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Assessing ADVANTAGES VinFast Fadil


From the moment you touch the steering wheel of the most advanced version of Vinfast Fadil, the price is 465 million which is surprising for the reliability of the chassis system and steering precision when compared directly to small cars. in the A-class segment, the small car can run like that, cling like a solid chassis moving but really easy to control even when changing lanes, the ability to stabilize the body of Vinfast Fadil is very good because it is redundant Enjoy the foundation of a model from Europe.

To make it feel like a sports car, it will be very difficult, whether this A-car is thick or not if we look at the top is not too thick under the relatively thick array, but it is not The viewing area limits are not all too large. If you choose the standard driver of the position that is high enough according to the standard, you will definitely have an observation area that is not limited by the A-axis.

Vinfas Fadil

Sitting at the position of the driver's seat, the head space is far away, the size is perfect, the vision is quite good, the leather-wrapped steering wheel is a bit big with the V logo to create a good feeling, the good 7-inch touch screen has good android connection use google map.vv .... can use air-conditioning function to connect Bluetooth air conditioner.

The sound on this car is a special feature with 6 speakers and listening quality is also very surprising with the small car, the bottom of the air conditioner is very neat, there are quite a lot of storage areas with usb connection. , the handbrake is not upholstered, the seat quality is relatively good, the front compartment is moderate, there is a full USB connector, 12v charging port, standard charging port C. Unfortunately, the parking brake is not released. skin, so it is easy to drop small objects such as earrings, coins ...,Seat leather quality is relatively good 

Vinfas Fadil

Overall the interior design finish, screen interface, resolution etc ... pretty good, there is a storage space in front of you to miscellaneous books. And especially the most advanced Fadil is equipped with up to 6 airbags, something that most A-class cars, in the segment of 4-500 million do not have.

As for the rear seats, there are still headrests in all 3 positions, while the headspace in the back seat seems to be a bit low, for people over 1m8, it is probably not very suitable due to the ceiling of the car. Squeeze quite a bit. In general, this model is suitable for sisters, mothers who take their children to and from school to be more suitable, but like choosing a family model, it is necessary to choose a larger model.

Specifications of Vinfast Fadil car

Technical data Fadil 1.4L standard Fadil 1.4LPlus
Number of seats 05 05
Dimensions DxRxC 3676 x 1632 x 1495 mm 3676 x 1632 x 1495 mm
The standard long 2385mm 2385mm
The volume does not load 992kg 1005kg
Engine Gasoline, 1.4L-i4 Gasoline, 1.4L- i
Max power 98Hp / 6200rpm 98Hp / 6200rpm
Maximum torque 128Nm / 4400 rpm 128Nm / 4400 rpm
Gear automatic, CVT automatic, CVT
Tire 185/55 R15 185/55 R15

Fadil Colors: Red, Blue, White, Silver


vinfast steering wheel
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