Review 2015 Ford Ranger XLS After Nearly 4 Years of Use

Review 2015 Ford Ranger XLS After Nearly 4 Years of Use

Hello friends and family. Today we go back to the old car category, what do we have in the old car category today, this is the car that is known as the pickup king of the Vietnamese market - Ford Ranger. Next to me this is a 2015 Ford Ranger XLS version, so today I will play the role of a car buyer to see what is retained after nearly 4 years of using this car.

Review 2015 Ford Ranger XLS After Nearly 4 Years Using 9

In general, the paint is almost not degraded, the paint is almost original. In terms of design and exterior design, we are also familiar with the Ford Ranger. With the design of the first part is very fierce and aggressive, it can be said that the design is extremely masculine. With bars, this bar is only plastic, this bar is made of plastic of the whole mausoleum which is very big, thick and strong. That is, after nearly 4 years of use, most of these details have not been degraded by oxidation or wear and tear. Lamps, two bulbs are still lamps, filament lamps only, two filament bulbs. However, this type of filament lamp after a period of use, but as far as I know, some Japanese cars often this part, this light cover will be opaque and blurred because it is the heat of the filament lamp. I don't know how many years this car will be like, but at the moment it is still very clear as you have seen.

Down here, here, this is the most obvious example of the chiseled part, this part is called the lamp glass, there. After many years of use, it has been chiseled away, looking at this feels like the car is not good, looking at it is old or not new. But that's okay, it's just a tail light. Then we try to explore the part, the body of the car to see what it has degraded after so many years of use. As for the tires, the tires are rims, rims, this rim is a 16-inch double rim. Those brakes are disc brakes, the rims are nothing special, just normal. The mirror, the mirror is quite big, it can be said to be a bit rough, but of course it still looks very suitable for a car like this – the pickup truck. The mirror does not have a turn signal, but the turn signal light has been moved down the side, next to the side. It's okay to move down here, but like me, I prefer it on the mirror because it's easier and more convenient for passersby to see it. The door handle, the door handle, it's made of the lumpy plastic, the plastic it says, I really hate this plastic because it's used after a while, either I, no, don't need it after a while no matter where it's new, I go into the weather that it says, like it's very drizzle or rain, the dirty mud or the dust it clings to here so it can see it This plastic can't be called black, there's something about it, it's a bit opaque, it looks very unsightly. That's what I don't like about this plastic.

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This car, this part, this cover, this part of the cover is a must have when traveling in the city, the owner has installed this part. And the paint of this lid with the paint is that it is not the same, that is understandable. And it seems that the paint of this lid is not as beautiful as the old paint of the car, that. Then next. Here it is. This car still uses the rear tire to increase resistance, it is still just an anti-resistance brake, as you can see. Then down to the rear of the car, the rear of the car. It seems that with cars that it's rough, rough like this, the things that consumers buy about it, people choose it to go, and they will definitely be the same ones. the road is very rough with it already. So here I found out that this car has a crack here. Here it is, after all these years of use. I don't know if this crack is due to an impact or a stone hit, I can't be sure, but still, these cars are often people go, they go very rough, no, we no, no, don't go in the style of keeping the car or being as careful as it is with the Xdans or the SUVs, or the cars that, it's called more luxurious. There's also the reverse sensor, that.

Then that is the overview, overview of the appearance of this car, the car after, nearly 4 years of use, it is still like this, it can be said that the owner keeps or this car is quite durable for a long time. time as well as the weather. Then now we go inside to see what it has. Rub. Ok. Ù. This door, when I close it, let me close it again. It's a one-shot. I also don't understand how to describe it, maybe this rubber is made a bit thin or it presses the iron into the wall too much, so the closing of the door makes it squeak and it's not smooth. . That's not something I blame myself too much because this is just a pickup model.

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About the interior overview, the interior is about the center, everything from the dashboard to the buttons, everything is made of plastic. Okay, it's understandable because it's a pickup truck, but because of the plastic, it's durable, it's strong, and when we use it, it's always the roughest, that's a pickup truck, nothing You have to be gentle with it, because it's a rough car. Um, next is the steering wheel. This steering wheel, hey, this steering wheel is a leather steering wheel, it's covered with leather, oh I'm sorry I'm sorry, it's made to look like leather, actually it's soft plastic, it's just soft plastic Leatherette. Well, it fooled me already. After many years of use, the steering wheel gives way, it is almost the same, I touch it, it is new, it is very new, there is no wear and tear, only this surface, this horn surface , then I can clearly see that this part is worn, this part is this plastic, it's all plastic. Probably the thing about this steering wheel is that its previous owner has covered the steering wheel cover to protect it, so it's new. The buttons on the steering wheel, this one is full of buttons to listen, call, adjust this volume, and so on, all of them. It's just that this dashboard looks a bit different from the whole car, this hub, this central clock looks at it, it's a bit small, it's a bit worth it love it a bit, that's because of these two the electronic clock in the middle is very small. On either side is an analog clock as usual.

Next. The glass door is glass, the steering glass can only be adjusted electrically. The door is a chair, sorry, the seat is still a mechanical seat, this one is still a mechanical seat, there is no electric adjustment, only mechanical adjustment, normal mechanical adjustment, both seats are mechanical. Air conditioning, air conditioning only one area, that's it. Below are two charging sockets, sockets, sockets, chargers, 12 volts, all 12 volts. Still need number. I have to start the engine up, oh sorry. The brake is the handbrake. This armrest, this armrest is also plastic, not leather. There. On this car, leather is only equipped on the seats, the seats are all made of leather. In the driver's seat, as I sit and feel, it is very wide and airy because the car has a high ground clearance.

Review 2015 Ford Ranger XLS After Nearly 4 Years Using 12

In general, with this car used after nearly 4 years, because of the interior and things, I look at the buttons or things here, it is still not very much that can be considered not old, it is not old, It still looks very clear and there is no trace of time left. Let's see if there's anything else, here's the trunk. There is probably only one thing that the door handle here and here, the car is old, it has faded the paint on this door handle, so it's easy for me to recognize, each person, can everyone knows. Ok.

Then at a glance, with a car of nearly 4 years like that, it is also about the part, in terms of the front seats, it is quite okay. Then let's go through the back to see if it's worn out or if it's damaged. Ok. Like most pickup trucks, the back seat is often very standing, sitting it is not comfortable. See, you can see it's very standing, it can't be stretched like this compared to normal SUVs or sedans, but it always stands still when sitting, which is very annoying. , annoying when I go long distances. As for maybe, as I see it, the rear seems to be newer than the front, it must be less people behind or this car is not often carrying people.

In the back, it's just this, nothing, this armrest, still the same leather seat. Come, fuck it, this is it, I thought it was supposed to be a charging port or a 12 volt pipe but it must have been, it must have been lost. There, look, the rear air-conditioning vents aren't there either. Already. Basically such interior is also ok. Everything is not too old for a car that has been used for nearly 4 years, from 2015.

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Well that's an overview of a car after, after being used for nearly 4 years. In general, it is quite still quite keeping the things, the so-called things, the substance of the car is still intact. That, I don't know what it will be like when I run, so now I will invite you to go up and try it to see if it still retains the car quality as when we just bought it. Ok now we will experience this car together, a car that has been used for nearly 4 years to see if it still runs like the first days or not. Let's experience it together.

Then, ok, I started the phone. Even though this is a diesel motorcycle, it's quite quiet when starting it up and doesn't make a loud noise, so loud that it's too loud, even though I can hear it. But perhaps this car is well insulated. The steering wheel is very heavy, heavier than the cars, um, um. Already. This steering wheel can be said to be quite heavy. But as a masculine car like this, the heavy steering wheel can also be called as an analogy to the outgoing car. However, I do not like heavy steering wheel cars like this, it is very difficult to go in the street. Ah. In fact, I can still hear the engine noise when I step on the gas. It must have been because the walk was quite slow just now, so I couldn't feel it all.

Review 2015 Ford Ranger XLS After Nearly 4 Years Using 14

As far as certainty is concerned. However, this car is quite good at soundproofing, soundproofing, and soundproofing the surrounding area, but the soundproofing of the engine and the whole cabin, it is still not very good. Air-conditioner, let me set it to the coolest setting. The air conditioner is quite cool and very fast. It seems that the first steps of the engine sound are very sharp. This Ranger uses a 2.2 diesel engine, and the number (…16:31..) is an automatic. However, with a car that only costs more than 600 million, we can't ask for much. In terms of the convenient features it meets, it is not much, it is only at a basic level.

This car is the most convenient thing that it can carry a lot of things, can carry them all out. There. It's only 5 seats, but they can still hang out. This car can go any road, high ground clearance, also strong, see, clunky, solid chassis. Each thing is that the machine seems to go a bit wobbly, but that's okay. I tried going into the bump to see if this car was stiff or not. Here's where to get a little bumpy. Ok, now I'll try to pop in here. Okay, then get stuck with this guy, okay, then go somewhere else. Can you hear the engine screeching? There is nothing too reprehensible because this is a diesel motorcycle, it only has so much money so we can't ask for much of it. What it brings so is also at an acceptable level. If I only had this much money and a pickup truck, I wouldn't know what other car to choose other than the Ford Ranger.

Review 2015 Ford Ranger XLS After Nearly 4 Years Using 15

Because the car has a high aesthetic, in terms of aesthetics, comfort and convenience in this price range is an acceptable level. Haven't seen a shock ledge to be able to test the feature, to test the smoothness or the stiffness of the car. But when traveling on this road, this flat road, it can be seen that the normal pickup will, its suspension will be quite stiff. And when I go here, it's just two people, me and another guy filming, so the car is not very smooth. This car is to carry full people, full of goods behind.

Here, let's try to go up this step. Whoa, whoa. Chung is also pretty cool and sure, that's it, hiking and stuff like that. There you go, take a look back. Looks like this one doesn't have a reverse camera, that's right, this one doesn't have a reverse camera, it only has sensors, only a reverse sensor. Then, ok. So I had a preliminary assessment of the best-selling car in Vietnam, belonging to the pickup line, the king of pickups.

Review 2015 Ford Ranger XLS After Nearly 4 Years Using 16

The car has been used for nearly 4 years, and what I have experienced and scrutinized is, or if I evaluate it, I find that after nearly 4 years, the car has not been damaged. too much wear, it's just a few scratches on the outside which is very normal because the paint is mostly still intact. Inside, everything is quite good, it can be said that the old car owner is also quite careful, although this is a car that I can be a bit aggressive. That's my preliminary assessment of this car, thanks for watching. Please remember to subscribe and press the bell button to regularly update news about XE HAY cars. Thank you guys, see you again.

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