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Eicma 2018 - Detailed review Honda CB650R Neo Sport Cafe 2019 Coming To Vietnam

Eicma 2018 - Detail Honda CB650R Neo Sport Cafe 2019 is about to return to Vietnam

Hello everyone, I am present at the 2018 Eicma exhibition in Milan in Italy right behind me this is a large displacement motorbike that has just been launched here and it will return to Vietnam sooner or later. The earliest time is the CB650R, a smaller version of the SB1000R currently sold genuine in Vietnam. Right now, let's find out what this car has.Eicma 2018 - Detailed review Honda CB650R Neo Sport Cafe 2019 Coming To Vietnam 1

Yes this is the one CB650R 2019 Ladies and gentlemen, the line car Neo Sports Cafe, a segment, a line of cars that can be said to be relatively new and quite strange lately it is not really an upgraded version of the old CB1000R where it has had significant improvements and pretty new design strokes. Let's take a look, if in Vietnam is the 1000 cc version, it is something a bit more expensive than the genuine 400 million distribution in Vietnam, in this CB650R version, the engine has been smaller but still the same. next, it will be discounted, for sure, how much it will decrease, we will wait for it to come to Vietnam and now let us look at what this car is special about.Eicma 2018 - Detailed review Honda CB650R Neo Sport Cafe 2019 Coming To Vietnam 2

First, take a look at the design, the design of this car it still retains the lines of the CB1000R, round light bulb with a classic style but it is no less technology by LED lights. It remains the same as the circular daytime positioning led surrounding the two phases are all LEDs. The front shock absorber is the Showa Upside Down shock absorber, Showa's is identical to the very nice 1000 cc version, you can look and this shock absorber can adjust different levels of shrug.

Next is to look at the brake assembly, this brake is Nissin's dual brake, dual disc brakes with ABS system, that. This is the engine cluster of the CB650R with a 650 cc inline cylinder, exactly 649 cubic centimeters with a very beautiful titanium color surrounded by a very attractive copper gold color, the capacity is quite strong , if compared to the previous version, this car was stronger 5%, the number was smoother but reduced weight up to 6 pounds, yes a reduction can be said is significant, with the large displacement reduced to 6 pounds is quite a lot for a car. Take a look at the exhaust, the four exhaust pipes are led to a exhaust, yes this exhaust looks quite similar to the old exhaust of the CB1000R, which is behind with Monoshock shock absorbers here and also adjustable. okay, that's a few. Wheels are also fitted with casters, hydraulic discs and anti-ABS systems. Here, we look from this perspective, the car's design is no less than the 1000 cc brother, yes a lot of foreigners here are very ungainly, despite seeing the the cameraman is around, but the camera is still very gentle, really Italian and French are extremely ungainly and here there is a lot of theft and exploitation, indeed Europe. unlike our imagination, if you go to Europe you will find especially Italy and France are two extremely dangerous countries.Eicma 2018 - Detailed review Honda CB650R Neo Sport Cafe 2019 Coming To Vietnam 3

This is a led headlight cluster, full led always, all the lights on this car are equipped with full led lights, are also equipped with full led lights always, that please look at the angle 3/4, then there are some people Especially the young people who are very gentle and polite when they see the camera has circled behind, that although this is not a private car but clearly when seeing the camera, we should evade a bit. This is the horizontal projection of this car, look, look at it very nice, very very nice, that look at the engine exposed, looking at the car it's powerful, it's very sporty but it has something It's very classic, so to say, this is a contemporary, really beautiful style, that the signal on this side is protruding, there, and this is the very large, dynamic grille. 650 cc engine so the grille is also very large and large. Let's look at the section above, the clock of this new version will be an electronic clock and create a very sharp and bright LCD screen that looks full of the parameters we need, from this roundabout, this number, to this kilometer, this speed, this hour, and so on, all here is very simple, here, and easy, here I turn it on. As you can see, it's going to be like this, very nice. And then look at the buttons around, these are the switches that turn this switch on and off, then here are the buttons, please pass this, and so on and so on, that, the fuel tank cap , there is a gas cap here, and under the gas cap there are rubber pads here that wrap up for beauty and also for scratching collisions, there's the word CB, a highlight to look at. recognize the CB cover, if you look at the rear end, you can see that this car has only one yen and this part is not saddle to sit it is plastic and sitting here will be very Hard, there's a screw over there.Eicma 2018 - Detailed review Honda CB650R Neo Sport Cafe 2019 Coming To Vietnam 4

This is a one-seat version only, there is a version for two people, the saddle it will be seamless from here to here and this part of the saddle they have tightened, which means they have to be smaller. Our sitting body it can fit, operate more easily. The handlebars are also refined to make it easier to operate and control the car, which is the upcoming CB650R that will return to Vietnam in the near future. one more version over here, this is the white version, this is the white version, the silver version is more correct and you have seen the saddle it was a two-piece saddle, its saddle was a saddle The block is here so you can sit two people, this silver color is very beautiful. Currently, Honda has not announced the price of this model at the international scene, so it is not possible to have a basis for us to predict prices in Vietnam market at all. Hopefully, Honda Vietnam will soon bring this car so that we can admire and own it because this is a very nice, modern, technology and it is cheaper than the version. CB1000R, CB1000R version is currently being distributed genuine Honda Vietnam at 165 Pasteur, District 3 Ho Chi Minh City with a price somewhere over 400 million oh, really not everyone can access but that This CB650R model, a Jacket Bike, Sports Bike collectively would probably be more accessible, I guess that with a price of more than 200 million ounces around 200 million, 250 million seems to be reasonable and affordable for This car, of course it may be even higher, let's wait and see, let's wait and see, this is my prediction. Along with this Neked, Neo, Retro, Neo Sport Cafe, This 650 is also available in the 300 version and the 125 version this is also very impressive looking 125 and I believe this version 125 will return to Vietnam soon.Eicma 2018 - Detailed review Honda CB650R Neo Sport Cafe 2019 Coming To Vietnam 5

Currently in Vietnam already already but without having to enter genuine but I believe it will be coming soon soon and the 300 version is identical, identical, here you look at the design can say no It's different from the big version which is not exactly the same as looking very impressive, looking very impressive, looking really impressive, that the front shock absorber is also the Upside Down shock absorber and Showa's always you don't have to complain much, the disc brakes and ABS are also adequate, there's no shortage of anything. This 300 version is really impressive, I am sure that if it returns to Vietnam it will be very good as well. Guests in Vietnam.

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