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Should choose FORD EVEREST 2019 or HUYNDAI SANTAFE 2019 

Ford everest 2019 and santafe 2019? Which car should I buy?

santa fe and everest

As we all know ford everest has officially launched in Vietnam market in August will be imported CBU, the first cars will reach customers in September, and santafe 2019 can be imported. October will be successfully launched by Hyundai, according to the latest information, santafe 2019 will be assembled in the country. These two 7-seater sub-cars have two completely different directions in terms of fabrication. So which car will win this race? Let's make the comparison.

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Ford everest 2019 has completely transformed when it has a more majestic appearance than its predecessor, in this new version the car has an overall size of 4820mm long, 1860 mm wide and 1837mm high, Santafe 2019 has its own beauty when it comes to a luxurious design language.However, compared to the rival santafe, it looks smaller when the overall length is 4770 mm, the width is 1890 mm, and the height of 1860 mm.

Looking at the Ford Everest directly, it impresses with the steering wheel including the unique solid lines of the subi, symmetrically on both sides of the car is the HID headlights with dang light that can automatically turn on the angle adjustment of the same type. very sophisticated daytime LED lights, the santafe rival has the front of the car that shows its unique health thanks to the large polygonal grille combined with the delicate carvings on the capo.

Ford everest

The front two calves and sharp headlights are connected by shiny chrome bars, throughout the body are solid embossed lines. The santafe rearview mirror is painted in the same body color to create a monolithic look, while the everest mirror is chrome plated to create a luxurious look. Everest offers customers a wide choice of wheel sizes including 17, 18 and 20 inches, while santafe uses only 19 inch alloy teeth. Everest 2019 has a strong and solid tail when made of solid ribs, neatly located on both sides of the car is a small taillight cluster connected by a large chrome-plated horizontal bar that looks very strong.

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The most prominent in the tail of the car santafe 2019 is the taillights designed sharp, refined, more aesthetic, besides, the rear bumper of the car is fog lights, the rear of the car is also extended to help santafe Looks more fthees and more solid.

Ford everest

Regarding efforts in interior upgrading, huyndai is proud to introduce the interior of santafe 2019 with perfect two-word tape, because the car has a wheelbase of 2765 mm, an increase of 65mm compared to the previous generation, creating a pharmaceutical Extremely airy space.

Ford everest 2019 is slightly better than the competition when the wheelbase is up to 2850mmm combined with high ceilings with a sunroof to create a spacious and pleasant space, Ford everest 2019 owns an interior compartment with a simple design. and especially with noise control technology to eliminate engine echoes.

santa fe

The santafe 2019 tap really makes customers happy when it exudes a modern and luxurious look, the activated buttons are covered with shiny metal, look extremely delicate, everest taplor is equally outstanding when balanced design, towards the driver, exalted in black luxury, there is a difference in the design of the steering wheel of the two car manufacturers from the US and Korea. Everest 2019 is equipped with a multifunction 4-spoke steering wheel, santafe 2019 remains loyal to the 3-spoke steering wheel with many traditional buttons. The seats of both cars are equipped with the highest quality materials. About santafe facilities are somewhat comfortable when using the two-zone air-conditioning system, while cars from the US are only equipped with automatic air conditioning.

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santa fe

SanteFe's driving drill interior 

Both cars have rear air vents to make it easier to distribute cool air to each passenger, santafe and everest infotainment systems are greatly improved with many devices. modern specific both cars have the same 8-inch entertainment screen with voice control in addition to santafe also has gadgets such as HOD display connected to smartphones as well as wireless chargers, everest 2019 again scores with a 10-subwoofer sound system that brings rich and vivid sound.

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Regarding the engine, the santafe engine is very diverse, equipped with up to four types including diesel engine 2, o liter, CRD 2.3lt, 2.4-liter gasoline engine, finally a 4.0-liter turbocharged engine, four engines all are capable of generating a maximum capacity of 148 to 242 horsepower, maximum torque up to 241 to 352 niu, santafe is also transmitted thrust thanks to three types of gearbox options including 6-speed manual , 8-speed automatic, with these configuration santafe 2019 promises to give customers the feeling of driving excitement after every throttle.

santa fe

And the everest model seems to be weaker than the competitor in the specific ability to operate the vehicle that is powered by the 2.0l engine block, I4 single engine, 2.0l I4 dual engine to generate power. maximum of 180 horsepower to 213 horsepower, maximum torque from 420 to 500 niu, combined with these two engines are two optional gearboxes including 6-speed manual and 10-speed automatic transmission to bring the feeling Driving is equally smooth.

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Regarding safety and security of the two types of vehicles as follows: Both vehicles have lane departure warning function, santafe also supports front collision avoidance function, supports the maintenance of vehicles in the work center, the system. Intelligent cruise control, with engine shut-off function, assist with driving on the highway and rear collision avoidance system.

Ford everest

    The driving interior of Ford Everest 2019

And everest can completely overwhelm opponents when equipped with a series of safety systems such as parallel parking assistance, speed limit, automatic speed control, radar sensor, warning. drowsiness, assist with downhill downhill assistance, while also benefiting with new features such as electronic equalization, cornering control, anti-roll control, emergency brake assist, anti-skid system, reversing camera system, cross-traffic alert, tire pressure control, intelligent terrain control.

In general, both cars have significant changes compared to their predecessors, the 2019 santafe with a luxurious, elegant design and many modern technologies with high applicability that captured the hearts of consumers before. Until now, santafe is a Korean car with luxurious design, durable use and saving fuel, so it is loved by many people. But Everest brings a completely new model, thanks to its tough, masculine American character along with the most safety system amenities, both rivals are equally talented you can predict whether the model Can one win this race?

In the Korean market, santafe 2019 will start at $ 26179, or 594 million Vietnamese dong, the company said it has received 12453 orders since the reveal of the new generation of this sub model.

The following is the rolling price of the Ford Everest 2019 for three versions in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi as follows:

Rolling price of Ford Everest 2.0l turbo 4 × 2 Trend is VND 1,12,000,000, front fee of VND 133,440 thousand, registration fee of VND 340,000, road use fee of VND 1,560,000, civil liability insurance 873,400 VND 20 million to the sea, the total price of VND 1,268,200,000.

.Pricing wheel price of Ford Everest 2.0l turbo 4 × 2 Titanium is 1,117,000,000 VND, front fee is VND 14,124,000, registration fee of VND 340,000, road use fee of VND 1,560,000, insurance of civil liability the 873,400 VND, 20 million to the sea fee, the total price of the wheel is 1,341,000,000 VND.

Rolling price of Ford Everest 2.0l BI-turbo 4 × 4 Titanium 1,399,000,000 VND, registration fee 167,880,000 VND, registration fee 340,000 VND, road use fee 1,560,000 VND, liability insurance civilian 873,400 VND, 20 million to the sea fee, the total price of the wheel is 1,589,600,000 VND.

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