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Hello everyone, we are sitting on a brand new green bridge Fortuner, together with Thai for a business trip to Rach Gia - Kien Giang in the early morning to be in Rach Gia. Tomorrow morning is 6 administrative west.

Things to Know Night Drivers 1

Yes! This is a DVD player. This afternoon, there was a DVD player on Phôtơ's car with a green bridge. In the afternoon, there was a friend who asked Thai that a DVD player on a green motorbike was bought by him. Why not use the ... why not use the Vietnamese edge? So please tell you from this idea, I would like to introduce to you that the DVD player zin followed by Peter the bridge that you guys at the factory is that it does not have Vietnamese edge. Yes! The leading edge map you want to have or have to pay extra money and you install the ... decoder, yes! The set is a Vietnamese decoder, this is the car ... fortunately! This is a built-in car so I would like to introduce to you.

Yes! Here…! Thanks to the embedded Vietnamese decoder, it will get the interface for you to use, for example, this is the Highway 80 section! belonging to Đồng Tháp Lai Vung nè, this speed is for 80 km hour, under speed is 80 km hour. If I run ... run at this speed then it will ... it will alert and to the other part it says switch to 50 it will also alert me to 50. I think the ... this function is also ... quite useful, if you need it, you can contact Thai, in addition it guides you in general is full of Vietnamese features. edge ha! But what I want to emphasize is that in order to have this, we have to install a decoder, but we can't ... We can't come from the factory where it is available, no DVD players follow the car from the factory that has this set of edges out!

Yes! The second thing related to this DVD player that many people ask is why when the modem sang the DVD I sat, I considered it, then I started to depart, I ran, I looked at it for a while without looking at it. but only the sound! Some people think that this DVD player is bad but actually nothing is wrong, it's a safety feature for everyone!

Night Driving Things to Know 2

That's not a problem, I repeat that is a safety feature designed from the factory, all Toyota vehicles and some other brands that people design when running, even though the car has DVD DVD. but when running it is not allowed to display the image but only to display the sound only, to avoid the driver distraction. Yes! Actually this feature, you can change it, but you have to go to the firm and sign the commitment, the technicians he will cut off the signal from the ear bar, it signals from the ear bar Come on, you cut off the signal from the ear bar. But to change this is related to the safety issue of users with big companies like Toyota, they are very afraid of being sued, so you have to sign the commitment. Yes! Those are the two contents related to the DVD player, by the way on this business trip I share with you.

Now look at your Fortuner at night, does it see anything? The whole button will hide it like this, guys, so I ... the driver can easily identify which button is the volume control, which button is the air conditioner, the dimmer and how it is! Yes! The clock is very beautiful. Yes! And by the way, I want to share more with you! When we drive at night with new people like us when we buy a car for the first time, what problems do we encounter and what is the solution, for example on country roads like these with street lights? , deserted road, 1 hour at night, then I'm too happy to drive. If the trade day driving jammed, it is too happy to drive back, but you note some ... the situation is unexpected ha! The most embarrassing is the unexpected situation, when we are strange roads, we have strange cars, you try to keep the speed, keep the speed that you feel you have ... can control. It is important to keep the speed, the second one when I am strange, the strangers of the car, you should drive in front of the slow speed first so that you can gradually get used to the brake pedal, the accelerator pedal, the gear number and the second You guys run fast!

Night Driving Things to Know 3

Already! the one that makes drivers very afraid of new drivers is the problem of glare, the glare, the glare, it has two: One is that it glare from the car in the opposite direction, two. is it glare from the car behind you open the headlights, open the headlights that it looks into your rearview mirror, it causes the glare, then with these two glare, what do we draw? The first is that if we run behind someone else's car, we know that if we turn on the headlights and it causes glare to others, we should also limit it, we have a way to limit the glare. for people to go ahead, that's polite. The second one is when we run like the opposite guy here, there is this glare ... that! This car is light, this truck is dim, there are brothers who are brighter than you, dazzling, you kick the lights, you ask for directions, usually the drivers in the opposite person are polite, they will also lower ... people will lower the lamp, after passing through them, they will turn on the light, we will kick us to get directions.

We're in the zone ... ... We're in the zone ... what is this area? Lai Vung district? Lai Vung, but the two red flags with yellow stars, the street lamp sure this is urban area ....

Relatively bright, running relatively easy. The driving at night, you often know that there are people who know how to drive. However, there is no other way but if you run quickly and he will get used to it, we have to have an idea, so as with Thai at night, Thai or observing countless lines in the middle of the road because it has our glow Using that as a landmark, we should guide the road more, so if you are new to driving, Thai recommends that you do not go through the night like Thai in this way, that is, 10 pm from Ho Chi Minh to Rach Gia. Price - Kien Giang goes through the night, as I am new, I should choose, for example, I choose that route I go about 4am as long as the night is a little, slowly, as I get used to it, I go a lot , so why? For example, at 4 o'clock I drive somewhere I wake up, I am also stronger after sleep, then I drive more alert ... see? The road is empty and we only run somewhere about 2 hours at night, so that we can feel the way we get used to it and then we move on and we run through the night.

Night Driving Things to Know 4

Another point to note is that regarding night travel, we have to know the road. See it…! In case we do not have the ... not familiar with the road, we should have support devices such as google maps on the phone or map Vietnam edge something, which is best we should be sure, because because at night we don't know how to drive, when you are not used to sitting in a car ... the road I know I look at and I find it is sometimes a bit strange, so it is easy to run through or run yet. think I ran to or turned the wrong way ... v ... v.

Blaming the case that we lose time and we get lost, we should make sure that the way we go to the destination is that we should be sure from the beginning, to avoid the school. If we get the wrong way when we get lost or at night, like this is 1 o'clock and we don't have the equipment, we don't know who to call and who we sleep. it's over! People on the road, it is difficult to ask, right! So the best thing is that we should be careful that we have prepared ... the gas issue, right? The problem of gasoline and things we should have prepared, like the country road like this, but if this time runs out of gas, the two of us do not know how. Yes! Those are some of the things we keep in mind when driving at night.

In the end, according to Thai judgment, once I have used the night to get used to it, I stay up late at night! If you go on trips several hundred kilometers away like this, why? The first one is cool at night, the second one is deserted in this deserted place, there are two, the second is the deserted road, the traffic is less, the second one is the few guys, the police officers are also empty. looks right? I also run more comfortably. Already! the ... of course, from the other two ideas, it will shorten the travel time from point A to point B on the journey of a few hundred kilometers, right? Yes! And especially, Thai likes to drive the pass, the pass at night ha! Looking at its scenery is very majestic, it gives me a feeling, a adventure is very .... Very ... is ... is ... generally difficult to describe, I wonder what to say?

So there are some ideas you guys ... together ... see and experience ha! Everyone has their own comments, so I hope to receive the contributions that relate ... related to the problem that the steering wheel cover on this road is probably not Thai's forte. If you have any contribution, please contribute more to Thai, if you can see it, Thai will make another clip more fully for you, to rule your channel, on your channel to You can see it completely.

Thank you so much for watching this video, so see you again in the next video!


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