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Car Driving School (B1 / B11 and B2) Prestige and Quality in HCM

You are struggling to find a place Prestigious car driving school in HCM? Your need is to find a religious school like:

  • Reasonable tuition fee and clear consultation.
  • The teacher is enthusiastic, easy to understand.
  • The practice study schedule can be flexible enough for your time.
  • Get as much practice as possible, ...

Car Driving School Ho Chi Minh City We can confidently best satisfy your above needs. Let's find out why we should choose to study for a license at the Center.

Car Driving School (B1 / B11 and B2) Prestige and Quality HCM 1

Car Driving School Ho Chi Minh City - A prestigious, quality driving school address in HCM

(Register now for a 2-hour test drive program if you want to verify the quality of the center's B2 driving instruction)

First of all, let's learn about what kind of vehicle can a class B driver's license be controlled?

Class B driver's license is a type of driving license used to control: cars with less than 9 seats, trailers and trailers with a tonnage not exceeding 3500kg. Class B driving licenses are divided into two categories: B1 / B11 and B2. Inside:

  • Driver's license B1 / B11 will be issued to individual drivers, families (not practicing driving).
  • Driver's license B2 is issued to practicing drivers (taxi drivers, drivers of transportation companies, ...).

Prestigious and quality B-class driving training address in HCM

Driving School HCM is the unit of training - driving test driver's license under the Department of Transportation City. Ho Chi Minh. With more than 10 years operating in the field of teaching driver licenses, the school not only has outstanding achievements in training for B1 and B2 driver's licenses but also supports students with the best tuition fees in HCMC. Hence, this would be professional and prestigious B1 / B11, B2 driving license addresses - an output standard that students can trust.

Car Driving School (B1 / B11 and B2) Prestige and Quality in HCM 2

Registration to learn driver's license B2

The reason to learn driver's license for B1 / B11, B2 at HCM Driver Training School?

The tuition fees for the B1 / B11, B2 driver's license exams are clearly and clearly publicized on the website of the Driver Training School HCM. Tuition fees bring many incentives to students (including: theory + practice fees, exam fees, gasoline, cars, ...). Make sure there are no additional charges during the process from registration to receiving the license.

  • Students can easily arrange tuition fees to pay because the tuition is divided into 2-3 payments.
  • Regarding the test schedule, the Driver Training School HCM is committed to accuracy - honesty - prestige.
  • Exam schedule is arranged quickly.
  • Exam time is guaranteed to be on time, exam rescheduling does not happen.
  • Driver Training School HCM has many registration points and 30 places to pick up students to practice: this is a very convenient point for registration / participation learn a class B driver's license of the trainees.
  • The driving practice car system for students is all new, fully equipped with air conditioning. Make sure students always feel most comfortable when sitting in the car.
  • Classes and schedules of students are guaranteed to be clear and specific - helping students grasp the most detailed study plan. At the same time, there is a commitment not to "cram" 3 - 4 students / car when doing practice.
  • Schedule for B1 / B11, B2 driver's license is arranged flexibly (both theory and practice), so that students can choose suitable for their time.
  • Students are given a coupon to show the number of theoretical and practical study hours. When going to school, the teacher will click on the corresponding number of study hours - convenient for comparison.
  • Experienced teaching staff Class B car driver training (10 years or more), always provide students with full knowledge and skills to handle difficult situations when driving a car.
  • Professional, fast and enthusiastic staff working style. All questions and difficulties of students in the registration work, studying for the driver's license exam are consulted honestly and carefully by the staff.

In particular, all comments and feedback of students are always received sincerely by the HCM Driver Training School, in order to increasingly improve service quality.

Car Driving School (B1 / B11 and B2) Prestige and Quality HCM 3

Additional steering wheel for students

In addition to training for class B driver's license, the HCM Driver Training School also provides other services:

Take the exam by motorcycle A1, A2.

Study by car class C.

Raising the GPLX mark Rank up: C, D, E, FC.

Additional car driver.

Change of license - Re-issue a new driver license.

Choosing quality B1 / B11 and B2 class car driver training centers will create the best conditions for students: learn well, understand quickly, pass the test and drive safely. Through the information about the Class B car driver's license service of the Driving School HCM Above - Hope you can choose a place that makes you feel secure to study well. Contact the Hotline now: 1900.633670 for the most detailed advice.

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