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Should you buy Corolla Altis 2019?

Should you buy Corolla Altis 2019?

Corolla Altis 2019  

When someone is in the hands of about 800 to 850 million, choosing a family car often gets a lot of advice and the person himself also has to struggle, struggling between himself and sometimes. struggling in your family of seven seats or choosing a four-seater car also makes you encounter many wonders. In this segment, there are many options for you but do not know what is the reasonable choice, what criteria should be compared. Please find out with me.

Each product line has their certain success in the market, these cars have in common that design, features and price. These models have very young and dynamic designs. It seems that the manufacturers themselves want to target a specific target group of young people, while the older ones, the businessmen, they need a more loving, more elegant motorbike. 

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The second feature, they often focus on the features, often as many options as possible, but in reality sometimes used not used up. As for toyota they do not focus on too many features, features just enough but in return they are very focused on the quality and durability of the car, the durability and fuel economy create the brand. of that other cerato of toyota.

Corolla Altis 2019

Another thing is that the Toyota car's price is low. If you search online for a 2005 Toyota corolla still sold for 280 million. While at that time customers buy only 450 million. What do you think after ten years of using the price drops it like that. And one more experience with Toyota cars when it's down or old, because of its quality design, so when you clean up, the ability to clean is that the car will come up, beautiful again and the line when Once down, you can never get up and that is why TOYOTA ride less costly.

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The third factor is that a car is heavily invested in design and options but the price is cheaper than toyota sometimes you also ask the question, for a hundreds-year manufacturing industry like toyota, the cost to produce it. higher than other brands. I think this is not possible and you also rest assured that Toyota currently has a huge promotion with the listed price of this car of 791 million is reasonable, but currently the promotion for this car is quite is terrible, at least you get a 40 million reduction in the immediate future in case you contact the actual showroom you are definitely more promotion. So when the full license plate number will cost 891 million, an ideal price is not it.

Since its inception, this first TOYOTA corolla product in Japan has been on the market for 50 years and still maintains the product line. So what is the factor to make the brand of toyota on the market. There are many factors, let's consider a few factors.

Should you buy Corolla Altis 2019? first

The first is fuel economy, the TOYOTA Corolla 2019 if outside the city only 5.2 liters per 100 km, assuming there is a maximum error of 6 liters, in urban it is 8.6 liters, mixed roads then 6.5 liters. So with the design and engine that makes this car so fuel efficient, as you can see.

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Here is a 4-stroke 1.8 engine and dual cam, all about mechanical, metal processing of everyday, it is not to say and extremely durable, in addition, it is fitted with electronic technology control devices. like Dual VVT-i, its 2 camshafts will be attached to 2 parts and electronically controlled to change the opening and closing time of the corn soup, control the camshaft, depending on how your throttle runs, slow down, run steadily or accelerate suddenly, the time of corn soup will be calculated accurately to change to suit the accelerator, this helps your engine when you need to be strong, abruptly pedal. have immediate response power, when you stop running or things, the throttle will also change, the time of opening and closing corn soup also changes accordingly. It is this technology that plays a key role in helping our engines save fuel and sensitivity, creating high engine power, especially without environmental pollution.

Corolla Altis 2019

A second technology is the intake pipe section. The intake pipe of the vehicle is also designed to change the intake pipe, that is, we change at low speed, the intake pipe will let the wind go from, from the end of the pipe to the cylinder, because the slow speed the wind enters. Slowly, it is necessary to extend the intake pipeline to create a spiral, when there is a spiral, the wind will easily come in, meet with spray, it will be mixed well, so the combustion is more thorough, creating jobs. best engine performance and help minimize environmental pollution.

When going fast, the intake pipe will be from the control so that the wind can be extremely fast and even. These technologies combined with electronic throttle, computer-controlled as you see here, will contribute to making this engine almost perfect, which is why contributing to the creation of equipment fuel economy and high power like that, related to this engine, it is equipped with gearbox and tota.

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Toyota is very proud that Toyota has improved and researched gearbox on corolla 180, it wrongly hit multi-belt in this level gearbox, especially steel straps will help it minimize losses. The power that makes the material run with an ultra-smooth, smooth and high-speed gearbox. If you have a need to care and want to test drive, please come and see if it is like it or not.

As for the chassis and the trunk, there is a big difference when observed along with some cheap cars, the same segment used about 4-5 years, or taking a lot of rain is automatically seeping from the inside out , you have to remove the door, re-work and repaint, or like the corners or the wheel will see it immediately. Toyota cars never get rid of these corners because the rain often gets wet and watered in the corners, naturally will rot and have to do copper and paint the area while the car is only used about 4- 5 years. Toyota cars never had that.

In terms of safety, the safety feature equipped on this vehicle is not inferior to any vehicle, brakes and brakes then stabilize the body, 7 airbags, etc. ... About the feature option also has a smart key. When opening the door, there is a touch sensor, when you put your hand in the handle, it will squeak and open. The special and attractive features of the car such as having a smart key, getting in and out of the smart car, no need to have a key chain at all, entering the bicycle braking the explosion problem, very simple.

Corolla Altis 2019

Automatic air conditioner is designed beautifully, compact and easy to use, automatic transmission countless times and runs smoothly and accelerate well, especially with sports driving mode, 7-inch DVD screen with USB, radio, FM , HM then connect USB, Bluetooth. Especially, the steering wheel is designed to be youthful and sporty, there is a cruise control automatic throttle very convenient when you go on the highway, you can run far away from the set, no need to pedal.

A special feature of Toyota's design is that when sitting in a car, it always feels spacious, comfortable, sitting posture, observation posture, driving posture of the front as well as the back seat are broad in common. cobble. When hugging the steering wheel to drive, the manipulations are very convenient, in general, people calculate sophisticated design, science and ease of use, interaction, all within their reach. 

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