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Using Cruise Control System (Automatic Throttle) On Auto Cars

Use Cruise Control system

Hello everyone, I am currently driving the Honda Jazz, this car belongs to Honda's Hatchback segment. Almost all Honda models being sold in Vietnam market are equipped with automatic throttle feature, which is almost common now, today I will show you how to use it. Cruise control feature. 


Updated knowledge and driving experience automatically through the article Manual automatic driving

Cruise control has a lot of switches, but in the recent new designs of most brands are equipped on the steering wheel and usually on the right hand side, here I will have the cruise control key. In order for this cruise control system to work, you must reach a speed of over 40 km / h.


First you press the cruise button, on the display is the main cruise, and now I want this car to remain 45 km / h and I do not need to step on the gas pedal, I press the word set, at I slowed down a bit, now I have my feet up, I don't need to step on the accelerator, so the car will move at the speed I have set.

When you encounter an obstacle in front, you just need to step on the brake a little, the car will slow down and at the same time the throttle function will not work anymore. When I move the speed over 45 km / h, I will set up this function and when I want to increase this speed, you press the plus key below, then when pressed once, the speed will increase 1km / h but when I press and hold always the instant repeat will increase by 10km / h, when I want to decrease, then click here, the speed will immediately decrease to 10km / h offline. 

With this cruise control automatic throttle feature, I am more comfortable and less tired when driving on highways, at which time I just need to set a speed that is allowed to run so I don't need to worry. my car is speeding, and the accelerator pedal will be very comfortable, especially when you go long distances without it, you will be very tired and when the car is finished, the heel feels very numb and tired.


fortuner schule, nút main có phải là cruise
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