BMW 520i Review

BMW 520i Review

Hello everyone in the previous times I have introduced the details of the 2019 BMW 520i and I also have many questions about whether the 2019 520i uses only 1.6 engine and only 170 horsepower capacity, will it be weak or not. how it runs is still BMW or not, today we find out.

When we see a special BMW 45-degree angle to the side of the car, you will see that it is a bit small, with the model of the 5 series that carries the code 520 is sure as its equipment is low. Most of that is the art of creating its products equipped with R17 wheels, but the tires are still smooth. With BMW models bearing BMW quality, please let the models still replace it.

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The very basic equipment such as the rear sensor reversing camera will have no stone, the trunk space is wide but the width is narrow without the spare tire on this model simply BMW has used standardized models such as like this, the key also inherits seven very nice series, which are essentially a smartphone key that communicates with the vehicle and displays the information on it.

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The wide seat is comfortable, of course, if you are a BMW fan, you will prefer the hugging chair than the relatively smooth leather seats and the nice design without a ventilation port, this 520 lacks quite a lot of equipment. There is a blind spot warning without lane keeping function. The basic feature is remembering the position of the electric control seats, yes, the speakers on the car are also normal.

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When you own the 5c, you will have a great driver's seat but sitting in the second row is more wonderful than the spacious enough comfortable space because traveling on long distances we need large space. softly reclining very thick chair back, very good foot height, ceiling is also high above 520 equipped with 4-zone independent air conditioning system 4 generation 4 different temperatures to use large space but the middle seat is entangled Up like this this is due to the layout of the system behind the reserved side only, the position of the comfortable air conditioning compartment including the side of this B half the inhalation door gently opens to the sunscreen.

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The only one that feels a little sorry on this 520i is that the seat is not a sports seat, the sports seat will hug more than what BMW is still very sweet, up to the M line, the steering wheel response will be other than the red fad you can see the sport displays can see the power, when the brakes can see the system recovers energy from the brakes and especially the eco pro mode is offset by electricity That is great, you can run 60 70 / h and you can release the accelerator pedal and it will interrupt between the gearbox movement between the engine and the gearbox within a certain number of seconds for about 40 seconds, the rotation cannot describe it Only running 700 800 cycles so it will help save more fuel will support the acceleration process, helping us stop the brakes will disconnect the engine to maintain the air conditioning system.

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I am running ECO PRO mode, trying to accelerate at 6000 rpm to switch to comport mode, 8-speed gearbox is not weak, the answer of the BMW 520i 1.6 engine is not weak, running smoothly, it is enough to accelerate and capable acceleration is even better than D-class cars in the same segment, but the thing that impressed me with this BMW 520i is its excellent soundproofing and its smoothness I will fly through to try the eels or bumpy road running 100km / h, extremely weight-assisted driving driver.

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