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Fast Checking Peugeot 5008 In Vietnam

Review Peugeot 5008: Trendy and modern, a strong competitor of Toyota Fortuner

Hello everyone, I am currently present at the Peugeot Binh Tan showroom, behind Hai is the Peugeot 5008, one of the completely new models sold by Peugeot in Vietnam market. With overall dimensions length, width, height are 4m670, 1m855, 1m675. Peugout 5008 is a strong competitor of models in the 7-seat SUV segment such as Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest as well as Misubishi Pajero Sport in the near future. Not only in Vietnam market, Peugout 5008 is also a relatively new model worldwide. This model compared to the first generation has removed a gentle MPV suitable for families as well as multi-purpose has become a muscular sport SUV with the highlights at the front of the car.

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We can mention the trapezoidal grille with chrome-plated lines as well as chrome accents that stand out for the front. The center of the grille is noticeable with the prominent Peugeot logo part. Next to the grille is the headlight system in the form of the lion's claw typical of Peugeot recently. In the headlight cluster using advanced technologies such as LED technology with technology that automatically expands, balancing the projection angle helps us to be more safe when going on bended roads as well as reducing glare. reverse the car. This headlight cluster also integrated LED daytime running lights quite modern. A little lower is the fog lamp also uses LED technology integrated projector. In addition, the manufacturer also announced a fog lamp cluster that supports the angle of light when we turn into the corner to increase safety when we operate this vehicle.

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Overall, the front bumper of the Peugeot 5008 is quite muscular with a large design with embossed ribs. At the same time, there is a silver painted protective line on the bottom, thus increasing the sportiness for Peugeot 5008 when we look from the front. The front body of Peugeot 5008 has quite typical designs of 7-seat high-rise SUVs. For example, the roof of the car is designed more parallel to the road surface, which is enough for 7 people inside the interior. On the body of the car also has embossed ribs in addition to the large, floating design also helps the body become stronger. The car also has other luxurious and elegant touches like the chrome door trim. Pillar B Pillar C is designed in dark color and painted in glossy black so it is quite luxurious. In addition, the door handle is also chrome plated with smart modern door lock. and to protect the lower door with a panel that extends from the front to the back, otherwise it will create roughness, the Peugeot 5008 is chrome-plated, creating a luxurious body.

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The rearview mirror is equipped with the necessary features to adjust the electric folding with integrated turn indicator light on the rearview mirror. There is also a blind spot indicator so the cars accompanying us or when we turn into the corner will avoid the risk. The final highlight of this body is the large, 18-inch wheels with size tires ... Pretty big size. This part is a 5-spoke design with two-color paint cutouts. Finally, the rear of the Peugeot 5008 also has quite a typical design of Peugeot brand, the embossed veins extending from the right to the left in the horizontal direction to increase the appearance of the Peugeot 5008. On the rear of the car is also There are quite prominent and modern details such as the lion claw-shaped taillights typical of Peugeot brand. The third brake light design on the top integrated with wind surfing also has a large size to increase the sportiness of the rear. Also below the design is also quite sporty with two exhaust pipes on both sides. However, only the exhaust is functional and the remaining exhaust to enhance the aesthetic of Peugeot 5008. The lower edge of Peugeot 5008 is also covered with plastic and painted in black, thus limiting scratches when going on rough roads. lots of gravel or when on the road behind the motorcycle also limit unnecessary scratches. The rear door of the Peugeot 5008 is also equipped with an electric trunk feature integrated with an intelligent stone trunk function so that when we carry heavy objects with two hands, it will be more convenient with this feature. In addition, the trunk of the 5008 is also designed with a relatively low floor so that when we load goods or goods is also quite handy. The cladding is also chrome, thus limiting scratches when we use this car.

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The luggage space of Peugeot 5008 is also relatively comfortable for short journeys when traveling with 7 people. and in the condition of expanding this luggage compartment, we can fold the second row of seats in 40/20/40 ratio and the third row in the ratio of 50/50. The design of the Peugeot 5008 is removable for the third row to create a large space with a capacity of 1060L to accommodate more luggage. Peugoet 5008 interior is quite modern, thoughtful and dynamic characteristic of Peugeot brand. The two-layer design features a sophisticated and sharp metal border. The dashboard features an 8-inch screen display showing all the in-car systems from the entertainment system to the operating system. Entertainment system is connected ... wifi, in addition to other connectivity standards such as USB, bluetooth high-end audio system. The car's air-conditioning system is a fairly modern two-zone automatic system between the driver and the passenger. The steering wheel of Peugeot 5008 is quite fancy designed with beveled edges on the bottom and sports design with thumb-like hump points. The steering wheel is also wrapped in leather with gadgets such as handheld conversations, sound systems or voice control. Behind the steering wheel are the wipers that control the wipers and gearshift system as well as the gear shift for a more sporty experience when operating this model. Behind the steering wheel is a control screen instead of a traditional mechanical clock that provides a lot of information that we can choose from different technology display modes.

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In addition, the dashboard panel features typical one-touch buttons and is designed to fit the driver's reach. Front row of Peugeot 5008 is equipped with electric adjustment as well as driver's seat memory. The rows of seats are designed with sporty leather upholstery with prominent thread lines. In particular, the front seats are also equipped with heating and massage features to help make long journeys more comfortable and relaxing. Between the two front seats is a series of identical operating controls such as a control knob that controls 5 modes of operation of the downhill trigger, electronic handbrake. The car is equipped with start stop engine operation feature and automatic engine shutdown when we stop the red light. In addition, the gear lever of the Peugeot 5008 is quite modern and beautiful design. gear lever integrated electronic control technology is quite smart similar to BMW models. The windows are equipped with fairly advanced one-touch control. The second row of the Peugeot 5008 is relatively comfortable as I am about 1m7 tall, the distance between the first row and the first row is quite large by 10 cm. The roof is also relatively airy.

The second row of seats is also designed quite hugging the back, integrated with gadgets such as armrests for two people on both sides and the cup holder. The rear also comes equipped with 3 headrests for 3 people to sit. The air-conditioning system can adjust the fan speed and a large panoramic sunroof. Especially, the second row of seats can adjust the distance to the front row so that they can come in and out more easily with customizable footrest. Another special feature is that the second leg seat in the third seat position has quite comfortable leg room without air conditioning cavity but the design is a bit shallow compared to the other two seats. The third row of Peugeot 5008 is designed probably only for people with small physique from 1m6 or less or children. And this seat should only be used for journeys less than 100 km because the back of the seat cannot adjust the tilt and calf support is not comfortable. Some other drawbacks are that the third row does not have air conditioning, the slider of the second row is quite shallow on the floor of the car so if not accidentally we can touch our feet with these details.

However, this row comes with a 12V charging port so we can charge mobile devices. Peugeot 5008 is equipped with a 1.6L petrol engine, but the engine is small but still quite good capacity with a 7-seat SUV with a maximum capacity of up to 165 horsepower maximum torque 245 Nm accompanied by this engine is a gearbox 6 level with many different operating modes. The car is equipped with many advanced safety systems such as lane change warning, driver's concentration alert, tire pressure warning, 180-degree camera. In addition to the basic safety systems such as ABS, automatic balancing systems are also equipped on this model. Unlike previous models which are often distributed as imported models, this model is very confident when assembling this model in Vietnam market. The proposed price for this vehicle is VND 1,349,000,000. Although the price is higher than the average level compared to the same segment cars such as Toyota Fortuner and Ford Everest, the Peugeot 5008 has its own strengths in technology design, equipment as well as performance. This vehicle is a formidable competitor in the segment of 7-seat high-rise SUVs. Above are preliminary reviews of news.otos about this model. In the near future, we will try to bring more detailed assessments of advantages and disadvantages as well as performance of Peugeot 5008. Thank you for accompanying news.otos see you in the next next video.

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