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Experience & tips on handling vertical cars into the parking lot

Today I would like to share with you the tips for joining the car along the parking lot Car driving test, hope this is helpful for the process learn to drive a car your.

Experiences & tips on handling vertical cars into parkings

Then this tip most of Ho Chi Minh City testing center I am using it. If we want to practice putting the vehicle together into the parking space, we have to analyze the size of the car and the garage (that is, the parking place). Then we need to note the following dimensions, we see are:

  • a is body length = 4.2 meters (here, this paragraph). Body length means the length from the front of the vehicle to the rear
  • Already, b is the car body width. b = 1.67 meters (that is, the width of that vehicle, ha, the width of the two sides of the vehicle)

Then, the garage has the following sizes, note the following sizes:

  • Ld is the garage length. Garage length is determined = vehicle length + 1 meter. (as here is 5.2 meters)
  • Then the width of the garage, the width of the garage is the word Rd. Then you note Rd is calculated as = horizontal b of the car + 0.6 meters. So, when we put the ideal car into the garage, each side will be 0.3 meters wide (that is, three inches). It is also quite wide for us to handle safely ha.
  • Still Ed is a controlled space to back up. Then Ed is defined as = 1.2 x a. It is about 5.8 meters away. Here! Like this length from here to here is 5.8. Ha! Then from here to here also 5.8. From here to here is also 5.8.

Then, when we use the car coupling tips, these limited cities almost have no meaning, not much meaning. Because we have used the trick that we minimize the task of rolling over these citadels.

Then, the garage, we note the following additional points:

  • This is a split point between garages. This means the dividing point, dividing the garage in half.
  • Okay, this is the guard.
  • And this is idiot, we care about the bastard. Ignoring is like being a driver. Ignoring a guy is like being a fool. So, the way to determine the idiot will be like? Then he ignored it would be a straight line. This line is defined like this. This line is 45 degrees from the garage. And it cuts through the middle of the garage. Hey, when we draw a straight line 45 degrees from the garage and cut through the center of the garage, we will identify this guy. So some of you ask, do these points take the exam or not? Then all schools do not know how to accidentally or intentionally there will be similar points of wear and tear.

Then, we will go into the implementation. Note that this guard point will be 0.6 meters away from the garage. Then we go into action. Then the steps we take, we will have only four steps, is very simple:

  • The first step is to create the coordinate system.
  • Second step: we drive all the way to the right and push the car towards the position of the car.
  • Third step: we will drive all the way back to the left and back the car. When the vehicle is parallel to the garage wall, we stop the car.
  • The fourth step is that we have to pay the driver straight, for the car to reverse until the two rear wheels have just rolled over the yellow line and finished the post. Note that we rolled the yellow line is the end of the post that we do not continue de, anymore if we continue to back then we will rolled the limit line will be deducted points, very dangerous, ha!

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Then, we'll go into analysis step by step.

  • Step one: create coordinate system. I will draw the garage now. I drew the garage. Okay, how to create the coordinate system? Now we get on our car. Well run his car up. I am in the car, I am sitting in this position. Ha. Then we will create the coordinate system in which we are the mind. I am the mind of that axis. Here ! I am the mind of this coordinate system. What is the purpose of creating this coordinate system for? What ? So when we sit in the middle of this guarding point, we will advance to our car. We will determine, for his car it pairs in front of the garage is about 30 centimeters (ie about 3 inches). Then when our shoulders are level with the center of the garage, we will create two rear wheels that will balance between the two corners of this garage. Then there are people now, each with a different height, so we'll take the benchmark on the car, that is, the latch. The latch makes a benchmark in the car. Then, so that is the first step we have completed, the step to create the coordinate system is completed. Skip to the second step.
  • The second step is we will drive all the way to the right and bring the car close to the blind spot. Then, we will fight. When we drive all the right, both sides of the vehicle will change direction like this. Then we put the car forward. And moving closer to the position of ignition, that is, when we look at the rearview mirror, look at the rearview mirror on the left, we will see that the side of our vehicle is already approaching, close to the position of the float. Then, here we will stop the car stand. And it is completed step two.
  • Go to step three, then we drive all the way to the left and back the car until the car parallel to the garage. So we are driving on the right hand, we will fight back to the left. Then the two wheels will look like this. Then what do we do next? Reverse the vehicle until the side of the vehicle is parallel to the garage wall. Then at this position we will look in the mirror, we can see the left mirror, the right mirror. We determine that our vehicle walls are parallel, already parallel, we will stop the car and stop the third step.
  • Go to step four, then we will pay straight steering nà, then the car back until the back wheel has just crossed the yellow line. Then we give it straight back and the car backs up. Back until the back wheel reaches the yellow line and we will win again.

So we have completed the four steps of the vertical coupling into the parked place. Then note that when we want to get out of the garage, we will note that when we exit the garage, our shoulders must be at the level of the garage to start driving. That is, we have to come to this position, our shoulders are horizontal or have just escaped through the garage before we begin to conduct the steering. Very simple. What is the purpose? Purpose to do what? Let the rear wheel do not roll over this corner. After rolling the rear wheel, I will still be deducted points.

Then, my four steps have been done. Very simple ha. Then wish you all success, drive safely. So this is the step, this way is the trick to park the car in the park. Then the next time I will show you how old-fashioned drivers, old drivers, real-life drivers will be going to the garage, how will they be.

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Traffic Blog - Experience on the road in Vietnam:

The practical part of handling vertical cars into the parking lot, please see the video clearly.

The practical part of handling vertical cars into the parking lot, please see the video clearly.

Then now I will give you a tip, ha! The tip for me to do it well. Very accurate around the home dentist.

And first of all, my garage. Is that right? Two into the garage, into the garage. Ha. There are note points nà. The middle point between the garage will show yellow? Split the garage. Ha. Here, this bottle of spring water is called a fool. He is like a driver that careless guy is so vicious. I consider him a fool. Then the guard on the other side. Already. Now the first step is that I will do it ... Now I divide into four easy steps.

  • The first step is to create the coordinate system. It means I am in the car. Is that right? I ran so that my heart is flat. I aligned my shoulder with the middle of the garage. The purpose of creating a line for what you do, I'll try to manipulate for you to see. Already. What is the purpose of creating coordinates for? The other watch guard gave me a straight line, my wheel, my two wheels, it was too low to be neither too far nor too close. 3 inches wide is beautiful. Is that right? When I sit in the car I look, the distance is about 3 inches wide. Okay, what about this landscape? It guards when its wheel is located right at both ends of the garage. Soup between the two cities. Then the first step is completed.
  • Second step, drive all the way to the right. Run straight up, when you see the guy is negligent he stopped. Ignoring that bottle of spring water, huh. There. Eyes looking into the mirror. See that? That is correct. Like you did before. Is that right? Already. So I completed the second step.
  • In the third step, drive away to the left. Just now, I hit all my right hand with all my left hand. In the third step, I will hit all my left hand, de-in until I'm parallel, I stop. That is step three. Do you see? the side here is parallel or we look at the side of the glass here we see the side here is parallel. What is the parallel? When I looked through the glass it was a little slanted, its ass was a bit narrower, wasn't it? I also said meals. Then the third step is completed.
  • Now the fourth step, return the steering wheel, de. De until his wheels fall between two golden roads. Ha. But in the process of de one meter or two meters, I have to watch the car to see if it is in the middle, see the tail. Just do this and I'll do it really fast. Then comes the fourth step. Pay straight to drive. How many rounds is paid by the driver? 4-seater car: 1 and a half rounds. 7 seats is 2 rounds. Already. Note ha. : my wheel, it will look like this. When the wheel rolled over the yellow line and the machine said it would 'ping', that is, it had accepted that I had finished the card, the brake stopped. Avoid cases where you de de to rolled the next bar, still the scoring. When you rolled it and deducted points. Remember ha. Maybe it's going to report a little slower, then the alarm will be slower, I've already come here. Right. But I am accustomed to seeing the rolled rice cake through the yellow line. It may report a few seconds later. It depends. Note ha.

And now I will do it again quickly for you to see. I applied following these 4 steps, it is very even. It is very even in the car. But surely 1 time 1 go out that saves time to do other articles.

What is the first step? The first step is to create the coordinate system, right? Shoulders horizontal? Second step: hit all to the right, the guy who stopped then stopped. Third step, bro? Drive all the way to the left. And the fourth step, bro?

Then take the first step, create the coordinate system. Let's go up a bit more, shoulder level. Then in the second step, we drive all the way to the right. Then, eyes on the mirror to the left. When I go to the bottle of spring water, that is my idiot, stop it, then I will slowly win. And then, drive all the way to the left. Have you seen the fool? and then drive away. Then, put the car back in place. Then eyes can look at any glass, any glass in parallel, we can stop standing. Then, the fourth step, pay the driver straight. Then de in. Then won. Then go to zero.

Okay, like this, you see more of it eating here than there, right, it's narrow here, right? On the other side it is wider. So I want to make it wider, how does the other side narrow it now? There are two ways.

Because when I hit the steering wheel and gave it a little bit more, it slanted. Is that right? give it a little more, the car it will be slanted. Now I will watch. Firstly, the shoulder just now, you didn't run very well in the middle, not in the middle. Is that right? He ran a little bit below. There, it should eat here. Now if he runs higher then he eats here. Ha. Do you understand what I mean? There. The important thing is that I correct, for example the first time I do, it eats here too much, next time I will grow a little higher. Then try again. Next time he gave the car, his shoulder right in the middle of the garage, just a little bit earlier, ha. So now each car, steering wheel sometimes it is a little bit off, then now I get up, before I take the exam I borrowed it first. I tried my head, what I thought was 'Ah, I did it on my own side, right?' it eats more side, then start me adjust again, next time I will adjust accordingly, when I take the test I will make it correct. Because I have to try the car before the test is like that.

That's right, then drive all the way to the right. Then eyes looked into the mirror on the left. You look at the trunk of your car, right? More and more he will move toward his absurd, close to him he'll win. In the third step, drive away to the left. Okay, de go to him. This step we practice slow, ha. This step, I slowed down so that I could see if my trunk was parallel or not. Isn't it parallel? You see carefully.

Remember the parallel is the car's ass it should be a little narrower than the front of the car. When rolling over the yellow line, you will win and finish the card.


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