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Review KTM Duke 390 2017 Price 175 Million In Vietnam

Review KTM Duke 390 2017 Price 175 Million In Vietnam

The all-new Duke 390 inherits the distinctive design features of the elder Super Duke 1290R.

The first thing we can see is a very sharp full-LED headlight cluster consisting of a strip of daytime positioning LEDs and many small led bulbs located inside. The porcupine wing of the car is clawed longer and more pointed, embracing the headlight. The fuel tank is designed higher with a capacity of 13,4 liters and has now been replaced by a very solid metal fuel tank.

Review KTM Duke 390 2017 Price 175 Million In Vietnam 7

Duke 390 2017 was first introduced at the EICMA 2016 exhibition taking place in the Italian city of Milan. Duke 390 is one of the most interested models in the Vietnamese market, the car is the perfect start for those who have just learned to play large displacement.

Length 2.002 mm
Width 873 mm
Ground clearance 185 mm
Saddle height 830 mm
Self-respect 149 kg
Fuel tank capacity 13,4 L
Wheel size Front: 110/70 ZR17

Rear: 150/60 ZR17

Duke 390 2017 has dimensions of 2002 mm long, 873 mm wide, 1274 mm high, the wheelbase reaches 1357 mm, the seat height is 830 mm, the ground clearance is 185 mm, the car's fuel tank is behind the shell. The sharp sides have an increased volume compared to the previous generation and reach 2L, the weight is probably the only minus point on the 13.4 Duke 390 because it is about 2017kg heavier than the old version, reaching 10kg dry weight.

Review KTM Duke 390 2017 Price 175 Million In Vietnam 8

About the front of the car, it must be mentioned that the Up Side Down fork looks very strong and the front and rear brakes are equipped with standard ABS, the front and rear wheels are equipped with 17-inch tires and the front wheels have parameters of 110/70, 150/60 rear wheel is quite consistent with the overall car. On the side of the Duke 390 is a strong Naked Bike model that completely exposes the frame and the engine to the outside. The main tone is orange in front and the white tone behind is the main tone. The rear shock absorber is also painted white in sync with the white frame at the rear. As you can see KTM has installed a fender for the rear shock absorber, which is different from the previous generation to help reduce the rear shock from the mud from the tires.

The rear of the car is designed to be sharper, more angular, sportier than the old version along with a slightly small exhaust pipe that lacks something powerful, but this is an exhaust that meets EURO 4 emission standards.

As for the saddle, it has now been designed more neatly, swiping forward and has increased by 30 mm in height. For people with a height of less than 1m70 sitting this car is a bit difficult. The rear of the car is extended to the driver's side, making it easy to operate when traveling on the road. In the center is the display clock of the car that has been designed more modern, with a large CLD screen that displays a variety of information from rpm, gasoline to the number you are moving. On the left side of the control switch cluster are buttons to control the modes in the central control screen including KTM My Ride, which helps us connect the phone to the car through the Bluetooth system to help us handle Calls come and go faster, and Motosikal lets us control the car's ABS mode, which includes turning off or on both front and rear in road mode and super moto mode, ie only turning on the ABS system at the wheel. the front wheel and turn off the ABS system on the rear wheel.

Review KTM Duke 390 2017 Price 175 Million In Vietnam 9

KTM Duke 390 2017 has a completely new design but is still developed based on the main frame, machine, suspension and wheels of the old generation. On the new version, the overall design of the car has been given a more aggressive look in Streetfighter style and follows the new language of KTM. The most impressive point is the new led headlight system with Daytime Running Light technology. At the rear of the car is also equipped with modern LED taillights and is located in the overall sporty pointed tail. The car is also equipped with a trellis frame system with a new structure that connects directly to the subframe and reduces the wheelbase by 10 mm, providing a stable operating feeling. The instrument panel of the car is a modern multi-information display. Customers can connect and sync their phone information via Bluetooth with the optional My Ride system. In addition, the car also has electronic throttle, USD front fork and two-channel ABS system. Instead of hiding under the car like in the previous generation, Duke 390 has a traditional exhaust pipe on the side of the car and a 3-layer exhaust filter to meet EURO 4 standards, customers can also equip Genuine Akrapovic Carbon exhaust for the car. In the optional version, both disc brakes have 2mp ABS anti-lock braking system. The model also upgraded the front single disc brake compared to the original, the diameter of the brake disc increased by 9 mm to 20 mm, the diameter of the rear single brake disc was 320 mm. The front suspension on the KTM Duke 230 390 is also upgraded with a 2017 mm diameter Up Side Down front fork and a monoshock rear fork.

Review KTM Duke 390 2017 Price 175 Million In Vietnam 10

KTM Duke 390 is equipped with a 373 cc, single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine block, 35 Nm of torque and a capacity of up to 44 hp. About the power KTM said that the engine on the 390 Duke 2017 has been refined, but basically it is not too much superior to the old version, the engine block is still a 1 cc DOHC 373-cylinder type of cooling. by solution, for a maximum capacity of 43 horsepower at 9000 rpm and maximum torque of 37 Nm at 7000 rpm, combined with a 6-speed gearbox.

Engine DOHC 4-stroke, 4-valve single cylinder liquid-cooled
Capacity 373,2 cc
Gear 6 levels
Wattage 43hp @9.000rpm
Torque 37 Nm @7.000 rpm
Compression ratio 10.6:1
Emission standard Euro 4

Review KTM Duke 390 2017 Price 175 Million In Vietnam 11

Experience KTM Duke 390 2017

When traveling in the city, where there are a lot of bends, the continuous increase and decrease of the car is quite easy and the steering feel is very flexible. At low gears, this single-cylinder 373 cc engine has a rather large rpm, the feeling of the car is very juggling, creating a feeling of excitement. The Duke 390 is quite loaded in the early throttle countries, with a single cylinder engine block of nearly 400 cc we can easily accelerate in the first throttle countries.

The 390 Duke 2017 has been improved a lot compared to the old versions and makes the car operate much smoother than previous generations, the first throttle, the first gears will change. It is quite smooth and when we go through sharp turns and at low speed, the exit speed of the new 390 is much better than the old version due to the wide range of torque at the top of the gear at low rpm is experienced. wider, and the ride will also be smoother and better than our inner city. Compared to the cars that are in the same range as this Duke 390, perhaps we have to compare the price, and the price around 180 million VND has gone to the white sea, there is not a single Naked car that can compete with the 390. , because on the market 180 million has not bought any Naked bike, so this 390 is one of the top choices with a Naked bike and under 400 cc.

Review KTM Duke 390 2017 Price 175 Million In Vietnam 12

This new generation Duke 390 is equipped with an electronic throttle system, in the old generation, only mechanical throttle can be used, this new generation throttle is quite sensitive. The gi-dong has a wide steering angle to help the car move flexibly on the street. The new generation LED system is very bright when moving at night to help us have better visibility. Compared to other large displacement models, this Duke 390 does not get too hot when moving in the street, the feeling of driving the car is very light, only slightly better than normal gear cars. When the model has a very comfortable sitting position, but going for a long time will still feel tired because the engine of the car is a single cylinder, so it is quite shaky. The car's exhaust pipe is small, but it gives a very crispy sound.

With a unique, youthful and powerful design, this Duke 390 is really a lovely car in the 400 cc segment.

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