Increase Your Class C Driver's Mark To Grade D

Service of raising the stamp of a C-class driving license to D-class at the HCM Driver Training Center

You own a C-class driver's license but because of a need or for some reason like to drive a business, you want to lift the driver's license sign I raised my rank higher specifically here is D rank? But you are struggling to learn about this service and do not know where to do the best new in Ho Chi Minh City?

So don't worry, come with me Ho Chi Minh City Driving Training Center We are the leading prestigious address in Ho Chi Minh City specializing in service raise the grade C driving license to D With simple procedures, reasonable cost, quick time.

Increase Your Class C Driver's Mark To Grade D

Subjects may raise their C-class driving licenses to grade D

Being a Vietnamese citizen or a foreigner legally residing or working or studying in Vietnam. Having good health as prescribed by the Ministry of Health. There is a certificate of safe driving time and safe driving distance as prescribed.

General conditions to upgrade driver license

+ In case of upgrading from a driving license from B1 to B2, individuals must have driving time of at least 1 year and have a safe driving 12,000km.

+ In case of upgrading words driving license B2 to grade C; raise the grade C driving license to D; from class D to grade E and from the corresponding driver license category to F class, they must have 3-year driving duration and 50,000 km of safe driving.

+ In case of upgrading from a driver's license rank B2 to rank D; from rank C to rank E must have driving time of at least full 5 years and have safe driving 100,000km.

+ Upgrade to Grades D and E must have a graduate education level from lower secondary school (grades 7/10 or 9/12) or higher.

Class C Driver's Mark Service to Grade D

Minimum driving age prescribed:

+ From 18 years of age to learn driving license B1, B2.

+ From 21 years of age or older to learn driving license C.

+ From the age of 24, the driver's license of D or E will be upgraded.

According to the above information, in order to raise the grade C driving license to D rank:

+ Drivers must have a valid C driving license,

+ 24 years of age (up to the date of driving test), health, educational level as prescribed; For learners to upgrade their driving license, they can study in advance but only take the test when they reach the prescribed age.

Learners who upgrade their driver's license must have enough driving time or practice and the number of safe driving km as follows:

+ Increasing the seal of a C driving license to a D rank: Practicing time is 03 years or more and 50,000 km driving safely or more.

+ Learners to upgrade their driving licenses to D-class must have a junior high school diploma or equivalent or higher. "

Upgrading the C-Class Driver's License to Class D costs a lot of money

What does a record of driving C-class driving license to grade D include?

A set of documents for increasing the category C driving license to D must include:

+ Application for studying and testing to upgrade C to D according to the form

+ The list of driving test proposals of a driving training institution with the name of an upgraded test participant

+ 2 Copy of valid ID card / citizen ID / passport with number of ID card

+ Declaration of practicing time and safe driving distance according to the form

+ 10 Photo 3 × 4 green background

+ Driver's health certificate issued by the Ministry of Health

+ Upgraded training certificate

+ Copy of junior high school diploma or equivalent or higher degree (present the original when checking the tank preliminary examination)

+ Copy of driver's license (present the original when taking the test)

Documents & conditions for passing the C driving license course to raise D grade

Dossier for raising driving license mark C to D

- Original record of driving license C (This record is kept when you take the C test before).

- Copy of driving license (When taking the test, students bring with them the original C driving license to present).

- Declaration of driving time and safe driving mileage.

- 10 photos of 3 × 4 dark blue background.

- Junior high school diploma or equivalent.

- Copy of ID card

Conditions for passing the C-level driving license course to raise D grade

- 28/30 sentences of theory test are included in the set of questions 450 questions Although it still omitted some previous rounds.

- To pass the driver's license exam, candidates need to achieve a minimum score of 80/100 points 11 screen savers.

Why should I choose a HCM driver training school to raise the grade C driving license to D rank?

This one major training centers in Ho Chi Minh, specializing in the field of Driver training and driving license test, driver's license lift. With 10 years of operation, the support and trust of many students.

+ All students registering to raise the C-class driving license to D-class will be properly trained with teachers in practice and theory in parallel, to master the knowledge and increase the completion rate. , parked on 100%.

+ Modern facilities, fully equipped to ensure the best support for the learning process of each student.

+ Focusing on and investing in a team of experienced teachers with good pedagogy.

+ Own a team of enthusiastic counselors, dedicated to answering all questions for students.

+ Ensure all information provided is accurate and clear about the rights of both parties, sign a clear contract, tuition package does not incur any additional costs during the learning process.

Certainly, the information that we provide will help a lot of drivers who are planning to raise the grade C driving license to D to best serve their purposes. Please contact the driver training school hcm via hotline: 1900 633670 Or 090 243 0787 Meet Ms Kim Vi or come directly to be consulted, dedicated guide.

self-prepared procedures for Upgrading a Class C Driver's License to Grade D


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