Review Harley Davidson Iron 883

Review of Harley Davidson Iron 883

Hello everyone and everyone, in the review of the car today we will return to the big distribution car and the main character today is none other than a very familiar car Harley Davidson is a brand from the US. Right next to me this is the Botel Iron 883. Right now we will learn about this car.

Review of Harley Davidson Iron 883 - 01

 This Botel Iron 883, which is being sold by genuine Harley Davidson Hanoi, is priced at around 480 million to 500 million, that difference is about the color you can change, some colors will be cheaper and There are colors that will be more expensive. Iron 883 is a car that can be said as a segment for beginners to play the Harley davidson, small cars and look it is quite neat and thin. Even the cylinder volume of this 883, which is considered to be very small compared to other Harley davidson brothers, it is equipped with only 883 cc engine, along with the name of this car.

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 But 883, I think it is too much to run on Vietnam roads already. You may notice the characteristics of Harley davidson, such as: pea-shaped fuel tank, quite thin and small fuel tank, the volume is about over 12 liters, if over 12 liters we can Traveling in the inner city is quite abundant, but if we go long distances on long tours, perhaps having to touch the gas a bit more times.

 And the special thing about this fuel cap is that it opens a little bit more fidgetily than the old one, I found out that it's a bit difficult to open, normally you have to turn on the power. up a little, then press down and turn to the left, it's really hard to turn this gas tank. Here I can turn it, open it, it turns out, if I am not used to it, it is a bit difficult, when it is even harder, if you do not know how to twist, the lid will stick out like this. Now, I'm going to press down with my hands, turn to the right, this time it's familiar, the skin of the hands is a little more friction, that's about the rather special tank of this car.

 As for the front of the car, there are probably the extremely distinctive Harley Davidson design styles and it carries something quite classic and traditional. For example, right next to the clock it's just a single clock cluster and only shows the speedometer numbers here. The speedometer here only runs at a maximum of 220 km / h, but with Harley davidson 220 is 220 numbers that you can achieve, unlike other brands that often go too far, but do not achieve, There is a very small electronic screen on the bottom to show other parameters such as distance, number on the engine, a series of indicator lights below.

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In general, it is very simple, the clock combination with the coconut shell, is very typical and this round lamp is very beautiful with the Harley davidson logo on the front, the characteristic of Harley davidson is very traditional. , very classic, simple but quite impressive. And yet, at the top of the special Botel line is equipped with regular shock absorbers, not Saydown shock absorbers. Of course, the Botel's style of fitting Saydown will look a bit weird. Therefore, the shock absorber often enhances the classic beauty of the car, it has a little bit of rubber here, it enhances the classic look of the car, it does not make the car look like is so strong, so cool, but it still guarantees a very nice fashion, and the shock absorber on this new Iron 883 2016 version has been completely changed compared to the previous version, it is a bit quieter than them. I will test.

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This 2016 883 is only equipped with a disc brake for the front brake cluster and the brake is also equipped with a much safer ABS system, particularly the details can be said about the details of Harley davidson such as I just mentioned for example the logo on the head of the lamp even the tires also have the words Harley Davidson a lot of small details but there are very subtle accents of this car company.

The machine of Harley Davidson is a Between Velovision machine with a cylinder volume of 883 CC as I said and the case is made of matte black metal extremely beautiful, but the metal is a bit difficult. Wash, if you move mud, being hit by dirt, you have to use special Harley Davidson liquid so that you can clean, these metals are not only in the machine, but they also work. in the instrument cluster creates a healthier for the car, there are some details that this car has been slightly changed on the owner is quite picky. For example, the explosion-proof system has been installed, this explosion-proof system can be installed with genuine ones at the price range of 10 - 11 million, the ventilation system has also been changed if its original is only the sealed and outside like this has been changed by another air filter and the cost for this air filter system is about 15 million, the exhaust is also changed to create a more attractive, powerful sound. more and this dual exhaust is priced at about 17 - over 20 million depending on the type you choose and all these replacements are all in the same beautiful matte black color, giving the car a mysterious look. There are chrome equipment, stainless steel it polished as other Harley Davidson cars.

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 On the Harley Davidson Iron 883 this vehicle is basically equipped with a single saddle and is designed in a classic and traditional stripe pattern, but the owner of this car has also installed a small saddle at the back to can carry a friend. On this side, you will see a silver knob here that looks like a knob to open the trunk of the car, but in fact, when this knob is turned out, it is an oil cap, you change the oil. this is the Harley's oil storage area, we will turn it down and press down.

 If on the previous version, the rear suspension system of Iron 883 is somewhat gentle, the rear suspension system of this 2016 version has been changed, quieter and it looks bigger and stronger. And yet, it adds a feature that you can turn and change the height or the suspension of this shock absorber, of course you will use a device to poke into these holes. And those devices are right below when you lift the saddle and you get a wrench-like object that you can twist and change. All Harley Davidson cars are equipped with transmission Coroa belts on this Iron 883, the same.

The rear wheel system is also equipped with ABS brakes, the disc on the left is very safe, if in the 2015 version, it is not equipped with ABS, but up to this version, ABS has been added shock absorbers to be replaced, and again some of what you've seen is not that much of a change, but the 2015 version price is just under 400 million only 370 - 380 then up to this version with those changes, with those tweaks It added up to about 100 million a relatively high figure. On this 2016 model comes with a smart key that looks like a car so you can put a key with the Harley Davidson logo in your pocket without having to put it in the outlet, and get close to your car just It's just a bang, it made a sound, but what if you left the car with the key?

Review of Harley Davidson Iron 883 - 03

For example, for example, now if I were the owner of a car but forgot the key in the house, I don't know where the key is very simple, still press the prepare button, now the small screen here The word Enter Bcost means you will enter the password to open this car. Yes, very very smart even more than cars and how to enter, that is pressing the left turn button, this left turn button will allow you to press from 0-9 and any desired score want you to press the turn button on the right to enter and enter 5 numbers to be able to open it and this smart key also has the function of anti-theft, if the key is not by your side, you intentionally Drive the car or move into the car, the car will sound to alert you and those around you are strangers want Do something with your car, very smart and very safe again.

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Harley Davidson Iron 883 is one of the most popular models of Harley Davidson followers, it is one of the best-selling models in the youthful Coter line and Harley Davidson includes Harley Davidson Fortis, Superlow, Chip 750 and new to Vietnam, Chiprost 750 model, Harley Davidson Iron 883 model from 2016 has been redesigned, creating more angular details, inspired by the classic Buber style, the Boxcar line is introduced. Introduced in 1957 and the longest continuous production model in the history of Harley Davidson. Boxcar Iron 883 is for people of small stature, weighing 256 kg, the seat is 760 mm low, from the ground and facing forward, the handlebars are wide and pulled close to the saddle, the Roachraxin handlebars and the saddle covers a single salted leather roll, reminiscent of the image of a street car of the previous century with a length of 2,185 mm, a body shape of 26 mm, the Iron 883 in this review has a solid gold color. This is a more expensive option color of the 883. The whole black wheel is not only accented with brake discs with bright G on the set. 9-spoke castings with improved steering feel, the heart of the 2017 Iron 883 is the Evolution Between 883 CC air-cooled engine block that has been refined from the factory to provide an optimal power to increase tissue - low torque from torque, 2017 Iron 883 torque reaches 68 Nm, 4750 rpm, a smooth suspension and easy to control. Moreover, all Botel models have been equipped with electronic fuel injection systems since 2007, 2017 Iron 883 is currently sold at Harley Davidson Showroom Vietnam with the official selling price of VND 4.78,900 thousand.

Yes, as you can see, this Botel Iron 883 is quite low in height and it will certainly fit the Vietnamese body, even a tall person of 1m60 and above can sit on this car. Okay, not too tall, not too tight, sitting very fit, now I'm going to explode, you guys hear the explosion is very sexy the reason it is loud and it's powerful like this is thanks to the tube The exhaust has been replaced, combined with the exhaust set with this air filter, which has also increased the power of this bike a bit, the bang really sounds very attractive to Harley, right now Let's experience this Iron 883.

When you first sit on this 883, you will immediately see that it is as easy to drive as a Honda SH so although it weighs up to 250 pounds, it can be said to be as heavy as some models, even heavy. than 1200 cc models, but extremely easy to control very neat, very easy to drive, the feeling of controlling the car is very simple, making us control on small streets in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City is very easy, this is an advantage for people who often move in the inner city, another utility is this turn signal, left turn signal is on the left, right turn signal is on the side the right. I'm signaling right now I'm going to be cheap, hugging is very easy, sweet, as you can see that when I'm cheap, I don't need to press the turn signals back, just our car, cheap. After going straight, the turn signal will automatically turn off, just as smart as the car. Going into this city the exhaust sounds a little loud, a bit noisy, but it sounds really excited, very happy. The sitting posture of Botels like this is really very leisurely, walking not tired at all, even if we have to go long way into the kilometers, we will not feel tired with the postures. This is the only thing that this car, the machine like this allows to create vibrations, it will shrug with explosions and vibrations to create the feeling for you in the past when you were sitting on a farm truck. , it was very interesting earlier when you jumped to accelerate to bring the machine up, the speed up, the car is smooth, smooth again

Acceleration sounds very excited today is very hot 39 - 40 degrees C, but there is a very strange thing that I myself walk relatively slowly in the city, but the heat of the engine on people is not too much, if compared with the younger sister of this car is nearly 570, this car is much better than t, very good. Although the car does not have large cooling water in the front, it is only hard-cooled, this is another advantage when we move the car like this in the inner city, we will go through the deceleration door, compared to the older brother, the old squirrel is clearly quieter, but it can also be fixed here, obviously replacing the shock absorber, increasing the money to really this moment worth the money. rice.

Review of Harley Davidson Iron 883 - 04

Now, we are going out here, 883 cubic centimeters very strong with Vietnam roads running a maximum of 120 km / hour. Actually, Iron 883 is too redundant, obviously it is redundant and meet for you to go on long tours across Vietnam, too simple. Acceleration is relatively impressive, the car is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox, a multi-engine gearbox, rather than a 6-speed gearbox, if only 6 levels think it will be a little more quiet. Going to the road, the car has less vibration than before at high speed, but running in the range of 70, 80, 90 like this is not good for these cars, and Vietnam roads are relatively difficult to run. With more, the vibration has been reduced, and the driving feel is still extremely good. 1 car driving and the control of the car is very simple and light. When we want to pass, we have the flashing system here if we go at night, when going to the road to the soft damping combined with a good sitting posture, the cushioned seat is quiet like this, then go a few hundred trees , go straight without really tired, sitting posture of the Botel is really very happy for those who go on tour. Of course, I'm not talking about Curing cars, Curing cars are much happier, but with a car with a design like this there is still something very strong, personality is really suitable. For one thing, this car remembered that the gear shift sounded a bit too big, there were times when the gear shift was not definitive, I got the feeling it was a little clicky, so it had to be more definitive. The car is fitted with a fuel tank of more than 12 liters, so a very long journey will require refueling many times more than cars with larger fuel tanks, and no hands on the clock. Gasoline signals indicate the bar, so we have to look at the gas indicator here, when the fuel indicator lights up, immediately we have to go to fill up immediately, if you do not want to walk. The mirror system is mounted down like this, at first I thought it was just beautiful, the fact that it is both beautiful and still able to see the back even more easily than we mount on top, look A lot more airy, easier to look at. Very interesting and interesting.

Truly for those who are passionate about Harley, passionate about large displacement and have just entered the line of large displacement, Iron 883 is truly a Botel a large motorcycle that desires to be selected. The first is because it is very stylish, well controlled to help you travel in the city extremely easily. Secondly, its power is 883 cubic centimeters compared to the common plan of Harley, which can be said to be the smallest, but with roads in Vietnam, I think it is more than enough to let us go.

Is it higher Cc, bigger cylinder volume is just for us to show off, also known as ban immediately and listen to the bigger displacement riders, if to say the ability is enough, the Iron 883 is too Enough, with the genuine price of 480 million in Vietnam, the 883 is definitely a very attractive car in its segment.


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