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Review Ford Everest Titanium 4WD 2019

2019 Ford Everest Titanium 4WD review - Amazingly quiet (Part 2)

Yes, as usual, we will test this Everest in the city to see the twin turbocharged 2.0 engine with 213 hp 500 N / m and gearbox up to 10 levels to see how it runs in the inner city. .

With the first skin, you can feel right, this is an understandable one, the new engine is stronger and quieter than what the company has published all the details, technology that helps the car. quieter and significantly reduces the noise it comes from the genuine airtight seal, then the foot support system of the foot machine down, the chassis absorbs noise not to mention the lid of the machine is also the lid of the machine. the upper layer is so loud that it doesn't get too much engine noise but it's just the hardware that has a very good software system that's a system that emits something the opposite of the engine pulse it emits eliminates the noise and we can no longer hear it is an automatic, very expensive, very modern noise-canceling system that does not have a car in it. Vietnam has not even genuine brands such as Germany of England or any other thing, but the Everest has a new or good, going in the inner city where a 10-speed gearbox does not take advantage of all, with I did well when I went to number 5 or number 6 but not number 7, I can't always get up.

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The steering wheel is very light of a good form which means that it has a sensor at slow speed, it will be very light and go fast, when the steering wheel hardens automatically it will compact to make its car safer.

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Many times you think walking in the city this car will be more bulky, also true but when you sit on the steering wheel for a while you will find it is very good, its mirror is very big, it looks very easy and again Warning blind spots that it still has a slot here so we can look, not too hidden. Review Ford Everest Titanium 4WD 2019 2Although this A-pillar, this A-pillar body is a bit big and has a speaker here, but the mirror still has a slot here so we don't have too many blind spots there. Walking in the inner city that smoothly went through a big hole so that I could not hear a sound, it was extremely smooth, really smooth. If you run this speed around 40-50 in the city you run smoothly like a gasoline engine if you reach the speed standard, it is even quieter.

I would like to say more quietly, so you should go to the dealer to try this car because it has automatic noise protection system, so the noise it completely eliminates, extremely smooth or real. If you go in that city, even go a little fast up to 80 km / h it has a very good feature is also very few cars have, even if there is no other car in the segment. have both. That is the emergency braking feature when an obstacle is passing, a person passing by or a cow, a buffalo or a passing car. This car will detect right away if you're absent-minded, you're looking at something, that's a very good thing and I've experienced the previous Fordcus and it saved me so much. times, because when I'm a little distracted, the car will automatically brake for me, which is a very good or extremely good thing in this Ford car.

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Now I want you to go to the road to experience how this car works on the road.

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Then we are out on the road, as you all know the most advanced new Everest car is 3.0 Turbo which means there are 2 Turbo with 1 small turbo and 1 large turbo. So what is this small turbo used for? It will be used when you run at low speed when you to reduce the mode of optimization lack of optimization. It gets a small turbo that makes it able to reach the speed of rotation when you run with a small engine and still not have the turbo slice so that it has solved the problem of inertia, we accelerate from the In the speed segment of the diesel engine, the new Everest does not suffer from that condition and when coming to the road like this, the big turbo will open and close the small turbo to accelerate extremely fast. That 213 horsepower but which car of this segment, the same amount of money as this car is like this car? Please ladies and gentlemen.

I'm running 80 km / h smoothly and the crit control feature when you reach the standard speed then the car is quieter than a smoky car I would like to affirm to you. I am running a luxury car but I have to confirm that I envy the soundproofing and noise protection capabilities of this car. Thank you very much and thanks to the automatic noise-canceling technology, it has made this oil motorcycle even quieter than a gasoline motorbike and also thanks to the new technology of tire manufacturer Ford Everest chose, there was no more noise, the noise from the road surface bounced off. Although the noise of the highway surface is always the most noisy because of the friction so it must be the most noise but with Ford Everest nothing is impossible.

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It's smooth, it's okay, but if I manually accelerate not to 80 km / h, the gear box at the threshold of 8, if I try to press the + sign here, it still can not get up to 9, yes if that If you run 10 levels, I try to increase to 10 km / h. See if you run to 100 km / h. Yes, you have reached 10. Yes, you have to go up to 100 km / h and you have to go to number 10, guys, this time around 1600 rpm / 1500 rpm. Review Ford Everest Titanium 4WD 2019 4Actually, with the rewinding machine, it is still not very optimal, but I will tell you a little trick to get more, that is you want to run the low speed gear, you can go up to 10 already but forced to push to 100 km / h, at this time you have to rewind control you have to mark - descending, descending, you decrease to 75 km / h as I reduced, as I tested this car it is still between being at level 10, yes 75 km / h and still keeping level 10 and the current time you know how much it is only about 1250 rpm. As an unbelievable number of an SUV like this in Vietnam, it's hard to find a car in this segment that runs at 75 km / h and the engine is just over 1230 rpm wow like then it is extremely economical, extremely economical. The new Ford Everest gearbox is too good, this gearbox is also equipped on the F150 of the Entrer Rapter, also coming back to Vietnam in this time, which is too great.This is the most gearbox in the present.

And this is the best optimized gearbox, now we will try to add lane keeping and cratist control. Then you see if I go to test the car in front of you now but unfortunately the car in front has anything that they block, then my car will automatically brake, keeping that distance if the car in front of me that slowed down and brake, my car slowed down and braked.Review Ford Everest Titanium 4WD 2019 5 And when that car accelerates, my car also accelerates to chase the distance that must be said to be extremely safe, extremely intelligent but still not over with the feature that holds the lane, even I have removed the hand to the car still keep the distance from the car ahead and do not deviate from the lane, of course you should never take your hands off the steering wheel. This feature is only a feature to keep safe when you steer the steering wheel deviated, not as many people think it automatically drives, it only holds the lane, keeping the distance for the You are safer.

Today was a really memorable day for me with a car that can be said to be a technological paradise like Ford Everest if you buy a car that falls in the range of 10 billion even not much work. technology by this car. Ford Everest is the current technology king of Vietnam at the present time. Don't forget to subscribe to XEHAY's youtube channel and remember to click the bell button to watch our next videos. Surely we will do one more episode to experience the safety features as well as offroad features of this Everest.

And now the time for the show is over and now goodbye and see you in the next show. Bye bye!

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