Eicma 2018 – Discover Details Honda CB500F 2019 Preparing to return to Vietnam

Eicma 2018 – Discover details Honda CB500F 2019 is about to return to Vietnam

Hello friends.

Honda has just launched a medium-sized, large-displacement nicketbike model: 500 cc in Milan, Italy, which is the CB500F. She's right behind me, now let's explore this motorcycle to see what's special.

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Introducing to you this is the CB500F, a very nice mid-range Sport Nicketbike model. This car currently has a previous version already sold in Vietnam, but this is a new improved version that looks more beautiful and sharper, it's slightly improved on the exterior and the details inside. . Details can be seen that the headlight cluster has been designed with sharp full leds. The taillights are also full led lights. All the lights on the car are full led lights.

The front end is so pretty it reminds me of the old CB1000. Really cool and impressive, this is for a car with a 471 CC engine and two parallel cylinders. You can see that the first part of the car reduces the shock instead of upside down, it is a normal shock absorber, reducing the shock. Looking at it is not really sporty, if it is made upside down, it will be much more impressive. The front part is equipped with a DC disc with ABS system.

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However, it is only a single circle, not a double circle like the 650 version. But I believe this 500 version will also have a relatively soft level, that's for sure. Look at the detailed design lines here, it looks very sharp and strong… powerful. This is a 500 cc engine block exactly 471 cc with two cylinders and two exhaust pipes, these two exhaust pipes will lead to the double dry can here, that big and small size and the ring is very smooth. The rear is equipped with an ABS disc, the saddle is a double saddle, the rear has something very small, very small, but it is not truncated like the CB1000R and CB650R, the Neo Sport cafe style is a bit slightly different from this Netket style.

Actually, when Honda launched the Neo Sport cafe style CB1000R, many people were surprised and somewhat disappointed about the upgrade of the famous Netket line for a while. However, the Neo Sport cafe version is not really an upgraded Netket version of the legendary CP1000 in the past, but it seems to move to a new segment, a new line, the ancient line then it goes to the new line, and the old line is also like this, you are seeing here, the last letter is not R anymore but F.

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This is a very nice red, I'm going to turn to the gray version, to show you it's also very nice and strong. I actually like this gray version better because it has something to look at. The other suspension system just needs to be replaced, the front shock absorber system just needs to be replaced with another black upside down, then the post or yellow color is also beautiful and outstanding. Referring to the shock absorber, I remember the rear shock absorber system and the shop motorcycle but it's hard to see right now, it's on the other side, this is the black shop motorcycle. That's it. This is the body on this side and look at the machine and the whole body on this side is very beautiful in black mixed with silver and looks extremely strong.

Now let's look at the clock, this car clock, the car clock is very beautiful. It is used with the clock of all new models launched in this exhibition including the 500 cc and 550 cc lines. It is a very sharp LCD clock, turn it off, turn it on, it's full, then look at the switch button here, the level of perfection of Honda's large displacement is very probably quite good. compared to other cars. Honda, Honda in general in Vietnam is always favored by Vietnamese people compared to other large displacement models. The first is because it is the Honda brand. Secondly, it always offers more durability, more durability and more shape than other models. Now there is one more version. Over there is a very beautiful blue and white version, there is a model sitting watching. I also want to go out there for you to see.

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The car here and there with the blue version, blue purple and white is very beautiful, very beautiful. The headlight unit is very beautiful, the headlight unit is a full led lamp with white light, it seems that the blue navigation light is very beautiful, it looks like a demon face of an alien, so beautiful, always, That's really impressive, really impressive. the gill cavity here it will do the aerodynamics, very beautiful. In addition, the car is equipped with a water heating system, the water below is also very beautiful, also very beautiful. The rear of the car is pointed, the rear of the car is pointed, this light is also a full led light and is very sharp combined with the turn signal system.

This turn signal system it put like this, it is very beautiful, very beautiful. Here's the cb500f, let's look one more time, round one more time. there's also a nice yellow version on the other side, we'll look at a yellow version again. This is the gold version combined with the silver color which is very impressive, very beautiful, very beautiful. I'll go around this side. There are a lot of people today, so please understand. The exhibition is very crowded here, no one pays attention to anyone, so you are very understanding.

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That's a very nice CB500F, very nice. It is true that every color gives an impression, this version promises to return to Vietnam soon and with a price that I think is also very suitable for you, somewhere Honda has distributed distribution. Genuine 165 Pasteur, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City with a price somewhere under 200 million. I remember correctly about 200 million for this version, a version worth paying attention to, 500 cc.

Here are its specifications, 471 ​​CV 48 km 35 cc engine at 8600 rpm, 43m torque at high speed of 6530 minutes is really beautiful these angles with both this car CB500F is very suitable for the Vietnamese body, not too big, not too tall and gaining strength, it doesn't look too weak compared to the 50 or 1000 version, the tires are also very majestic, The rim is also very imposing and it has a regular front shock absorber.

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If it is upside down, it will be more beautiful and the disc brake, dual disc brake will be more beautiful. This one, we can completely add more, more genuine. That's right, don't forget Surprise and hit the button for my YouTube channel. I will have new and more special videos. Thank you for your interest and support during the past time. Hello and goodbye in the next videos. Hi!.

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