Hello everyone, the Ford Explorer standing next to me is the best selling Éc-Siu-Vi in Vietnam today. Firstly, because it's beautiful, secondly because it has so many features, and thirdly, it's very safe, and it is that it has so many features that so many owners haven't used it all, even yet. know how to use all of those features, so today the great car show will make a short clip to introduce you and how you use those features? Now we will find out.

  • The first is probably an extremely simple feature that is this smart key, in addition to the feature of opening the trunk and opening the door without using the key, you can detonate remotely with this key. , by double-clicking the double X button here. That is, the car has automatically exploded and we do not need to get into the car and the door is still locked very securely, and this feature will help us turn on the air-conditioner to cool before entering the car. in hot weather, and if you want to turn it off, just press the button that the car will automatically turn off.
  • The second feature is kicking the trunk open: Many people have asked us that the Explorer car is difficult to kick the foot to open the trunk, in fact it is not! A lot of you rock like this, that's not it! But we just need to kick it very naturally like this. Yes! Just kick the back of the trunk only, deviation to the sides is completely okay, very gentle, very natural and like to close as well. You do not do the manipulation fumbling foot, just kick very gently is done.


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  • The third feature is to set the height of the trunk: If you have a height that is not very high or your ceiling is a bit low, for example, you can press it to open it. you want, and want to set this position as the open position of the next times you keep this button is the open button, there! When you hear the "píp" such a success, and now just press and close.
  • Another interesting feature on this car is that if you forget the key, you can open the door with a code right on this door, by pressing any five buttons. The supplier has provided you, so the door has opened itself and you only need to open the car door to enter, and if you want to change your own password, the car also has four personal password settings. and you change it by holding 1-2 for three seconds, when you have a cry you continue to enter the five-digit password then hold 1-2 again to save, so you have more a new password and if you want to enter another similar password, press 3-4; 5-6 or 7-8 and if a lot of passwords that you forget can not be remembered. If you want to delete, do it this way: hold the 1-2 key for three seconds, then press the 1-2 key again, then hold the 1-2 key again for three seconds and immediately after the "peep" secret Password has been deleted.
  • Another feature that is also very useful on newer cars is the automatic wiper feature, you turn the outermost button on the right hand a step and the wiper system will automatically wipe when there is water hit the windshield, and if you want to get rid of the rain on the back, put the inner ring on it, that's it! And if you want to wash the front glass, press the outside button, press the water will spray itself, and if you want to spray water on the rear glass, either you slide down and hold or you screw up all to hold. Very simple!
  • Also on a newer car today, there will be automatic headlights: meaning when you go into the dark the headlights will automatically light, you will not have to forget, you just need to turn the button on the side left to the light with the letter A in it is the automatic headlight. What will it automatically light up for you and the side buttons? The top left button is the front fog light button and the rear fog light button is on the bottom, while the two right buttons in the circle are the brightness buttons for the front clock and the front screen. .
  • Cruise Control's Explorer Control feature is very smart and easy to use, you only need to run at a speed of 30km an hour or more and press the "ON" button to start the feature and want to set the speed. running Cruise Control you press "Lightning", "+" or "-" button and if you want to increase you press "+" similarly want to decrease the speed of pressing "-" and if you want to pause Cruise Control you will press "Can" Can here is Cen-So cancel Cruise Control command and if you want to go back to the speed you have set, press "Ruých To Res" here, and want to turn off Cruise Control completely. You can simply press the "Off" button.
  • In addition, the car is also equipped with the intelligent lane keeping feature by pressing the outermost button of the turn signal, clicking! So the car will hold the lane for you, very smart!
  • The next feature is to remember the position of the driver's seat: The steering wheel and mirrors are very simple, adjust the driver's seat to suit you best, then adjust the steering wheel that suits you best and adjust the mirror properly. as you ask, then hold one of the three buttons right here: Position 1; position 2; position 3, please hold on when the "peep" sounds you just press the "OK" so you remember your position, and this button number 1.
  • With this smart car you can set the speed limit for the car with a new key, or limit the sound level on the car with a new key. If you lend your child a car, you do not want your child to run too fast and do not want your child to turn on the sound too loud, use the My Key feature as follows: Go to settings on the screen to Mykey then Create Mykey then hold the "OK" button next, put the second key you intend to lend your child to this area, open the plug and click here. There! Then you will set the speed as well as the sound ... .vv ... and ... etc., then press the Mykey button so that you have successfully set the speed limit, the sound limit for the second key two.
  • With this Explorer mode has 180 ° Camera mode, Front Camera and Rear Camera if you enter the reverse gear, the Reverse Camera will automatically appear on the screen and if you want to take a closer look, get more details right into the body. of the rear of the car you press the "+" button right on the screen then Camera will zum enlarged to enlarge you to see better, to avoid colliding with the cars behind if you want to park is really very very close or you can change the angle of view to the front Camera by pressing the Camera button again and the whole front view will appear.


  • This smart car is also equipped with Massage for two seats in the front row, to start you just press the round button on the side, then you can press the forward button to increase or decrease the tempo, or Press the button up and down to select the massage area, including: Back massage and Seat massage, very relaxing! Or you can also install by pressing straight to the screen, very relaxing!

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  • If you pay close attention, this car also features steering wheel heating: It will warm the steering wheel when you go in winter, your hand will be very smooth and soft, please press the Flag-Rai-Mm button Here is the air-conditioning control button, and right above the left of the screen is a button that heats up the steering wheel, right now you'll touch the steering wheel it's warm and it's as soft as a girl's hand. !
  • Explorer is a 7-seater vehicle with three rows of seats, but if you carry more things, you can completely fold the third row with a very simple one button, completely adjusted. electric, something that a car from Europe even cost more than 1 billion probably not have Explorer has. Let's go with the left or right chair with the rightmost button or with me, I want to fold both seats.I'll put the middle button, there are two ways to fold if you want to fold the title If the chair is folded down, press the Phau button which is the second button from the left. There! At this time the backrest will fold and reveal a very large area. However, if you want to fold to form a wider plane, press the button next to the Touch-Tu second button from the left, yes! Now we have a whole bed in the car even you can sleep right here. And if you want to return to the original position to have a third row to sit comfortably hold the Brown button-button first left, the chair will return to the original position, too simple Simplified! Many expensive imported Éc-Siu-Vi also do not have this function.


  • On this smart car also features automatic parking, as well as parking in the perpendicular stall automatically, to do that, press the P button with the steering wheel next to you, then you Pa-La-Leo-Pac means to park in parallel, Po-Pen-Li-Kiu-Lơ-Pắc means park perpendicular to the pen, while the next button is Pa-La-Leo-Pac- Ao means that when you get out of the parking lot in this case I will select the first button Pa-La-Leo-Pac means automatic parallel parking, I will enter the number D, turn signal, this time you'll see the car is looking, I'm going at a moderate speed about 50 to 60 cm from the next car, the car has automatically found a parallel parking spot you can see the V here, the car will appear Touch-Pao-Roai-Phô-clô means you will go a step further, there! When the screen displays the word Stop you will enter the reverse gear, now you will remove your hands and feet still braking, the steering wheel will automatically steer, yes! Very simple! As easy as eating candies, you control the speed with your foot brake. Extremely neat and simple! There, it is completed when the tip and letter C are here, we have safely backed to the parallel parking point. And if you want to get out of the park automatically, go to the D button, turn signals to the left and continue to press the letter P with a steering wheel next to it, this time is Pac-Ao. Yes! The car will appear Ri-Molding-He-Fom-Ri-Ting-Viu meaning you will remove your hand from the steering wheel and Cyprus-Ti-Ru-Vot is that you have to tie in the R, reverse gear to the car will open the steering corner a bit, there! You see the steering wheel is open, then! Then you will enter the D button the car will automatically hit the steering wheel out, there! At this point the car will give you back control and now you will control the whole car, very simple!

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