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Review the Ford Everest Titanium 2.0L Bi-Turbo AT AWD

Review the Ford Everest Titanium 2.0L Bi-Turbo AT AWD

Ford Everest 2019

The most advanced version, 2.0 AT titanium version and AWD bridge system is 13.9 billion dong, compared with the previous 3.2, it has dropped nearly 500 million, the second version is titanium 2.0 AT 4-speed automatic transmission 4 × 2 is priced at 1177 million and everest trend 2.0 AT 4 × 2 costs 1112000000 VND. A relatively attractive price and is expected to be a formidable opponent of the fortuner line when the most advanced version compared to the 2.8 version of the fortuner has a price difference of nearly 150 million, let's find out at Why everest new version has such higher price.

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Firstly, in addition to the previous sensor system, the angle sensor, the car also has an impressive striking feature, which is the scanning radar system, in the previous version, the vehicle's automatic braking system only helped detect objects. As big as the car, the wall with this new model it is able to detect both pedestrians and has the ability to brake in the speed range of 5 to 8 km / h. In addition, the grille has changed as it fits from the grille to the mesh.

Technology HID lights, brizecto core ball, multi-dimensional reflection phase, automatic switching on and off, self-balancing when going downhill, compared with the most advanced version 2.8unun the fortuner is a little bit more that is the micro let light But about the engine and gearbox is a plus for everest with 2.0 biturbo engine and capacity to 213 horsepower, torque 100 kg / m, engine indicators on the fortuner will be hard to compare when we collate the versions with each other. 10-speed gearbox brings great experience.

The HID lamp automatically connects to the LED

In addition, the suspension stabilizers have been changed to prevent torsion and quieter, the fortuner suspension is an everest-dependent suspension system, independent suspension with stabilized bars. advancing, horizontal balancing bar, anti-roll balancing bar, everest, can operate relatively well.

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One of the other improved functions is the free welding function, meaning that we only need to kick the trunk, convenient when we are carrying armpits.

The interior has not changed much compared to the previous version 3.2, the steering wheel is still very nice, the terrain control system with four driving modes, long-distance driving mode, gravel and sand roads, system Cruise control is also smarter thanks to the improved front radar scanning system. If considering the new equipment technology and the driver safety technology, then everest has excellent modern equipment when compared to other brands such as fortuner most advanced version 2.8 4 × 4 with price 1034 billion dong.

Ford Everest 2019

In this new version of everest, the warning features around the bow are improved to help identify the surrounding objects, especially when a pedestrian cuts by, in the cabin is also equipped with 8 horizontal airbags. with fortuner most advanced version.

The drivetrain was also upgraded when the control system became smarter, for example when we ran the normal 40 front axles after 60, but when we changed the terrain, it automatically changed the mo. torque transmits to the front and rear axles which would be great for the driver extremely good support for the driver, another point is the tire warning, the front is just a general warning but now separated each tire helps easy identification.


Everest also has a cool sunroof system that other competitors do not have, the second row has comfortable seating space, air vents and very nice details, 230 sources can be used for computers, control systems. draw two independent regionsIn the third row, there is a folding chair lift control system that makes it easy to create a larger space.

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With the price of over a billion, the everest price is not cheap compared to other cars in the same segment, but in terms of safety technology, the everest car is really worth the money. How do you think, do you love this new everest model and are you ready to buy such a kid to accompany you.

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