MERCEDES-AMG S65 Review Price 12,8 Billion VND

Mercedes Vietnam has just launched the very powerful and luxurious S65 model to the public. Perhaps today, the team of reporters of the car or car had the opportunity to break into the Mercedes factory to explore and learn quickly this model. Let's see what's so special about it and now let's find out.


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If we take a quick look at the whole car, it probably resembles most of the other Ec-Co-Lat lines, but if you look closely, especially at the front of the car, you can see that The front bumper has been a bit different, the radiator blade is shiny chrome plated more than the trellis a bit different than other regular Ec-Co-Lat models, and under the hood is the extreme change. At the heart of this S65 is the chain-discharge 12 liter V6 engine with a capacity of more than 600 hp 630 hp and a powerful torque of up to 1000 newtons. Truly an awesome machine! It can be said that this is a super luxury car, but it has the heart of a supercar.

In the body, you can easily see that the rims and wheels have been changed to a custom design for this high-performance S65, and the V12 Biturbo logo is attached to the side of the car to help. You can immediately recognize this model as the most advanced model of the Ec-Co-Lat line and yes! The mirror is still integrated with cameras, you can observe the 360 ​​camera inside the car and the lower part with the long-line chrome flag is a very sporty and luxurious spoiler. The rear of the S64 AMG is not much different from other Ec-Co-Lat versions, but you can immediately notice the exhaust part, the dual exhaust pipes have been polished square and attached the logo of AMG extremely. sport and very healthy.

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Just like the other versions of Ec-Co-Lat, the most advanced version will probably be equipped with a trophy door, now I will start it. Yes! And when the engine explodes, you can see that the high-end Du-meter system will automatically rotate and protrude. Something feels very luxurious, and you can immediately notice that all the clocks as well as the center console are the same as the previous Ec Co La. However, the steering wheel has been changed a bit, the wood is more beautiful than three husks and the seats of this S65 version are equipped with extremely luxurious Napa leather seats, not only that the ceiling is also equipped with leather. The panoramic window is extremely luxurious, wood paneling, but the wood here is wood with grain that runs along, throughout, very eye-catching. On the armrest, there is an AMG logo and this armrest can be opened in 2 directions, just like other Ergonomics, the control part will also be controlled via a touch pad here plus a wheel. the car turns to give the command, switch to the rear seat, we can also see that it is extremely luxurious like other super luxury cars, the door to the armrest, the storage compartment and even a refrigerator in the back seat . You can keep your champagne, your favorite drink cold, the chair is very soft with an extremely comfortable headrest. You just recline your head, you can relax completely and right in this position you can control all functions, recline the front seat, recline the back seat. Letting the front foot raise the automatic blinds both front and back, you can manually adjust all functions on this vehicle. At this point, in this position you are the master.

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Yes! And maybe I'll go back to my favorite position, which is behind the wheel, because why! Because there are many times when I have been sitting in super luxury cars in the back, But with the Ec Co La, this S65 is an extremely high performance version that can be said to be the highest of the Ec- The Mercedes-Benz flagship is the highest and with such a powerful capacity, it will not give the driver the feeling that we are just the driver. But obviously the steering wheel of this S65, you only hear the explosion, yes! Right now enter the number. Wow! I will begin to experience the super-luxury machine with more than 600 horsepower, torque up to 10.000 newtons, really, I have never been on the wheel of a luxury car that has such amazing power. to this extent.

The Erc Co Lat has sat quite a lot, the feeling of comfort has been felt a lot but the feeling of being able to tame this luxurious beast is really very exciting and I want to switch to the mode. Sport. Wow! I think that now just need to step on the gas, the car will Sport very strongly forward, and this is the empty road, the road can accelerate to 100k / 1 hour in the campus of the Mercedes factory. Wow! Unbelievable, yes! Just blink your eyes and feel if you have some vestibular problem you might get dizzy if you accelerate, wow! In just over 100km/1h, just a little over 4 seconds, it means that it is close to the acceleration capabilities of supercars like GampoGi-Ni or Phar-Ri but with This car is very spacious, very luxurious. Super car in a luxurious body, amazing! The steering wheel probably has nothing to say, the feeling of holding is very interesting because it is also covered with wood on the upper and lower parts.

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The feeling that you want to drive instead of just sitting in the back and enjoying it, you can feel it when you sit in super luxury cars with such a strong capacity. It may be a bit overwhelming at first because the car is also relatively long and especially with a price of up to 12 billion 800 million VND, a not small number, almost twice as expensive as the I8 that I have experienced. . This car has a lot of driver support features such as all the sensors around the car, for example, a 360 camera that helps you to reverse or go forward in a very simple way, activate it. very simple button click here. Yes! In front, there is a Heb-Ab-Diep-Plai screen, of course, all the most modern technologies and features on a car that can be found on this car are there and it's even more luxurious. important, and it's very, very powerful.

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Yes! In a fairly short time to experience this car, I could not feel all the essence of this car, if we were to run the street frame, the road frame would have perhaps feel more. But the car does not have a license plate nor a temporary registration plate and is only allowed to run on this premises. Because this is the first and only car in Vietnam.

Hopefully the car will soon go to the sea and we will have the opportunity to experience this car for a longer time, but now say goodbye and see you and you in the next programs. !

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