Life experience needs to memorize the driver

CROP OUT - GA IN - BRAKE HANDS -> These are the starting operations when we depart a car and that is also Life experience needs to memorize the driver.

Next, for automatic transmissions:

  • If you want to go, go to (Drive).
  • When used temporarily, drag to the basket (Neutral).
  • Reverse, then straight up (Reverse).
  • Bored do not go anymore, pơ - stắc (Parking).
  • OUT OF - GA IN: When we release the clutch, the throttle

Life experience needs to memorize the driver 1

  • GETTING UP THE NUMBER - ABOUT THE NUMBER OF GA: The operation that we change gears
  • LIEN RAIL STATION - CONFIDENTIAL - GRINDING MACHINE: This is how to use and coordinate the throttle and clutch brake when driving on the road
  • PROMOTION BACKBACK - BUDDHA BAG: This is a song back and forth in the narrow alley through the gate or the corner of the wall that you have been Learn to drive a car when I was at school.
  • THREE (SECONDS) GREEN IS IGNORED - THREE SECONDS ARE GOING ON: It means that if you see three green lights, you should take the initiative to stop because it is likely that the vehicles on the other side of them will go soon, they may cut off your car.
  • UPON NUMBER - DOWNLOAD THAT: This sentence reminds when driving is never a high gear or mo on long slopes. For example, if you go up a slope, for example, your downhill exam should be the number one not to go to mo

Life experience needs to memorize the driver 1

  • REMOVE GA - THROUGH: The operation is permanent when driving on the right foot and not on the gas pedal, immediately we have to switch the brake pedal slightly to be ready to handle the next situation.
  • SUPERVISION - EARLY HANDLING: As a driver, we must pay attention to a safe distance, a safe view must be 50m or less
  • AVOID ANYWHERE: When traveling on the road but encounter dinosaurs (public cars, trucks, buses, taxis ...) should be a little away.
  • PETROL - OIL - WATER - ELECTRIC: When traveling away we should pay attention and remember to check these four, four principles to heart for drivers when preparing to go away

Life experience needs to memorize the driver of the car 3

  • THE FIRST FUNNY: If there is a narrow gap, once you have passed through the two mirrors, the peace of mind will fall behind. However, this is only true for cars and other vehicles (trucks), it is not so
  • MOVE ON THE DRAY: It means that we should refuel at grapefruit morning, afternoon or evening, when the sun can be fueled
  • Wrong one move a mile - a thoughtful regret: Let us be very careful when we drive, always careful in any situation
  • AVOID PREVENTION - STAY AVOID: When the dog is startled, the dog usually runs back, and the cow is hesitant to move forward. We must note this in order to cleverly handle this situation
  • BEST OF THE GOLD - LOOK AT EASTERN: These are very dangerous times when we drive, taking care not to fall asleep during such times
  • GOOD LIFE IS BETTER THAN DRIVERS: It is only when we run long distances that the role of the assistant driver is sometimes very important
  • AVOID WHITE RAIN - BLACK AVOID AVOID: If it rains, we should avoid white places, because white can be puddle. When it is dry, avoid the colored areas because it may be the feces of buffaloes and cows
  • I MAKE THIS IS NO MORE THAN THAT WAS STRAIGHT: Every time you go behind another vehicle, if it is an old driver, walk carefully and properly, just follow the tail.
  • LOVE CARS LIKE A BABY - YOU GUYS LIKE BLOOD: This sentence is a slogan that army soldiers often write on their cars.

Life experience needs to memorize the driver 4

Set of 150 Questions for the A1 Driver's License Examination A1

  • TWO TWO-PARTIES - REMOVE NO - NO YES: Experience in asking directions, two flashing headlights to ask, hand rub is not available, thumbs up or back are xxx ... maybe pikachu ...
  • DOWN CARRIAGE BEFORE PEOPLE LAY - BACK THE FLIGHT CAR BEFORE SAFE: This is the rule when we get on and off the ferry
  • OLD MAN, SLIP PEOPLE, CONGWARE - TO QUANG ROAD ROUND MUST SWEET GA: It means that when we get into the roundabout, we should make sure it is to accelerate
  • RED PULL - TIPS: When pulling, pull the arm straight, adjust the steering wheel, when parked to avoid parking the front wheel, we should not park like that
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY - CHICKEN WIFE CHILDREN: Speaking of reckless racing of drivers when stepping on the brake pedal leads to unwanted consequences
  • OUT OF THE MOST AGRICULTURAL STREET: We should stay away from the safety features of low-safety vehicles such as farm vehicles or three-wheeled vehicles ...
  • EAT TO GO BEFORE THE WATER FOLLOWS: Going ahead to the restaurant will have a cool place, but when passing through the flooded area, you should run behind because the front car is cheap, so the back car will be safer.
  • DID THAT DON'T DRIVE, DID THAT DID NOT DRINK - IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BROW THIS CHICKEN (If you don't want to see the chickens on the top of the cupboard)
  • TALENT AND TALENT - CANE TALENT: Drivers who have been driving for a long time often have better driving skills than new drivers, this is a very normal thing.
  • FIXED + FIXED ROUND = FIXED: When driving we should not show, the accident is always unexpected, no one can foresee
  • THE FIRST HEART: When avoiding the car in the opposite direction, many times when we steer in a bit, the tail will bounce off, especially when the vehicle has a long tail.

Thematic Safe Driving Techniques

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