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Compare DIESEL Engines and Comprehensive Gasoline Engines


Hello everyone! nice to meet you again in my latest video today, in today's video clip I would like to share with you about how different are diesel and gasoline engines from each other?

Comparing the DIESEL Engine and Comprehensive Gasoline Engine 1

First of all, let's talk about Diesel engines! How is a diesel engine made? Here you can see the diesel engine, here's my illustration! There! do you see? How does this diesel engine work? The difference between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine is the ignition system. Gasoline engines use spark plug ignition, while diesel engines burn fuel automatically ... Diesel fuel burns itself at high pressure and temperature in the compression period of the engine, you can observe that The diesel engine has absolutely no i-vi, it only has a corn-soup system and the fuel injection system and the combustion zone is Diesel. Then it also has four times that you load, throw, explode, discharge ... however in the Diesel engine, it compresses much more than gasoline engines a lot of times, Diesel engines have a compression ratio of about 15 to 25, gasoline engines have compression ratios ranging from 9 to 13.

Compression ratio means the ratio of the volume of the burning zone to the filling period and the compression period, for example, when it is loaded with 10 liters and the compression period is 1 liter, then the compression ratio is 10.1 and so on. Ladies and gentlemen, nothing. Because it requires the Diesel to burn when being compressed at high pressure so the compression ratio of the Diesel engine is very large, it also operates four states, as follows you can observe, here That's the compression! ... That ... The cardboard goes to the top and compresses. So this time when the cardboard goes up from the bottom, it compresses, it makes the gas and diesel mixture the pressure is very high and the temperature is very high, at such high pressure pressure Diesel it spontaneously ignites you, spontaneously ignites and it works to push the cardboard down and burst, this is the discharge nè, it also loaded, compressed, exploded, discharged just like the four-stroke gasoline engine Come on, that's ... you see.

As such, the diesel engine has a simpler construction than the gasoline engine so it operates less damaged, more detailed. It does not have ignition spark plugs in the ignition system, so it works less likely to experience malfunction when operating than gasoline engines, gasoline engines, here you look at the engine. gasoline, then in the gasoline engine you see it has a spark plug, it is clear in the middle and the middle point, then it also has four charging, compression, explosion, exhaust ... But at the end of the compression period begins When the explosion starts, the spark plug ignites, ignites the synthesis of the carburetor fuel, including gasoline and the air, it is mixed together and when the synthesis of it burns, the work runs down the concrete and it causes the crankshaft to rotate. the engine is spinning, here I can rewind this song for you to see, here you see there is a very clear spark plug, that's ... you see? That spark plug will use electric sparks to ignite the fuel mixture, pushing the thrust to push the concrete down to create the explosion, then it's the same thing.

Comparing the DIESEL Engine and Comprehensive Gasoline Engine 2

There ... it also has four loading, compression, explosion, discharge ... here! You see this picture, this is the tree right on the crankshaft, because the diesel engine requires diesel fuel, requires a high compression ratio it can explode, so the diesel engine with its crankshaft longer, that is the distance ... this gap, guys .... this distance hey, this gap hey! From the crankshaft shaft to the place where the glorious hand is attached it is longer than the gasoline engine, this distance! The longer the distance, the longer the distance, the greater the compression ratio. At the same time, during the explosion, the concrete was pushed down by the burning fuel.

This is like a lever arm of a lever, the longer this is, the greater its power, that is, the greater its torque, the torque ratio associated with torque, if the compression ratio is large the torque is large, because the Diesel engine has a much larger ratio than the gasoline engine so its torque is very large, which means the rotation of its wheels is very strong. That's why the Diesel engine can operate, start at a low engine speed, it has a great traction, so the Diesel engine is used in heavy machines. giant machines such as trucks, ships ... cars that require very large rotational forces. It is for that reason that the Diesel engine has a large volume and a bulky size, so the Diesel engine is not suitable for mounting on small cars, small passenger cars or the motorbikes.

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Because of the reason for its huge mass and size, and half because of its very high compression ratio, the Diesel engine cannot have high speed, its speed, Its rpm is lower than that of a gasoline engine, its maximum speed diesel engine in passenger cars is about 6,000 while on the gasoline engine its maximum speed can be increased. to 8,000 or higher 8000 rpm or higher than 10,000 or 12,000 rpm for motorbikes, tourist cars it is also about 8000 rpm. The gasoline engine has higher revs so it is more volatile in the third water, but its traction is lower. That is, when you run galenti, the weak gasoline level it easily shutdown, and the more powerful oil engine can overcome difficult terrain.

Because of these reasons, the offroad bikes that go on the terrain use the engine it is more appropriate, on the car travel manufacturers make cars often have 2 engines, the first engine is the engine gasoline, the second engine is the oil engine, the gasoline engine is for people who like smoothness and it loads on the head and the oil engine is for people who love to save fuel and it has a great torque, can go offroad terrain well, because the price of diesel fuel it is significantly cheaper than gasoline, diesel it is diesel oil it about 14 thousand today, and gasoline it around 18-19 thousand seems to be a lot of 20 Thousands already, and the Diesel and the petrol are usually separated by 4 to 5 thousand, so using a Diesel engine is more economical, more cost effective, in addition to the Diesel engine, it is even more economical. petrol engine, guys, because the Diesel when 1 liter of Diesel burns out the energy more than 1 liter of gasoline burns.

It is for all those reasons that the power of the engine, the efficiency. The performance of a diesel engine is about 1.5 times larger than that of a gasoline engine, but in terms of the diesel engine side is also rated as more than gasoline engines, modern diesel engines are more expensive than engines. guys, for example, the Hi-Hendai-xiu-phia version of the diesel engine, sorry I'm talking about a diesel engine that's more expensive than a gasoline engine, for example the Hi-hen- It is more expensive than the diesel engine version, it costs a few dozen to 100 million more ... That ... the current diesel engine has been greatly improved to reduce the noise level and reduce the noise level. It vibrates and reduces the odor of the oil when released, because the Diesel engine has a large compression ratio so it causes consequences like the vibration is very large and the noise is very loud and when it is not very clean and it smells bad.

Comparing the DIESEL Engine and Comprehensive Gasoline Engine 3

So people who matter in form, important in appearance when they go to diplomacy are afraid to go on the diesel engine, because it's so loud and its sound is too loud, and then running their heads without picking it up so people don't like it, but in my opinion I like motorbikes more, because I ride motorbikes it will be a lot more beneficial, especially if you go for pickups or for trucks in Éc-iu-vi, those cars have a large vehicle mass, usually 1 to 8 tons or 2 tons or more. So big cars like that when you go to the gasoline engine, it is very costly, very wasteful, for example, the proper version of Tozota Photino petrol engine is about 15 liters of synthetic fuel.

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As for the oil engine, it is about 7 liters, it is the number that the company stuck on the glass, I went to Tozota firm, I saw, plus the paste of gasoline and oil, obviously you go in an SUV. you get a lot more profit from the engine, and the pickup trucks, you go to the Vecchos, the SUVs that you go to the petrol engine, you just determine its fuel is terrible ha. The gasoline engine and the oil engine summarize it differently, the only difference is that the ignition system, guys, that is the fuel oil engine burns itself, and the gasoline engine requires spark plugs. ignition, only the basic difference is not that much different, in terms of durability, the oil engine is more durable than gasoline, gasoline engines, it has the advantages of higher engine revs so it runs engine the engine catches a little bit more, and the oil engine has a large torque, a large torque helps it have the traction of large wheels, can be applied to the vehicles that need a great traction such as trucks, vehicles. constructions or bridges ... etc.

Then each car has its own advantages and disadvantages ... that ... then choosing a certain engine is because each person likes it, usually I don't mean to distinguish the region, usually the people in the region North often choose a gasoline engine more than people in the south, people in the south are very pragmatic, efficient cars save a lot of people running the engine version is a lot, then that is also The idea that I observed is not the domain here, what motive would you choose? Gasoline engine or oil engine? Invite you to comment below the video. OK! Goodbye and see you in the video next time, thank you guys for watching the clip. Bye bye ...

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