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Over 10 Billion Choose Range Rover SV Or Mercedes G63

Everything is hard, the door is closed but it is not closed, it must be called to have enough rice to close, but eating two bowls of rice cannot be closed, also have to eat 3-4 bowls. Uỳnh like this to enter.

More than 10 billion Choose Range Rover SV or Mercedes G63 1

Hello everyone, today I went to buy a car again. I am present at MT Auto 88 To Huu, here are a lot of beautiful cars, do not know which car to buy, today you help me, today you have to really help me because no know which car to buy. I asked someone to carry two cars out that you are going to see here, to choose these two cars. The car that will appear first on my right hand is the latest 2020 Range Rover SV Autobiography 3.0 engine with an extremely affordable price of just over 13 billion. And this car is my dream car for so many years Mercedes Benz G-Class G63 oh god this car is too high for me, and its price on sale at MT Auto is also very loving only. more than 11 billion, 2 billion cheaper than the one behind the other. Difficult to choose, not talking about money, not talking about money today. And today these two cars do not look very related, but I like both cars now do not know which car to choose, you help me to distribute comments below.

More than 10 billion Choose Range Rover SV or Mercedes G63 2

Now how to say? Let's take a look together. First of all, about this car, this Range Rover I have introduced before, this is the SV version which is the most equipped version, the most genuine is the most and there is nothing to argue anymore. But its engine is very cute to me, if in the old days the SV version only had 5.0, the car was up to 20 billion, even if it was more genuine than 20 billion, there were only 13 more days than this 3.0 version. Only a billion, you have reduced too much money for this engine, but ask if this engine is less than 5.0 engine? Please sir, in terms of volume, but in terms of power and running in Vietnam, it is too redundant because it is more than 400 codes, but which way in Vietnam can meet this power, 300 codes is already redundant. This engine is too terrible. Then this one has a very youthful style, very rich, majestic, if I like to show off now I like to dress a little, I like to stand out a little, then this one will stand out. I just got off the hook because this one everyone can like at first sight and especially it is SV, Range Rover but also SV just get out of the car no matter what you are. In addition, people will look at you.

Over 10 Billion Choose Range Rover SV Or Mercedes G63 3

Then next to this one, this one is a Merc G, I myself first looked at this car a long time ago when I must have been relatively young, the Merc car that was squarely blocked like a tank Well, it looks ugly. But the longer this child looked, the more I liked it and liked it year after year, I never stopped liking the G car since I started liking it, it kept enjoying it continuously. So this car asks if it has technology, it's also very tech, still…. still led, still many things. But its style is very traditional style, it is square, it has something very rigid, then this car is difficult to say to love right away, and even those who look a lot before. It is possible to love this child because it looks so crude, but anyone who has loved its crude crude is never forgiven. That's why I still dream of a G63, really like this car, not only I like it but many people like it, even girls also a lot of people like this child. This child, the 4.0 engine, actually 3.9 capacity is also very strong, too redundant in Vietnam.

Over 10 Billion Choose Range Rover SV Or Mercedes G63 4

Then to what now, do not know what to say now these two are now standing here and looking, how about these two? Both are the king of terrain, it is very difficult to say which one is inferior. However, if this one goes in the street, it will feel a bit stiffer than the Range Rover, although this new G63 is very quieter than the previous G63, but it still has a degree of hardness. the flattering occupant in the car can't flatter this Range Rover. This Range Rover is more versatile, if you like offroad, you can go offroad right away, if you like the smooth and smooth luxury, it is also smooth and smooth, wherever it is, it is extremely good in the place. Well, this child I appreciate very much for the versatility of both luxury, quiet and all types of terrain.

Then in terms of flattering the user, this Merc G is a bit picky about the user because the first look is it is rough, the second is everything it is hard, the door is closed slightly, it is not possible, also called I can eat enough rice to close, but I cannot eat two bowls of rice. I have to eat 3-4 bowls. If I close it, I have to make it like this to enter, but not even lightly. And this Range Rover is an inhaler, so I just need to gently stroke it like this and it will immediately inhale. This is followed by the size of this Range Rover which gives it a bigger and bigger size, this is also the L version so it is full length. And this Merc G just stops at this, and sitting on the Merc G it has something it calls a bit uncomfortable than a Range Rover, this one I have sat a lot, sitting This is the yellowness in only those who like it are very powerful, but to say the comfort and the happiness, the Range Rover will prefer it. This is the external aspect, you already know what car to choose from the outside, I am not here yet, I want to buy both of these cars for you. Please comment below, which car do you choose and why?

More than 10 billion Choose Range Rover SV or Mercedes G63 5

Come on, guys, get in the car, get on this Merc G first, come on here I will open the door for you to see what this Merc G has. Here, ladies and gentlemen, Merc G with great equipment, I have to close very hard. What do we have, top-notch AMG steering wheel, too beautiful steering wheel. However, this must be said however I should always prefer the Merc G it has two electronic screens but the Merc G has one screen and this side is a mechanical watch, it can also be called. A good one because the screen in the middle is very smooth and sharp, this one is not damaging, this screen is super sharp, now I will try in reverse gear for you to see. Merc's 360 camera is the best in the industry, and Merc's 360 camera is top notch. We have a very nice brown glossy wood panel, adjust the suspension of things here, just adaptive suspension, not compressed air or anything, can not lift the ground, just is adaptive only. There is also no movement at all, it is Merc G, all the equipment on the car is very good, but it is not too rigid, is still genuine leather. This leather material I think is also the top leather here, all leather upholstery, the ceiling is also Alcantara, full Burmester speakers are lacking. Now I'm going to the back of the Merc G to show you what it's like to sit in a Merc G.

More than 10 billion Choose Range Rover SV or Mercedes G63 6

Here in a Merc G63, it will be like this, sitting still spacious, but to say as magnificent and happy as the Range Rover, it will not be that. Sitting still enough, still wide enough, this armrest can be put up here, the air-conditioning door looks very nice, this area is a little bit plastic but still looks very luxurious. Merc G but, in addition to being luxurious, it also requires the element of durability, all the special materials are the chassis of Merc G stuff as a friend I do at Merc provide information. Believe it, he says it's always more durable than the normal Merc up to 20-30%, it's always more durable and actually touches, I know right away it's super durable, it looks just as sturdy. This is it. Maze Merc G yet, now I go to Range Rover.

Over 10 Billion Choose Range Rover SV Or Mercedes G63 7

Now I'll be sitting in the back seat of the Range Rover, invite you to the other side to see what this Range Rover will be like? Let me open the door for you, the back seats front. This is the SV version, so we will have a series of top-notch equipment, come here to know how lavish the Range Rover and SV is. Will I open the sunroof, look at the piled-up sunroof? All things are covered with leather, the leather is delicious, the handles are also covered with leather. I like the most above the new SV version is this wood, the black wood that has this bright, bright color pattern is beautiful, beautiful, must use the word `` gorgeous '' to be correct. GENIC watches are encased in a chrome bezel that has a beautiful diamond pattern. So this is the luxury of the SV that it can be said that there is no high-flying car that can achieve such luxury, even the Bentayga has something it is a bit small. a little smaller. Maybe it should be up to the Cullinan, but Cullinan is on a different level because it goes up to somewhere 3x-40 billion, it's on a different level, the Bentayga is also on a different level but this range spent 13 billion to But buying a new SV like this cannot be criticized. Now I go upstairs and I'll see what's cool.

Over 10 Billion Choose Range Rover SV Or Mercedes G63 8

Do you have the results for yourself to choose which car? I am out, I'll tell you later. You are probably familiar with this area because recently we introduced an SV that could say the interior is exactly like this, but this cowhide interior, do you guys find it beautiful? This cowhide interior looks lovely right away, I really like the cowhide color on the SV and this wood, this wood can't be criticized. All the layout looks like the Range Rover I recommend to you, beautiful technology, extravagance, and luxury are the most expensive words possible for this car. , even words that are more beautiful can be reserved for the interior of this SV.

Over 10 Billion Choose Range Rover SV Or Mercedes G63 9

Up to now, I have made my decision, no matter which one you choose to comment below, and I choose both. On odd days, I go with this one, on even days I go the other, right? These two cars fall at about 24-25 billion, also cheaper somewhere than 1 million $, do two cars gradually, today go with this girlfriend, tomorrow can go with the other boyfriend, just fine. Do not know which car you choose to comment on below for you to exchange more, and tell us why you chose that car. Now click on Subscribe button and bell button to follow even more interesting videos after this video. And now goodbye and see you in the next videos. Bye.

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