about financial solutions for buying a car.

Choose the loan package that is right for you when buying Innova 6 car

If you want to buy an innova or any genuine Toyota, Thai is currently working at Toyota An Thanh of a Japanese-owned 100% dealer. Located at 606 Tran Hung Dao, P2, Q5, you can call Thai. Thai telephone number is 0919 010 211, remember! My name is Thai big, Toyota Sales Manager. I hope your comments will make this channel more and more powerful. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video clip if you see someone. Please share this video for them. If you have any questions, you can call Thai via 0919 010 211 like Thai just said or comment below. Don't forget to click surbrise or like to get more good video clips. Sincerely thank.

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