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YAMALUBE Lubricant Manual For Yamaha Vehicles

YAMALUBE Lubricant Manual For Yamaha Vehicles

When using a car, how to extend the life of the engine as well as extend the durability of the vehicle, in addition to our daily care, we need to know about how to use gasoline and the oil makes it right for the car you're using. More than anyone else, Yamaha itself is the one who understands the most about his car, and of course, Yamaha has also launched all the lubricants for all its models to ensure absolute safety for the vehicle. customer. For those of you who need something more advanced or special, you can use all other oils that may not be on the list that Yamalube has produced, such as Other viscosity brands, you may have many choices.

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Learn about the 5 types of lubricants that we can find at all Yamaha Town or Yamaha Authorized Dealers nationwide and make sure the oil is not fake, because that dealer or Yamaha Town If you fake oil, then you will be sure that Yamaha will cut that agency contract and cut that dealer too, so you can be assured. And the oil bottle itself after use, there will be a separate procedure to be able to consume, because now there are many fake oil in the market, people are ready to make all kinds of brands. to sell it to you at a low price but we don't recognize it, but we ourselves go out to the market we go to the outside shops or the unreliable ones make sure people will selling lubricants to make a profit, and your car is damaged, you have to take care of it and that is something that we do not realize, we are so cheap that we do not let pay attention to this.

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YAMALUBE Lubricant Manual For Yamaha 2 Vehicles

Of all Yamaha lubricants, of course, Yamaha will have partners besides which people will directly produce lubricant products, and there will be those who say that is a lubricant factory. The ABC that produces Yamalube lubricants for Yamaha is probably the quality of this ABC factory's lubricants that will be similar to the quality of Yamaha genuine Yamalube oils, but that's not true, we mistakenly think that in the lubricant The difference is that in addition to the quality of the oil, it is an additive, and each firm has its own secret, to be able to keep this secret if the factory produces the same quality. as well as the additive components of genuine lubricant bottles sold outside the market probably infringed copyright. And for us in Vietnam, the piracy is not necessarily very important, but in foreign countries, this is extremely important and extremely large penalties, so you should not believe that but the manufacturers that produced lubricants for Yamaha, they produced exactly the same lubricant for reselling to you, it is not true, only can be done by cheating to be able to pour this amount of water. out of the market, but it will blend into the market, and the amount we cannot even recognize. This is very difficult, when we use it until the car breaks down then we know.

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From the left side going through, the first 3 bottles of oil are used for motor vehicles, while the second 2 bottles of oil are used for scooters. And note that when we use a car we have to be aware that our car is a scooter or a gear car and the second thing is whether we use a clutch or a regular car , and if the clutch is over 150 or less than 150 cc, we have to know how to distinguish the type of vehicle to distinguish properly, but it is impossible that if you pour gasoline it is completely wrong to get into the car, or you can get into the car, it will run, but it is very hot and not good for the engine, and that we need to learn very Careful about this lubricant.

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The first thing that you are very interested in is the Exciter 150 or a car that is over 150 cc that we use. The first thing we need to care about is whether we walk normally, use our daily work on short roads or we take the long haul and we need a safety as well as It works well for us to know what kind of lubricant we need to use. And the second and third viscosity bottles from the left are two viscosity bottles used for vehicles such as Exciter 150, Fz 150, TFX 150 or R15 version 3.0 for example, we will use the following types. Lubricants like this, with normal requirements, we will use the second viscosity bottle from the left with a value of 90 thousand VND we can buy at all Yamaha Town dealers nationwide. And you should note that your car is only used for everyday tasks, not for trips or for the jobs that are too demanding, we can change periodically from 1000 - 1200km I should change it once. The second type is the third viscosity bottle from the left, this oil bottle is quite expensive because it comes to VND 250,000 and the replacement of this oil is guaranteed for those who need a trip, If you travel long distances, go on difficult terrains or can travel for a long time and heat up the engine, then we use this lubricant to fill the vehicle with cars such as Exciter, Fz 150i, TFX 150 or R15 version 3.0 for example, we will use this oil bottle for vehicles over 150 cubic centimeters with strict needs, and this oil bottle with a value of 250 thousand dong, you can use more than 2000km then we change oil. It is possible that you have found many choices on the market at other lubricants to replace your car but with Yamaha, you remember that Yamaha produces lubricants that people will know about The engine of a person's car, more than anyone else, they make a lubricant, they assure us that the operation process for a long time is for the safety of our customers as well as the protection of the problem. operating and avoiding vehicle malfunction.

YAMALUBE Lubricant Manual For Yamaha 5 Cars

If you have less than 150 cc cars, you must distinguish them.If you use less than 150cc bottles, you can use 2 green bottles, with popular cars like Jupiter. Using the first oil bottle (ECO) for 80 thousand, we can change it at all Yamaha Town dealers.

Next is for the scooters, we use the last two bottles of oil from the left, we need to distinguish that for the old scooters, the previous generation did not have the technology. Blue Core, the Blue Core cars themselves are very fuel efficient. The yellow bottle (Yamalube AT with the price of 90,000 dong) will be for old scooters such as Nouvo, cars without Blue Core technology, ... periodically also 1000 - 1200km, the oil changes once. And the blue bottle with the price of VND 110,000 will be used for models using Blue Core technology such as NVX, Janus, Grande, ... and we can replace it at all Yamaha Town dealers.

YAMALUBE Lubricant Manual For Yamaha 6 Vehicles

Please also note that, if we have special needs, we can choose other types of lubricant, but to be safe, we should use one of the five types of lubricant and Note that which car is used viscous, should not be used together, if used incorrectly, it will be reduced performance.

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