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Detailed review of Ford EcoSport 2018 1.0L AT Ecoboost Titanium

Detailed review of Ford EcoSport 2018 1.0L AT Ecoboost Titanium

Hello, my friends have just had a journey with the Ford EcoSport 2018 version 1.0L AT Ecoboost Titanium. My journey started from Saigon followed by Ben Tre and Tra Vinh and then to Can Tho. There is also a lot of experience with this model, although the journey is not too long. Especially the performance I tried to feel both in the steering wheel position and the rear seat position, I noticed the upgrade, the difference is quite good from the Ford EcoSport 2018.

Detailed review of Ford EcoSport 2018 1.0L AT Ecoboost Titanium 1

This is also considered one of the most important models of Ford Vietnam in the 2018 market this year. They invest quite a lot of technology in a model with a price of less than 700 million dong. The price of this 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium version is VND 689 million which is the most advanced version in the Ford EcoSport line. In addition, many versions below it have a better price. Ford upgrades quite comprehensively from the exterior of the technology outside, on aerodynamics or safety to the technology inside the car. Now, we will find out and share more of our feelings and evaluate the details of this small urban SUV.

In terms of overall design, the Ford EcoSport 2018 is not much different from the old versions, but only in the details. For example, in the headlight cluster on the 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium version, we still have halogen bulbs it is divided into 2 compartments. However, here we have the Projector projector cluster which will be nicer than the other 4 versions. The grille, they made the grille bigger with horizontal chrome bars and inside with honeycomb patterns lined up horizontally.

Detailed review of Ford EcoSport 2018 1.0L AT Ecoboost Titanium 2

THowever, a very special technology on the new Ecoboost 2018 grille is the artireal structure technology meaning it will have automatic opening and closing bars based on the operation of the vehicle. For example, initially when we start running, the bars will close up to increase the engine temperature to optimize the engine power, its performance. When cooling air is needed for the engine compartment, it opens. And depending on the speed, it will close or open to optimize the aerodynamic features of the vehicle.

These are features that can be said to only appear on high-end luxury cars in Vietnam market only. Now on Ecosport 2018 it is already there. At the front, the turn signal light is on the right side and we have a fog light on this side. Underneath the bright ground it changed a little. It went from 200mm down to 175mm. However, the actual ground clearance will not be different from the previous version, but it is different because a plate here they call it a Aerolip.

Detailed review of Ford EcoSport 2018 1.0L AT Ecoboost Titanium 3

It is a plate to create aerodynamic features. It diffuses the flow of wind into the car. When we run at high speed, the wind will go into the underbody of the car will be a lot, if we do not handle this wind well, it will create a lift to make the car feel flying. just like when we were on a plane. If this airflow is diffused well, it will help the body more stable. Especially when running at high speed. When viewed from the side, the overall length of the 2018 Ford Ecosport does not change it is still 4093 mm. In which the wheelbase length between the two wheels is 2520 mm. Changes coming from the side we can easily see first is the larger wheel set. It used to be 16 inches and now it is 17 inches and the design is a bit different.

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Next is the front and rear disc brakes. Previously, it used the rear wheel as a handbrake. However, in 2018, it upgraded to a disc brake and it is one of the pretty good upgrades both in terms of appearance and safety. On the side, we will have a door brace. Here at Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 2018, it is chrome plated and for lower versions it is silver. It will make the car look sturdier and more beautiful.

Detailed review of Ford EcoSport 2018 1.0L AT Ecoboost Titanium 4

Rearview mirror is still integrated turn signal. However it does not have power folding. This is quite a pity. Because in the Vietnamese market, folding power feature is quite necessary. The lower part, we also have the black plastic plate. Here, we will see a very high ground clearance. However, inside the chassis we will have the panels underneath to help them protect the chassis as well as adjust the airflow so the brightness here is very high but inside it is lower. In addition, because the wheelbase distance between the two wheels it is not too long so the car will feel higher. At the rear, the Ford Ecosport 2018 retains the original tire. Unlike the European market, they abandoned it.

Detailed review of Ford EcoSport 2018 1.0L AT Ecoboost Titanium 5

However, the profile of the tire is made quite nice with V-shaped patterns that are very big and strong. This is a change from the previous life. In the previous life it was a horizontal pattern. However, with this detail, many Vietnamese people make a little bit of it by sticking decan in a way like Captan American's shield, for example, quite interesting. Part taillights and some other details not much different. However, they have an additional layer below. It looks stiffer and more athletic. This part looks better than the previous one. The door we still have to open in a horizontal way so we can open the luggage compartment. This kind of opening would be inconvenient for the moment that when we are parked against the wall we open the door and will need a lot of space.

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If we need to get things. We have to get it first and then back in. Because when we pull back so we can't open the door. Regarding the luggage compartment of Ecosport 2018, it is similar to the old version. We can leave out two full size suitcases. The golf club is probably hard. However, if we fold the second row of seats, it will have a capacity of up to more than 1100 liters is very comfortable. In version 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium, we will have the words Titanium and Ecoboost. Ecoboost logo below. This car is powered by Ford's famous 1.0L 3 van Ecoboot engine. In addition, the upgrade to larger wheels from 16 -> 17 inches oldAs if the disc brake for the rear wheel, Ford Vietnam also upgraded the tires for the car.

Detailed review of Ford EcoSport 2018 1.0L AT Ecoboost Titanium 6

They use Michaelin tires instead of the previous GoodYear tires. And this tire is imported from Thailand. Tire size is 205/50 R17. With this Michaelin tire, hopefully the car will have better sound insulation. And not only is the tire upgraded, Ford Vietnam has also improved some noise-canceling features such as noise-proof glass, the glue has only been made better to ensure noise protection for this vehicle.

Yesterday during the experience of this Ford Ecosport 2018, I felt that this car has changed quite a lot in performance, for example: this car will not be shaken like the previous generation and I have technical questions. of Ford Vietnam, he shared that on the 2018 Ford Ecosport besides the upgraded electronic balancing system, they will place the sensor in the wheel cavity position as well as the steering angle to track the loss of steering. early this vehicle and it will track about 150 times per second and based on that data sent to the ECU will handle the phenomenon of being suspended or losing control when driving on the road. And this is one of the quite important features on the 2018 Ecosport model.

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The first feeling when entering the cockpit of the Ecosport 2018 is a very positive change in terms of vision. We will have a more beautiful, more luxurious cockpit than the old version. Everything is arranged neatly and very gently. We will have a central screen floating on the dashboard and this screen is 8 inches in size. Especially, it has integrated Sinba infotainment system tool and supported both Apple Car play and Android Otos.

For example, here we have Apple Car play interface is very beautiful. In the Vietnamese market, Apple Car play has a few map limitations. However we use it to listen to music or voice is very convenient. In addition, Sinba also supports voice commands. And if Apple Car play, then we use Siri is also very convenient. We can order it to listen to music, turn on the phone or do other tasks. Hopefully, the upcoming Apple Maps will be updated with better map data for more comfortable use.

And if you guys know a little bit of technology, you can still use Adroid cars. We install the Android car software via an APK file that can be used on this 2018 Ford Ecosport. In terms of dashboard, it seems simpler and more sophisticated. Here we have 1 control cluster for air-conditioning system. This is an automatic zone conditioning system. We have two USB ports for the Sinba system. Here we have a temporary stop on / off Start Stop button. And turn off electronic balance mode. This is a gear shift lever for the Select shift gearbox instead of the Power shift, torque converter gearbox. I'll talk about this in a minute. Its steering wheel is a 3-spoke sport similar to Focus. On the steering wheel integrated buttons for hands-free system, volume, transfer. The buttons are used to adjust the LCD screen on the center panel. The steering wheel has two leather-covered sides, a vent and it is very soft, very nice to hold. In general, this steering wheel is very appreciated. The previous steering wheel held it slightly, its electric assist was a little light and drove it uncomfortably.

Detailed review of Ford EcoSport 2018 1.0L AT Ecoboost Titanium 7

However this steering wheel when we run on the road it is quite so it is not too light. However, when we run at high speed, it may be because this car is not a car to run too fast so the body feel will not be as stable as the cars. other. The central clock panel, we will have two analog clock clusters, the left is the clock cycle, the right is the speed. It is quite interesting that Ford Vietnam puts the speed figures in a very high position. For example, if we were running at 80km / h, this hand would be at 12 o'clock. The rear seats of the Ford Ecosport 2018 have not changed much compared to the previous model. Because compared to the wheelbase of 2520mm, its space could be enough for 4 people.

And if there is a fifth person, it will be a little tight. In the back seat, the bottom of the seat is quite high, we sit pretty comfortable legs. So when we sit, the head rest is quite high, 1m67 and there is still about 10mm left on the head and we're okay. With enough leg room, that's just enough. However, Ford has improved a bit that the back of the front seats they concave in to create a little more space for people to sit. We have armrests here, when we go 4 people. Here we have 2 more niches.

In the rear seats we will not have the door in the center axis, but instead we will have 2 buttons to open and close the door. On the 2018 Ford Ecosport, there are 3 positions that open and close the button on the car. One on the left of the door on the left, the other on the right of the door on the side and in the back so we can easily close the car door to ensure safety. As for the safety technology inside the car, we will have 6 airbags for the front seat and curtain airbags for the rear seat. And above we have the small sunroof looking for the front seats.

Detailed review of Ford EcoSport 2018 1.0L AT Ecoboost Titanium 8

Overall pretty good. Regarding the quality of interior finishing on this 2018 Ecosport, I appreciate it a little higher than the previous one, especially in terms of plastic in the taplo area and leather seats. The leather seats of Ecosport 2018 are sewn to look more carefully as well as the beautiful wrinkle-resistant leather face. It is possible that this vehicle is quite new but generally quite good. Ford Ecosport 2018 Ecoboost version 1.0 is equipped with one of Ford's special engines. And this is one of the motivations to get so many awards in the world. The Ecoboost 1.0 engine is equipped with 3 cylinders and its capacity is only 1.0L. However, the maximum power can reach up to 125 horsepower at 6000 rpm and the maximum torque at 170N / m 1 rewind. In the roundabout from 1400 -> 4500 rpm. This engine will combine with 6-speed automatic gearbox of Select Shift form of variable parameters.

And it has a fuel consumption of about 6.14 liters / 100km. Currently, this Ecoboost 1.0 L engine is only available on the most advanced version. In the lower versions, Ford Vietnam equips it with a 1.5 liter engine and no turbochargers. The engine power of 1.5 l at the maximum is 120 horsepower and the maximum torque is about 151 N / m. The difference in capacity is not too large. However, when we operate this Ecosport, we need to accelerate it will skyrocket more.

Ok now, we will share the performance and experience with this Ford Ecosport 2018, and we will compare it with the previous generation. There are two things that I like very much about the 2018 Ecosport: the ability to run better. The person in the back will be less tired and in addition the driver will have a more comfortable driving experience.

Detailed review of Ford EcoSport 2018 1.0L AT Ecoboost Titanium 9

And this comes from many things, for example, we need a more stable body, a more efficient electronic balance system, as well as an improved soundproofing feature, As well as the Select Shift system, the Select Shift gearbox system. In the previous life when we ran at high speed, the feeling of the car body was very much shaken. The driver will not feel confident in the vehicle and the latter will feel tired when running at high speed. For this life, power steering is still electronic, but it seems to have improved more at speed, when running slowly, the steering is still very good. We will not feel very light street. I improved this feeling with the previous Ford Focus, but with the Ford Ecosport 2018 this time it has been improved a lot.

For the back seat, when we sit a lot, go a long way. Yesterday I sat quite a bit about 200km long, I do not feel tired compared to the previous time. This thing, it also comes from many factors so do not know it will lie in what element. But according to Ford's technology, this car is greatly improved from placing sensors in the wheel cavity, steering angle to avoid early loss of driving to improve the ground clearance. , the Aerolip in the front and so on. Aerodynamic feature makes the car more comfortable. I believe this will be felt if compared directly between the two models.

Regarding the utility inside the car, I quite like it when it is equipped with a lot of gadgets, one is Apple Car Play and the other is Android car. These are things that are important and special for someone who likes technology like us, we will experience a more modern and comfortable car. Of course when we buy a car we want to have a better experience with it. Regarding the Ecoboost engine, we see a little delay at the accelerator pedal, because this is a very small engine with a capacity of 1L and 3 cylinders with its maximum capacity of 125 horsepower. However, the torque needed to reach at a large speed when the car is over the threshold of about 2000 revolutions, it will skyrocket.

About the Select Shift gearbox, besides upgrading compared to Power Shift. If Power Shift is geared towards sportiness, Select Shift is geared towards smoothness and flexibility in gear changes. For example, when the car accelerates fast and has achieved good speed then it can even switch from level 1 to level 3 always, meaning skip level 2. The car will operate it smoother, Like I feel like a CVT gearbox. The factor that it puts on top is still the smoothness when operating. Not as sporty as Power Shift's. Because of this, Ford has removed the manual mode for the automatic transmission, which means we will not have the button to increase and decrease the number of drivers as desired. Now it only has an over drive button. It is possible to change from level 1 to level 5 depending on the operating conditions and the driver's wishes.

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When we run Ford Ecosport in the street, it is also a compact car so the feeling of running is also quite light, easy to control and especially, with a high-powered car running on Vietnam roads is still more confident when If we need to climb the sidewalk or road a little flooded, the Ecosport is a car quite suitable for urban Vietnam. And this is also one of the things that make Ford Ecosport very popular in the small SUV segment. And I believe that in this 2018 life, Ford has also achieved success with the 2018 Ecosport.

In Vietnam market, we will not have too many options so if there is a car that meets the requirements of users, it will certainly sell very well. Running in urban with the speed of 40 - 50km / h, we will feel the car comfortable. The soundproof section is clearly changed from the previous life. The car speaker system, the standard system we have 5 speakers, the quality is average. However, for a car model under 700 million VND, it is impossible to ask too much. Regarding the sound insulation of the Ford Ecosport 2018 clearly has a lot of changes and we can feel it. However, one thing that I feel very well and that is the limitation of Ford Ecosport 2018 is the noise from the engine compartment. When we need to accelerate quickly, step on the gas, the noise will resonate in the engine compartment is very loud. So for those who own the Ford Ecosport 2018, it can redo the sound of the engine compartment a little more for better sound insulation.

Ok summarizing about Ford Ecosport 2018 1.0-liter version of Ecoboost, it is the most advanced version of Ecosport 2018 in Vietnam market. With upgrades such as the balance of the vehicle as well as the engine and very modern gadgets. Surely this is one of the best-selling cars in the future. And for those who prefer Ecosport, a small SUV to run in urban areas often flooded or crowded, Ecosport is still a good choice. I believe that Ecosport Ec 1.0 version of 1.0 liter Ecoboost will be one of the best selling products in Vietnam market in the Ecosport 2018 line of Ford Vietnam always. Ok soon, we hope to have the opportunity to experience more closely about this car to have more detailed sharing, deeper and more difficult tests to feel the true performance of the vehicle. Ecosport 2018 as well as its upgrades from the previous generation. Thank you and see you for the next video.

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