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Special edition Nissan Navara Black Edition is no different

What is the special edition Nissan Navara Black Edition ??


Hello everyone, besides me this is a car that attracts a lot of attention at the VMS 2019 exhibition, the one Nissan Navara high-end Black Edition most in the Navara line.

Navara is a pickup truck that has attracted a lot of attention of Vietnamese people in recent years because the price is relatively reasonable in the segment, reasonable compared to what Navara owns and the ability to call abroad. is famous.

It is no coincidence that NAC team members, Navara owners who love abroad are the fastest growing Abroad group in Vietnam. This is a solid version that NAC members will love. Let's take a look around this car.


Black Edition version means details such as the steering wheel surface, the panels here, the front panel is accented with black and orange look very cool, masculine and elegant. This color scheme is very suitable for a car with a square design like the Navara.

Personally, I think this is the most beautiful pickup truck in Vietnam market right now, not too bragging style, muscular like Raptor but looking very proper and masculine.


In the body, we have details that add black and orange to the car. Let's take a look at a familiar set of TOYO tires, the famous tire line is very durable and has a relatively stable overseas performance, glossy black lazang.

Here I see the addition of the camera360 system, which is very familiar to Israeli and Terra vehicles. But this is the first time the Navara has also added a very good and unique 360 camera system of Nissan. 

In addition to aesthetics, we also have stamps on the bottom of the body, a very good design that looks like Abroad mudflats. The pedestals for getting into the car are also covered in pure black and orange.

This is an upgrade more about aesthetics and technology than performance because looking around the car, there is no more foreign-looking than the normal Navara. Here we have a beautiful car even more beautiful and now we also learn the car about the engine to see if there is any change or not.


Try opening the bonnet and find out, it still uses mechanical anti-tree because this is a relatively cheap pickup should be acceptable. As observed, the car still uses the same engine block as the T300 and VL versions, the engine block is among the strongest in the segment, from 2.5 liters or less, 188 hp and 450 Nm.

Those are figures that can completely satisfy the needs of the street, when going into the foreign playground, for example, the Navara is still a very competitive car because this is a fully engineered block. The need to go abroad type fast pedaling, emergency braking.


This Navara from the VL and T300, we also have 7-speed gearbox, this is quite good equipment in the segment because most of the current pickup trucks only equipped with 6-speed gearbox, of course except the Ranger. 7-speed gearbox effect?

We will go to the street, can take advantage of lower gear better and especially on the road, we have an additional level 7, we will save more clearly than the car with only 6 levels only. Basically the car is still very good in the price range and try with me inside the car interior to see if this car has upgraded inside the cabin. 


Inside the interior of the cabin, you will immediately see the very nice seats, the orange embroidery points here, the leather seats I think is the best in the pickup segment, very soft and smooth. The design of the seats is also very hugging because the pickup or the bad roads, the seats will be sure, safer.

As for the interior, this is also a pretty good equipment, many Navara owners have a little complaining that the Navara's infotainment system is not equal to the competition that we now have a very large touch screen. and smooth, 8-inch touch screen, has enough connectivity for us and a lot of small features, overcoming the disadvantages of the previous Navara but still lacking a few options here.

Compared to the Thai versions, for example, we still don't have the full option. The steering wheel area has not changed much, the biggest change is still the central screen. Basically in the driving position, I just saw that, a screen and a 360 camera system. 


Rear seats, in terms of the back of the seat is relatively good for a pickup. This Navara serves those who need to carry things behind, even carry a ton of stuff so they have to sacrifice a bit of the rear seats.

Pickups often prioritize the ability to carry things, but the rear seats like this are relatively comfortable on the street and I'm willing to let the back of the seats pull a bit more horizontally to accommodate more loads.


We have Nissan's air-conditioning system, the wind is very cool. With backrest pillows, door handles, electric glass doors. Overall, the back seat is relatively good, for me this is a relatively attractive car because for those who have loved Navara so far, we have more toys, 360 cameras, screens. 8 inch infotainment information, touch and have very nice non-African details. For those of them who haven't felt convinced with the previous Navara, this is a version that brings an important upgrade.

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