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Ford Everest Titanium 2019

The seven-seater family car segment in Vietnam has always been an attractive segment because the Vietnamese family is also a priority to choose seven-seater cars that can accommodate the whole family with spacious seats.

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Everest TITANIUM BITURBO emerged as a vowis car with many advantages. To appreciate, we have made an experience with a journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat.

The version that we experience is the most advanced version, the titanium version with a pin shaft motor with a price of VND 1,399 billion, Ford Vietnam allows customers to choose 5 versions, 2 titanium versions, 1 trendy version and 2 versions with a more pleasant price are ambiente with the lowest price of 999 million dong.

Ford Everest Titanium 2019

The current Ford model is pretty much tied to the Vietnamese market, and the manufacturer has made a lot of improvements in performance and equipment that make the car of a better quality smarter and safer.

The new upgrades have helped everest achieve very successful initial steps that are in January 2019 Ford sold more than 600 new everest and this model has also appeared more and more on the street.

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First of all we want to share a little about the everest design, compared to the models in its segment, the other models have more sharp lines, more angular, but everest has a very appearance. harmony balance, many car details are shiny chrome tiles to create a luxurious highlight for the car.

The front has HID headlights combined with LED daytime running lights, can automatically turn on and off and high phase adjustment, this is a feature commonly found in the luxury car segment, mid-range cars really do not have Many cars get this feature. Compared with cars in the same segment, this new everest has wheels up to 20 inches. In particular, the car has the ability to open the trunk by kicking the foot, a useful feature when we are carrying heavy belongings.

Ford Everest Titanium 2019

Another outstanding feature of the new everest version is the folding and lowering seats through electric feature, a feature common in luxury cars. All seats inside the car can meet flat to the floor creating a larger space.

Ford Everest Titanium 2019 2

This everest high-end version has a rather large sunroof that creates a more open space, all seats are covered with very soft leather. The adjustment area of the second row of seats is the air conditioner adjustment, air level adjustment and temperature adjustment, in everest all air outlets are arranged on the ceiling.

Ford Everest Titanium 2019 3

The local design on the tap lor, in the everest central piece, has squares and is slightly bent to make it softer to create a feeling. On the center console is the touch screen in the middle, when paying attention to the center console on the side of the gear lever, Ford itself equips everest with a terrain control plate. In the driving position the everest clock is divided into 3 parts, in the middle is a level indicator, flanked by two color screens to capture the necessary information to adjust the interface with the two buttons on the left. and to the right of the steering wheel

Ford Everest Titanium 2019

Performance, control or feel of everest, compared to models that are competing with everest, everest gives a very gentle steering wheel when the new car rolls with many improvements in dynamics.

 In this new version diesel and engine exhaust. Combined with the new engine is a 10-speed automatic transmission with smooth transmission ranges. Ford also has soundproofing handling, and smart driver assistance technologies like automatic headlights and lane change assist, blind spot warning, and automatic emergency braking.

Through what I share on you see the new everest version of them is not impressive, in my opinion it is really attractive and worth the money with elegant style, from the outside to the interior to the interior. The combination of smart technologies will give you truly impressive and fuel-efficient long-distance experiences

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