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Pickup - Fun "Gentle" of Eyebrow whiskers

Pickup - Fun "Gentle" of Eyebrow whiskers

Hello Truong Anh is very happy because today he accepted with us.

Today I found out why there are so many pickup trucks and custom bikes on the market, but you choose Navara cars to build? I also ran to the second life of a pickup truck before I ran Missu, but after raising my life I also learned a few brands and I stopped at Nissan because at that time, the segment There I find it suits me. Did you choose these cars? - No degree.

Pickup - Interesting "Gentle" of the Beard Guy 1

He experienced how it is about operating features, safety features. Do you often wear tires? Actually, I just went to Acvencher, I was very satisfied with that contion, the company equipped with some level traps like smarki such as leds, it is all highly applicable. Talking more about this fuel-eating engine, do you feel very good? Very good about 7-speed gearbox, the time that gear shift or fuel economy is quite good.

Well, turning to the main topic of the car, why did you choose this car as the car that I know, the Navara is quite a picky car. That's right, why did I choose the hard way to go? Can you list some of the details that you customized in your car? Actually, with my car, it is rated as a relatively large number, at most, it has a chassis before and then springs to raise, the second is that I still have a degree of it is very heavy The third is the optional equipment to increase comfort such as the camera around the car or the lock of the hunch, the small and small.

Pickup - Interesting "Gentle" of Eyebrow whiskers 2

So can you tell me which part is the most difficult and most expensive? The most difficult is the tire fan because it is really like gambling, if you don't take the money to the store and tell me to install it, I can pay for it. I have a car, so in my life in 2015, no one has tried it yet, it is almost like I find out ... White mouse, right? It's already the 3rd potty, the 3rd set and the one where the wheels like this fall into how much money can you tell us? A set of rims 20 divided the tire, it is not nearly 50 million 50 million for the tire, so what? So-so-so ... that 100 million means that it takes you about 300 million to stop this set of rims then with your work every day and your hobby with a car like that. hey, do you feel satisfied and do you want to add anything else? Actually, for now it is quite satisfied, right now there is no more option that it convinces me because first I have to go from my desired needs, now my desires It's quite alright, for example, this car has a door and rear seats for example, but if I do not normally open the door, it will not be very convenient because it is still controlled from the front seat, I the extra is what the fan lets it blow, which means it increases the speed of blowing up so it is cooler than the back seat ... yes ... that's according to my ability there is something that is enough to convince me. Willing to do things in order to continue ... yes ...

Pickup - Interesting "Gentle" of Eyebrow whiskers 3

You can reveal to the audience what it costs to cover everything like what we're seeing here and how much the total damage is. In the car, it falls to about 1/3 car? Yes, half the car? Yes, it takes half the car to say it is very cool. That is to say, even when spending so much money, no one dared to use it in the process, I found something good, because for those who do not understand, it is really different from the pickup truck, it Very personal already, have to do something to carry something, now there are those who left half the whole car even an entire car out to save it, whoever did not know did not understand. But for car enthusiasts, it's both a pleasure and a hobby, right? Yes, thank you, Mr. Truong Anh, for attending the program today, wishing you a safe journey in life. Thank you very much.

Pickup - Interesting "Gentle" of Eyebrow whiskers 4

Glad that today he attended the program, he could tell why he chose this Navara and not another pickup. In fact, in every pickup line of each company, it has its own advantages, so in the purpose of its use, it suits the car best. This Navara pickup is one of the cars with a lot of technology and I feel like it is good so I choose it, and I experience a lot of cars and feel that this car suits me and my purpose. That is when I drive my car to play a big car. So many times during my retirement I could not ride a motorbike, so I could get the car to get on me and go somewhere else to lower the car. So how many motorcycles can a pickup like this, I think this size should be one. In fact, the weight of the car can carry up to 600 pounds, the motorcycle has from 200 to four hundred hundred pounds, before I had a Huslay of about 400 pounds and 1 Riballe, 2. 2 cubic centimeters up here also okay? But I know Navara's load level is quite high, why my load is only 600 kg, maybe you use the version. Oh yeah, I use the EL version, the street version, the EL board? Yes, people often use strange anti-shock? Exactly. Not tweezers. Well, that's why the advantage of walking in the street is very smooth, right. That's how is it.

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I added the engine and safety features does this car please you? For example, the loading capacity of the car, for example, when you carry such heavy loads, do you travel long distances feeling satisfied? Oh, I feel very satisfied, very satisfied with the engine block that is fitted to the car. Yes, according to the discussion, he has a few details in the car but when I look around it is very difficult to detect then can you let me and the audience know what you have done? Actually, this car is a missing version, but I have reduced it to a higher version. Well, or is it called racle fix, right? Very much full of all the features that have been cut off? Right! Because this version is a less expensive version, right? That's right So, besides the features, he also adds what else? In addition to the features, I chose, because my purpose is to use the street and it is a bit bunker. Yes. It has to be healthy, I have added the wheels and tires of the whole car system and quieter, the tire system makes it stronger and the body, the body around the car. Yes Yes. There. So, after buying a pickup, did you take the family the farthest route and your wife and children were satisfied? The furthest, after buying a car I have a trip to Dong Ha - Quang Tri is also quite far running about 5 6 hundred trees a day, I found my wife and children are not tired, feel very comfortable, smiling. I got off the car in a casual way, I felt like I was satisfied.

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If you were to choose a pick-up truck, including another brand, which one would you choose, would Navara be removed? If I let you choose a pickup in the same segment of the car, I still choose Navara. Why? Because I experience it and I feel very satisfied with all the features that it gives me. Yes, thank you, today I have shared with you the audience about this strange Navara, wish you a safe journey on your roads. Thank you very much. Hello.

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