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Quality Control Steps Before Buying A Used Car

Quality Control Steps Before Buying A Used Car

Interested in used cars and need to buy a used car? Check out the article below to find out what steps are needed to ensure a good quality used car.

Quality Testing Steps Before Deciding to Buy a Used Car 1

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The steps to check the quality of the car before buying a car to make sure the car does not crash, crash, flood.

Firstly, before buying the car, we do the technical department to check the input. First, we want to buy a car that does not violate our pledges, collisions, or floods with security about the property. First I will check the body. If you want to check to see if the car has an accident, you need to check the structural problem: all the problems of capo glue, the contour area is effective against water penetration in the slot and does not rust, so if the impact is applied, the entire glue system will be deformed, we can see with the naked eye, the deformation will be soft or the glue lines will be no longer and unreal, lose the zin; The second is that the frame must be in its original state. If the originals are out of stock, the screws will be removed and replaced, and the new parts will be newer than other parts in the system. system and if all the system is redone then it will deform the thumbtacks, the tacks, I can't recreate the standard so if we have to recreate then we can get the naked eye is moreover it will either be warped or not round like zin. The second is to check to the machine, if the machine is complete, the glue lines from the joints can not be as zin, glue can not be standard.

Quality Testing Steps Before Buying a Used Car 2

The engine is flooded: there are cars that are flooded without having to replace the engine, which will affect the floor system, when flooded, the floor system is also wet, when flooded, they must peel all floor way for them to dry, dry, after drying and gluing, the floor will swell and cannot be as smooth as the original; If it is submerged, leading to a repair of a machine, it is called a hydraulic jack, and when the engine is flooded, it will still run deliberately, resulting in a bundle of cement and a fracture of the cylinder or a fracture of the cylinder. If the car is flooded without replacements, Anycar will not import because some plastic systems such as black boxes, fuse boxes will be much fluttered. In general, you will not buy cars that have accidents, flooding, or water attacks. For scratched cars painted again, the turn signals do not blink, they can still be re-imported as long as they are not affected in the frame, scratching details are unavoidable when traveling on Vietnam roads. scratched after being repainted it won't look like zin. Details worn by time are acceptable.

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After checking the quality of the car, it will check the paper security, the first must be a genuine, legal registration in the security issue, Anycar will have an admin team to check all from banking procedures, how many times to register and to other procedures to buy and sell.

After checking the quality and security of documents, a cross check will be conducted. Cross-checking is an inspection unit consisting of the leader of the unit, the team leader and the head of the paint team, inspecting until the quality is up to the agreed-upon criteria, because no one can calibrate it all. Before being sold on the showroom, there will be a re-inspection team, when the car has been corrected without any errors, then it will come to maintenance, repair, fix the beauty up for sale. to customers in the best way.

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Quality Testing Steps Before Deciding to Buy a Used Car 4

Steps to check the quality of your car before buying a car:

Examining the whole body: checking glue to capo; The frame structure is original.

Check the machine: the engine does not have to "add the engine"; The engine was hit.

Security Check - legal papers.

Quality Control Steps Before You Buy A Used Car 5

Cross-checking and in-depth inspection: after the buyer has checked the 5 main items, he will be tested on exactly 5 such items and will check more items, checking more details about the system. electric air conditioner, electrical appliances, black box electricity. After checking the engine chassis, it will continue to check on the electrical system on the vehicle such as power conditioner, black box operating power, ECU box and bag box when the body around the car. If an error is detected, for example, a collision has affected the body's airbag system around the vehicle, it will not be accepted. If details such as lamps and watches are damaged, they can be received. Plugging in takes about 10 minutes.

Anycar's standard vehicles are those whose original engine has not been affected by the overhaul and the original gearbox, which has not crashed, affecting the frame structure such as the door, door frame, capo, the head bones, tail bones, and especially the frame does not affect the chassis, and the vehicle must be original not flooded, check the vehicle's profile to see if the chassis number matches the vehicle's registration. . After cross-checking, you will check the chassis of the vehicle to see if the car is guaranteed to operate on the road before handing it over to the customer: firstly, check the tires to see if they qualify, then Vehicle lap system, balance rotuyn system; If the parts of the undercarriage wear out, it is still acceptable and will be replaced to ensure that customers are eligible for road operation, and will check whether the engine support system is dented. or not. These details are checked with the naked eye and use your hands to shake and vibrate according to your feelings.

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Quality Testing Steps Before Buying a Used Car 6

After checking all the details, the car will be serviced and repaired for damaged parts, after repair and maintenance, the service shop will hand over the car to me and check it again. See if the vehicle meets the standard for delivery to customers. And before handing over the car to the customer, there is a new cleaning and beautifying section on the interior, engine and chassis.

Cross check and in depth

Check electrical system: electric air conditioner, black box electricity, ECU box power, body airbag around the car,

Chassis test: tire test, assembly system test, balance rotuyn system test, engine support system check.

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