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Attendance for the names appearing at the Nissan booth at VMS

Attendance for the names appearing at the Nissan booth at VMS

Nissan sunny

Hi guys, I am at Nissan VMS 2019 booth, this is the booth that attracts the attention of customers, not because of Hot cars, because the car can buy people who are interested in our cars. .

This Nissan is very familiar and Sunny cars conquer the white pass roads so easily for 4 people in the car and a peach branch, a small car can go with us everywhere.

With a price of 448 million at a very low price, light, compact street, eye-catching design, the small accessories here are Nismo protein, beautiful design and enough engine with only about 100 horsepower. , the price of running on the road is about 500 million.

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Nissan sunny

As for the special version interior, when closed, the sound is somewhat suppressed, although this is a cheap Japanese car, the soundproof is relatively good. There is a hands-free start button, there is a touch screen here that looks at these parts I think of American cars, but they still have enough features of 2 very large niches for drinking water, 1 gear lever. with the most classic direction, the handbrake is relatively large, rough. Sunny's chairs sit very smoothly, the hong is very hugging, this is a relatively comfortable chair when walking around.

Normally, a lot of people are interested in the B-class sedans in the rear seats, the seats are very comfortable, there are 2-seat armrests available for very quiet headrests, this is special in that term B segment. There is nothing more demanding for the air conditioner, the wide seat with the air conditioner with 500 million VND. If you count on a slightly more expensive car, there's a nisan that can match your needs.

Nissan X-Trail

On this side, Nissan has a very prominent red car, today there are a lot of press operations, I noticed a lot of Japanese press come to work and this is an X-trail of a car today with very good prices. Strongly priced at just over 1 billion, see what we have 1 billion.

Nissan X-Trail

The front end of the facelift version has a relatively delicate face with an X in the middle with small points with LEDs, the lights of the Nissan X-trail have a very beautiful set of very bright led lights, this is a The car in the segment is equipped with a 360 panoramic camera, which helps us when we park on the street without road markings, which helps us park the car safely and more conveniently.

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Nissan X-Trail

We used to travel a long way where there were 7 people in a van with no storage space and everything had to be loaded on somewhere about 200 pounds twice what Nissan recommended for using when using screw stickers but No problem, Japanese car is very good. This is a very good COV 5 plus 2 in the price range of more than 1 billion.

Nisan Terra

If you spend another 200 million, there will be a 7-seater SUV, this is the Terra introduced not long ago with the same chassis with Navara, so it is extremely solid and comfortable. no problem and a very Nissan paint color.

You can see that special versions of Nissan have very nice paint colors from red to green to very beautiful orange yellow. In car manufacturers with popular segments, Nissan has a lot of investment in color.

Nisan Terra

Inside the interior of this 7-seater SUV, at first, it felt that this leather seat was very soft, this chair was also announced by Nissan made with the knowledge of Nasa experts gathered when studying. saving when people sit for long periods Nissan is full of non-gravity which means gravity means they calculate the back, shoulder and calf cushions so that we don't have to hang anything on the body and Sit as comfortable as possible. I myself often drive this Nissan X-trail to go one circuit from Da Nang to Hanoi within 11 hours, which is not less comfortable when walking around, this is a worthy vehicle if you are looking for a 7-seater SUV.

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nissan navara

And here is a special version of Navara, which is not unfamiliar to Vietnam, the special version of Navara black edition with very nice white paint, pearl white and emulsion, its front look is different from other cars. Another car, with a glossy black steering wheel, the front bumper looks very sporty and strong.

Body body, black wheel cover, shiny black wheels, good looking black edition, small details such as glossy black mirror with 360 degree camera, door handle is also black, small details. The footrests are also black with orange spots, really this is a very nice car in terms of performance, not too much change

With the previous Navara still a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine with a capacity of 188 horsepower, about 450 N / m, similar to other models of other brands, the rear of my car also has a 360-degree camera. The very wide body of the Nissan pickup truck, if the exterior is not very convincing, we have the black-painted rear bumper, the rear suspension is still the tweezers, this is basically a lift. aesthetic and technology.

Nisan Navara

The interior, the seats are covered with smoother leather and beautiful details here are also orange from the inside out, the seats are just as emotional, the Nissan seats are different from the company's seats. On the other hand, usually my back part has to be adjusted so that the seat embraces the waist, but Nissan's seat is different from one sitting to another.

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The new touch screen has a pretty good interface with red and blue, basically we have a mechanical handbrake that is relatively missing buttons too different in performance, I showed you a round of Nissan. Basically, Nissan is designed to be a very pleasing aesthetic, not thorny, the similarities of Nissan cars possessing technologies such as 360 camera, rear foot sensor technology for single operation COT number and fuel-efficient engine, and these are special editions that are worth owning and will make the car look better, more special, whoever wants to own the first affordable car, Nissan too. is a remarkable brand.

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