Học Nâng Dấu Giấy Phép Lái Xe Lên Bằng Hạng: C, D, E, FC Tại HCM

Bạn muốn nâng dấu giấy phép lái xe nhưng chưa biết điều kiện, thủ tục, hồ sơ & chi phí để nâng bằng B2 lên C, từ B2 lên D hoặc từ B2 lên FC.

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Service specializes in improving the reputation of driving license in Ho Chi Minh City

1 / The popular forms of driving license seal, driver license upgrading are common

Everyone has a need lift driving license mark There are many different types, and the statistics show a lot of types, but in reality we often see some common types of accents:

To meet the needs Upgrade driving license keep growing, Driving school in Ho Chi Minh City With more teachers and facilities, we have many places to study and transfer so students can choose convenient for their travel, as well as arrange flexible time according to each student's calendar.

2 / Why should you choose us?

  • Prestige center, responsible to customers.
  • Enthusiastic counselor.
  • Exact exam month with commitment.
  • Full facilities, amenities.
  • Bean bags 100%

3 / Conditions & procedures for raising driver's license seal, upgrading driver's license

According to the law Upgrade driving license In Clause 2, Article 10, Circular 46/2012 / TT-BGTVT stipulating that an upgraded driver learner shall make 01 set of documents to be submitted directly to the training institution, including:

  • An application for study and examination for a driver's license, made according to a set form.
  • Copy of valid ID card or passport.
  • Health certificate issued by a competent health facility as prescribed.
  • Declaration of practicing time and safe driving kilometers according to the prescribed form and must be responsible for the contents before law.
  • Certified copy of junior high school diploma or equivalent or higher in case of driver's license upgrade to Grades D and E (present the original when examining the test documents).
  • A copy of driver's license (present the original when taking the test and getting a driver's license).

4 / Raising the driving license seal, upgrading the driving license has 2 cases as follows

Case 1 (raised 1 mark): upgrade car driving license B2 to C; upgrade C to D or upgrade C to FC

Tổng phí nâng bằng 1 dấu 18.000.000 đ 

Phí nâng bằng 2 dấu 20.000.000 đ

Phí nâng C lên FC 22.000.000 đ

  • Full 3 years of safe driving & 50,000 km of safe driving or more
  • Over 21 years old for grade C upgrades, over 24 years old for grade D and 27 years old for grade E upgrades

Case 2 (raised 2 marks) : upgrade car driving license B2 to D, upgrade from C to E

  • Full 5 years of safe driving & 100,000 km of safe driving or more
  • Over 24 if upgraded from B2 to D and over 27 if upgraded from C to E

5 / Documents & conditions for passing the driver's license improvement course

  • 2 ID card photo (no need to be notarized).
  • 10 images 3 × 4 (blue background).
  • Documents of driver's license (original) + driver's license (notarized photo).
  • You must pass 43/45 questions on the theory section of the set of 600 theory questions.
  • You have to pass 11 screen savers and the minimum score is 80/100 points.

Above is the most basic information for you to raise your driver's license mark, driving license upgrade to meet the needs of being able to operate more vehicles or operate vehicles of a larger capacity to serve the job.

Call us for a free hotline consultation Call Center: 1900 633670 or 090 243 0787 or take some of our time to the center, we will be gracious to answer any questions you may have.

Ho Chi Minh City Driving Training Center

Call Center: 1900 633670

Contact: Ms Kim Vi 090 243 0787

Building No. 23 Cu Lao, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District.

Học Nâng Dấu Giấy Phép Lái Xe Lên Bằng Hạng: C, D, E, FC Tại HCM 4

Chi nhánh 1: 30 Đường Số 9, Phường Linh Tây, Quận Thủ Đức

Học Nâng Dấu Giấy Phép Lái Xe Lên Bằng Hạng: C, D, E, FC Tại HCM 5

Chi nhánh 2: 43/23 Vườn Lài, Phường An Phú Đông, Q.12

Học Nâng Dấu Giấy Phép Lái Xe Lên Bằng Hạng: C, D, E, FC Tại HCM 6

The Center is very pleased to serve you

Please take a look at the video of the driving test for driver's licenses of Grades D and E in detail:



Video subtitles if you don't hear clearly:

  • When you first enter the competition, park in front of the 1m yellow line and remove the turn signal, wait for the signal to start. When the signal started, countless numbers 1 and move slowly to no need to use the gas, and hands prepared to turn off the signal when the signal (message), I drove the gas slightly.
  • This test requires the port to be separated from the white line by 1 hand (when I look at the nose of the car is complicated to cut the clutch immediately).
  • If you keep going uphill, keep the throttle level evenly, when the bumper just peeks through the yellow line on the slope, cut the clutch and brake, then let go of the clutch gently for the car to tremble and let go of the brake pad.
  • Exam marks D then invisible D, you can see the image under the road or look at the signpost, avoiding the case to mark it will be eliminated directly. To drive into the D mark, the driver will widen. Looking into a round mirror, control how the number 25 lies between the 2 steam pipes. When you run a section, look in the big mirror to adjust the car for yourself.
  • Next article, control the car until the shoulder is out of the steam pipe, then start the steering wheel, steer the side to look in the mirror on that side, return the steering wheel straight ahead, the horizontal shoulder of the steam pipe will continue to hook. Drive, steer the car on the other side to look in the mirror there, from there, pull on the throttle and go with No. 2
  • This is a dangerous situation we have, we win, win properly and then find the priority button. Note, there are 4 times win at the intersection, especially the first intersection should win far away, the goal is for the car to turn right to go to the end easier. Keep a gas station to go.
  • The second dangerous situation is right at the top of the manhole, preparing to cut the clutch, then win, if not, let go and continue.
  • In the empty section, I should thin the throttle but do not exceed 20km / h because it will be deducted points (invisible, I let go of the garage) to save time because the D mark is only run for 15 minutes.
  • All the way around the road, remember to “drive to your back and cling to your belly”, lead the car up and bend your hand over, steer the side to see the mirror on that side.
  • When a car is parked, someone who makes a large space first will give up because this area is corked, so I do not go fast so give the car to go first, because I have to open the corner to pass this corner.
  • Note, the lamp has 10 seconds of green light, then the car is gone before then I do not stick to go to the lights, outside, I can follow the lights still in this picture is not possible because the previous driver is not a driver we don't have a license, so people starting off can be very slow, it is dangerous for us to hang on to the strings so we don't cling, I remember to park the port one meter away from the yellow line and we win and stand. also do not need to number because the red light has a few seconds, so the number will take more time, when the red light is over 30, then the number. There was 1 2 seconds left when I started walking because I was too far away, so the opposite gold handle would be knocked out.
  • In the garage, shoulder to shoulder, the sign of the brake stopped, glanced at the left glass and hooked up, looked at the tail of the car to the manhole cover, it was close enough to win again. Countless de, when de close to the rear of the car for the tail to fall on his cauldron. When listening to the signal, the steering wheel slightly balanced, then aligned the narrow width of the city, when parallel, there will be a signal. Then, remove the number 2 run out, followed by the direction of the arrow, the D does not need to widen the corner much.
  • Traffic rules, light is 30m away, so I turn on the turn signal early. Stop waiting for the red light, there is 1 second to start walking, and don't cross the yellow line because it will be eliminated directly, so when driving, look at the foot of the wheel to be more accurate.
  • The next dangerous situation will inevitably occur so the clutch should be cut first, if the signal indicates that the brake stops and press the button, do not rush to press the button first. After turning off the button, you can let go of the brake, because the road is not flat so when the brake is dropped, the machine will deduct 10 points for thinking the car has already run.
  • Going to No. 2, when coming to the sign to give way to rail transport, I stopped far away. No. 2, you should start throwing. On the ramp, the gear lever prepared when the signal is countless, 3 throttle back for his shoulders to cross the first 20 sea and brakes the car down and back to No. 2, no need to stand. it is OK.
  • The roads that do not have empty cars will encroach slightly, leaving the car open for easy access. In a test there are 4 turn signals 2 left (at the start and turn at the signal) and 2 right (according to the signal and the end). Always remember not to follow the lights.
  • At the end of the test, a turn signal must be in hand, a turn signal hand will return a turn because this will turn off the turn signal, when the notification will be released.

Remember, once the points have been deducted, continue moving without correction. Try not to drop fundamental errors. For example, if I get 100 points and run an eel but the examiner might fail because I have an inherited error. Walking on the wrong road is also one of the basic errors, to determine the right way, look at the symbol, the drawn arrow, the road is locked; when fouls are eliminated.



Video subtitles if you don't hear clearly:

  • Remove the left turn signal, when the talking machine starts, it will start.
  • When the signal comes, start countless numbers 1 (remember to squeeze the thighs), start opening the clutch, start the throttle, and open the clutch slowly. When listening to a signal (message), turn off the turn signal (do not turn off the turn signal minus 5 points).
  • The next test (stopping the car giving way to pedestrians) requires the port of the vehicle to win before the white line, look at the convex mirror to better see the braking position, disconnect the clutch and win again.
  • Post to the bridge, keep the gas pedal at a level to get onto the bridge (on the road by cutting taper, the school bus will come and on the bridge, if you cut the taper, the car will only slightly increase), especially the problem of going onto the bridge is to fail should win for it a little bit, then have to let go first then let go and put the throttle up to continue, cushion the throttle always by car 52 seats, I have to do so.
  • The test passes the wheel track and the perpendicular narrow road, holds one level of the throttle, takes priority (the gauze needs to be up), note which mark will be stamped if it is wrong, then the car will fall, driving the car to the E. Before the unsigned, if there is a dangerous situation, I will cut the clutch and prepare the brake foot. If there is a signal, I will immediately win and press the priority and if not, go ahead. For this article we get the top of the car close to the curb, still go No. 1, look in the convex mirror so that the port has just landed on the eel and lead in to align the car. Now, watch the fence, guard the head of the car's port into the blurry line, and then we go over, run a section and look at the big mirror behind it 1.5m away.
  • The road is narrow, perpendicular, because the wheel is behind the driving position, so the head must be higher, when the shoulders pass, the driver will always steer, steer the eye in the mirror and look at the foot of the wheel there. See if it's rolling or not. Then direct the vehicle to the steering wheel and the vehicle pressed against the edge and lead to the head (to widen the curve) when the shoulder passes and then steer, steer the side to look at the mirror, for example steering If it is too close, then lightly release it and hook it lightly.
  • When stopping at an intersection, you have to stop far away because you stop almost like the other 3 intersections when there is a 52-seat car coming in, it is easy to be broken up by glass to cause difficulties for others. I'm not allowed to follow the light to go because the lights are only for a few seconds but the people who were not licensed before, people started very slowly if I followed the lights I followed, the risk of stopping the red light is very high and I should look is an E-sign for 20 minutes, so you do not have to rush through the red light (if you park far away from the line, there are 3 seconds you can control the car), then cross this intersection and start going No. 2.
  • The second dangerous situation, if any, win and stop and press the priority if not available then continue (if this dangerous situation is not available, the third dangerous situation will certainly occur), the empty lines will I thin the throttle cushion to save time for my lesson to let go of the garage. Extend the crabs round and place the E.
  • The song is perpendicular and square, "moving forward and backward to sticking to the abdomen", when leading up even though the port has lights on the eel, the wheel is still not pressed because the five wheel is outside behind the driver, after giving the front get up and bend over, and the next situation we do is the opposite of the last one. If the eel is too close, pay off and then hook back.
  • The next test, widening the corner to make a turn, otherwise the car will climb. From here I keep going 2 and do not need to shift, this car is very easy to turn the number because the vehicle's number is crossed, so it is difficult to enter unlike the straight car. For this 3-way intersection 4, the brake line is 1m to 1.5m away, do not brake too high into the car, it is difficult, because I parked far, so when there are 2 seconds, I can let go of the brake pad. When there is a green light, it should run and should not be rolled across the yellow line because it will be eliminated directly.
  • The next test is in the garage, let go of the garage and run in parallel with the garage, running when the rear wheel is at the top of the garage limit, win, now go to zero and drive and drive the car go straight into the car (the front wheel on the side) and continue to stab straight until you hear the signal (the news), the dog steering wheel presses on the rear frame, when parallel to the yellow line, bin will be notified if bin is not reported light up, it will report, if not reported because of deviation, go thin up and get back, when the newspaper then stopped. After that, countless 2 to go back out and look to the left to see if there are any cars.
  • There are only 4 times when a turn signal is needed (2 left 2 right: at the end, starting and turning at the intersection, it is necessary to use the remaining turn signal not, if there is a spare, it is okay)
  • The third dangerous situation (right down to the manhole), we cut the bevel before we had the signal, win and press priority. Then slowly turn off the turn signal and then slowly go, turn off the turn signal, then let go because the road is not flat so the machine is easy to mix and the car has moved, so it is easy to deduct 10 points. On a narrow road, if there is no oncoming traffic, you can pass, while there is oncoming traffic.
  • The test stops for rail vehicles, because the car is going No. 2 should stop farther and win the white point immediately. Continue to let number 2 go, to perform the test to change the number in a straight line, when there is a sign to accelerate, we push the accelerator lightly until there is a signal, I push to number 3 and go to the station to cross the sea 20 first, and then cut the clutch to beat the next 20 sea, and continue on.
  • The next 4-way intersection must remove the turn signal and note that there is no yellow handle, and drive slowly.
  • The test is over, you have to remove the turn signal to finish. When will the new bean sign let go of the turn signal.

Ho Chi Minh City Driving Training Center

Contact: Ms Kim Vi 090 243 0787

Building No. 23 Cu Lao, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District.

The Center is very pleased to serve you.

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