Toyota Corolla Cross Review: All You Want To Know

Toyota Corolla Cross review: Everything you want to know about this special car

Toyota corolla cross

With a special new design and the most advanced technology of Toyota today, the imported Corolla Crossover Hybrid is expected to compete with Tucson, CX5. 

Toyota corolla cross

When placed in reference to current B-class crossovers, this imported model has a superior size, even this car is larger than the Honda HRV model. Conversely, when placing it in the reference of C-class crossovers, the Corolla Cross will be close to Tucson and significantly smaller when placed next to large cars in the segment like Outlander or CRV. However, let's look directly at the configuration of the Hybrid engine, the high-class safety equipment that Toyota brings to this car to see that it does not really compete with Kona or Seltos. Although talking about the price, this car is the lowest version has a competitive price with the highest version Kia Seltos. 

In fact, Crossover cars are high-ground vehicles, serving mainly in urban environments and sometimes helping us to have long trips, go off-road more comfortably. Referring to Toyota recently, the main color of the Japanese brand in Vietnam is freshness and they brought the Corolla Cross to the Vietnamese market only about a month after the Thai market.

Toyota corolla cross

The design style makes you think of bunkers from North America like Ratchford or Ranger. From the perspective of young users, most people like this design with bold color cuts. The large grille is clearly visible and a part of the main lights is also very modern.

You will see the flowing design style extending from the entertainment screen down to the gearbox that is characteristic of the Toyota Avalon from 2019 and is now available on the Corolla Cross. Inside the car, it costs more than 900 million dong to own this Crossover, a 2-color black-and-red design version with good materials in the dashboard, so people don't have to think much. 

Toyota corolla cross

In terms of high technology, you can look at the 9-inch entertainment screen, which is now the largest size in the segment that supports Apple Carplay, Android Auto, sharp 360 Camera features to serve users in a delicate way. . Toyota Cross can be considered in the segment between B and C, approaching C. This model is considered the elder of the Toyota C HR – the true Crossover in the B-segment segment with a length longer than all models. in the current segment in Vietnam.

Toyota corolla cross

HP's 1.8 2XR -FXE engine is also used in the Toyota Vios V, which was the world's most thermally efficient mass-produced engine in 2015 according to Toyota's statement. With the same name but with added Cross elements, the Corolla Cross shares the same chassis with the latest generation Corolla. With the Toyota Corolla Cross HV version, you have a 1.8 engine with 97 horsepower, a figure that can be said to be modest when placed next to other competitors in the Crossover segment. However, we will have an electric machine with 53 horsepower, the remarkable number here is that we will have up to 305Nm of torque, superior to rival cars.

The feature of the electric motor is that it generates very fast traction, but this engine block has a bit of vibration. Unlike rival cars, the car has a rear suspension and torsion bar. On the Corolla Cross HV version here has a B gear, the system will not automatically disconnect the gasoline engine every time we move the accelerator pedal. The CVT continuously variable automatic transmission will select a reasonable gear ratio and maintain it to create a simulated engine braking state. The suspension experience that can be considered neat and relative here may be different from that of the V version. With the HV version, we have a rather heavy battery block at the back and it creates better balance.

Toyota corolla cross

Toyota Corolla Cross has 3 types of traction maintenance: electric motor only, gasoline engine only and combined use. With the electric motor, it creates the initial traction and plays the role of maintaining traction when the vehicle has a roll. The fact that you only move in urban areas, almost only use electric motors and very few gasoline engines. On the contrary, when you travel on the highway, in the high-speed range, we will either use the gasoline engine mainly or there are situations where the car needs to use a lot of traction, then the gasoline engine must be used in combination with the gasoline engine. electric motor. That's why if you move in the usual way, running in the city is even more economical. The engine on the HV version produces less torque and traction, which helps the gasoline engine eat less gas, the rest of the power is compensated by the electric motor. In addition, the car also has an EV mode that uses the entire electric motor. With EV Mode, what we need to get used to is not to step on the accelerator and not to run more than 60km/h. So this mode is only suitable for moving in urban areas. 

When it comes to the Toyota Corolla Cross, the most impressive thing is the Toyota Safety Sense safety package, which makes a difference for this model compared to rival models. 

2020 Toyota Corolla Cross

Space is always something that Toyota does very well, you can see it right on its cars like Camry, Vios, Fortuner Innova, etc. and so is this Corolla Cross, although the design style brings a bit of youthfulness. sports direction. The front row is modeled like a Lexus RX, but it's at a lower level. You have a long flat nose, an elongated dashboard that makes the front windshield very far from us and the A-pillar has a clear view.

2021 Toyota Corolla Cross

In particular, the style of the door opening is very long and wide like a new Camry, providing a very good level of satisfaction. Because the design style is a bit like the American Toyota Avalon, the materials and handling are made like Lexus. With the second row of seats, if you consider this car as a competitor of Tucson, CX2, CRV, this space is not really comfortable. However, with the sharing of the second row, the trunk is a plus.

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