Proper Car Care It's Not Easy

And when it comes to car care, many people probably think of taking the car out of the spa cleaning shop, polishing, etc. But not everyone knows what a spa spa procedure is like for it. I have just met a case like that, because my car had accidentally entered the car wash area, which didn't guarantee its prestige, so they used the confusing towels when cleaning both the rim, the paint, and the whole board. The lake was still dusty so my car was peeling paint and scratching off the dashboard and it was almost too hard to fix. That's why today and you and I will go to learn about the process of washing car and polishing the car so that it looks so new instead of having to meet such cases.

Hello Mr. Mical, first of all thank you for accepting to join us today, thank Tony I am happy to talk to you. In Vietnam we used to wash cars only as a simple car wash and car care, wash the car mainly with soap and cotton so what is the difference between car wash of Meguair products with normal product that we use a lot. And we don't know Vietnamese yet because this is my first time coming to Vietnam, but in the US we take care of our cars every day as an essential part of our lives.

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At present, Americans regularly wash their cars or go to car care centers every week and we also clean the bulbs with the frequency of once a month, at least 3-4 times a year. Mequair is a long-standing brand that started in 1901 and we offer a full range of options and ways to help you take care of your car, not just for its body, but also for its interior. We have the solution to prevent any problems you encounter, if you want your car to be as shiny as new, remove all plastic scuffs, Meguair's specialized products will help you in addition to them. I also offer many products to help you take care of your car at home very easily. However, from the interior to the exterior, the glass is shady ... .. etc, you do not need to go to the garage even you can paint your car right on the side of the road with only a high-end Mequair scarf and a bottle of Ultimate wax We can completely take care of our vehicles easily, let's refer to basic car care at Auto Vietnam car care center with 9 basic steps:

Step 1: Spray all cars and roar using high pressure spray to spray the entire body to soften stains, then use high pressure nozzle to spray water evenly on the body from top to bottom, spray under High-pressure nozzle and removal of dirt and soil under the vehicle to prevent rust.

Proper Caring Is Not Easy 2

Step 2: Clean larang from the door of the hatch and gas tank cover and use pressure spray nozzles in the order of larangs, tires, wheel cavity and water tank using larang cleaning towels by brush, brush, and towel clean the pedestal cavity

Step 3: Wash the body of the car, prepare the Meguair car wash foam, the specialized Meguair gloves spray evenly foam on the body, use gentle washing gloves from the top to the bottom, horizontal or vertical washing, Avoid washing in circles

Step 4: Drain, rinse water in parts right after washing to wash away the car wash foam and stain to avoid foam solution dry and stick back to the car.

Step 5: Dry, use a dry towel to synthesize the car body to avoid water drying, leaving a stain on the surface of the paint.

Step 6: Clean the interior

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In the US, people usually take care of the interior how often, in Vietnam we have a hot and humid environment, he can give advice as if taking care of the interior of the car, we have to how to take care? Americans will often take care of the car themselves, often wash the car on their basic interior, they vacuum the floor, they use basic cleaning products like Intelria to clean the dust on the dashboard to clean the inside surface and with the surface. Leather seats are more carefully cared for.

Proper Caring Is Not Easy 3

In the US there are some cold and often snowy areas like California, the weather is very dry and hot or in Calia it is both hot and humid every year so different customer needs for each region are different but Meguair is cleaning the interior is very easy, in tropical countries like Vietnam, the leather seats are very easy to age, mold is also very likely to happen.You should condition your skin regularly so that the skin is supplied with nutrients. keep elasticity regularly and avoid aging skin cracking besides the hot and humid environment inside dry cracking and aging becomes the ideal mold room if you do not care for furniture or use indigestible products standard.

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If the car smells musty, you must clean the interior overall and dry and dust the sheets to reduce this smell, then you should also clean the air filter in order to solve the problem. This topic will introduce a very interesting product with technology to isolate odor molecules, in simple words, this product can capture and help isolate the odor-causing molecules which exist in the control system. air ceiling and floor mats, this product is very easy to use you start the engine and to get the mode to get the air in the maximum wind to open and close the maximum open the product box, then go to coffee or do something after about 10 to 15 minutes, the deodorizing mist particles are sucked into the air-conditioning system and spread out the whole carbin to deodorize the smell of mold and smell to leave a pleasant scent, we provide many different scents for customers, the smell The scent will only last for about a week but the musty smell will get rid of forever, when we presented this product in the US market we could not expect it to be so effective.

Proper Car Care It's Not Easy 4

Americans are very interested in new products and they will buy immediately to experience but if the product is not good, it will be eliminated quickly, but our deodorant has sold well in the past 5 years, although It really works as advertised Meguair is very proud that any of our products are as effective as the customers' expectations.

Step 7: Wipe tightly and check for safe washing

Step 8: Nursing and pumping tires

Step 9: Checking and delivering vehicles

I would like to ask one more question about the wax part of the car paint, do you guys use any special technology for the chemical that you use for the car that affects the environment? looks familiar with the term Carnauba wax, this wax is extracted from Brazilian grass, this is a very hard wax in nature so it can be used to be sophisticated, we must mix a lot of with strict proportions Carnauba wax applied by Meguair in car care industry for decades, because this is the most durable natural wax

Proper Caring Is Not Easy 5

Besides, the technology has developed a lot, we have a lot of products that apply the whole synthesis of long-chain polymer technology arranged in an extremely solid structure, providing superior durability. with natural wax many Americans still prefer to use Carnauba Wax because it gives the impression that the paint is a little deeper, darker and especially for the dark paint like the black City Crazy behind us however if you often In outdoor parking, the above-mentioned synthetic products such as Ultimate Meguair Wax are more suitable than modern technology, which makes it more resistant to acid rain against sunlight, more durable, easier to cover the car.

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Meguair's products are very environmentally friendly, the regulations are very strict and constantly changing them makes us research better products, I cannot say more specifically. But Meguair will certainly launch the product in the near future.

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Let me ask you one last question: in Vietnam, we still do not have the habit of taking care of this kind of material car, so what advice do you have for car users in Vietnam to use the car? Better, for example, how often do you take care of your car and should you regularly use additives like this, the best way for you to take care of your car is to wash it often, especially when it rains a long time. and harsh climate like Vietnam.

If you leave the car covered with dust, the thicker the dust layer accumulates, the thicker the dust layer. If you do not wash the car regularly, that dust layer will have the risk of tightly sealing into the car paint, besides the stain. Other dirt such as guano can also damage the paintwork, so wash your car regularly with a standard product like Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax to protect it, which is self-decomposing. It is completely eco-friendly, not only does it wash away all the stains, but it also adds a glossy wash layer to the car after which you can add an Ultimate Wash and Wax layer to create Deep shade and protective paint layer.

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You should wax the ball once a month or take the car to Anquaier center for the experts here to take care of your car. It's worth noting that you can take care of your car with just a few simple steps, Anquaier's experts are also ready to share car care tips for you to do it yourself. We have all the products you want and are ready to help you understand car care products with simple and good knowledge, you can completely make your car always as beautiful as new.

Ok, got it Thank you for accepting to join our program today. So it can be seen that the best way to take care of your car is to take care of your car regularly if you have time to take care of your car yourself or bring it to a professional car care center with high-class products. Using these standards not only makes your cars shiny, but it also protects your family's health, but also protects the living environment of unknown products or poor quality products. causing harm to the occupants of the vehicles and discharging toxins into the environment.

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