Lifting the Driver's License Mark C Up E

Where Does the Driver's License Seal Up C Get E and What Do I Need?

In order to save time, improve income and make it easier to drive a large vehicle or a passenger car, many drivers have chosen to use the driver's license lift service.

Currently general driver license lift service and service raise the driver's license mark C to E In particular, the plan is quite popular. However, there are many drivers who are not familiar with this service and we often have questions like:

+ Can I convert driving license C to E?

+ What is the procedure for raising a driver's license?

+ What records need to comply with the law?

With the following article, we will answer all questions about the service of raising the driver's license mark C to E under the current law. Please refer to offline.

Service of raising the driving license seal C to E online

Lift the driver's license seal what?

Lifting a driver's license sign makes a driver's license more functional, namely controlling more vehicles, or heavier trucks. Some common types of lifting marks are as follows:

+ Raising the driving license for cars with B2 to C

+ Lift the car driving license mark with B2 to D

+ Raising the driving license sign from C to D

+ Raising the driving license C to E

+ Raise the driver's license seal from C to FC

So according to the above information, you can raise the driving license mark C to E.

Regulations raising the driving license seal C to E under the current law

Regulations on upgrading driving licenses B2, C, D, E, F under the Circular 46/2012 / TT-BGTVT Detailed conditions on age, working time and safe driving kilometers are as follows:

Conditions, records of learners to upgrade driver licenses are clearly specified in Circular 46/2012 / TT-BGTVT providing regulations on training, testing, issuance of road motor driving licenses.

Specifically in Clause 4, Clause 5, Article 8, Circular 46/2012 / TT-BGTVT stipulates that learners to upgrade their C driving license to D must have enough practice time and safe driving kilometers. as follows:

- Practicing time is 05 years or more and 100,000 km driving safely or more.

- Learners who upgrade their driving license to E-class must have a junior high school diploma or equivalent and must be at least 27 years old.

Review of a C to E Driving Mark Lift service in Ho Chi Minh City

Note: The implementer must be a Vietnamese citizen or a foreigner who is permitted to reside or is working or studying in Vietnam. Training time prescribed by the Department: 3 months for City degrees. HCM level.

What is the procedure for raising the driving license mark C to E?

According to the upgrade of driver's license, learner driver shall upgrade 01 set of documents to submit directly to the training institution, including:

- Application for study and examination to issue a driving license using the prescribed form.

- Copy of valid identity card or passport.

- A health certificate issued by a competent health facility as prescribed.

- Declaration of time of practice and the number of safe driving km according to the prescribed form and must take responsibility for the contents declared before law.

- Certified copy of junior high school diploma or equivalent or higher in case of driving license upgrade to class E (present the original copy when examining the application for examination).

- Copy of driving license (present the original when taking the test and getting a driver's license).

Dossier and conditions for passing the C driving license course upgrade to E

Cranes Lifting C Driver License Center C Up E

Dossier of exam raising driving license C to E

-The original record of driving license C (This record is kept when you take the C test

- Declare driving time and safe driving mileage.

- Copy of driving license (When taking the test, students bring with them the original C driving license to present).

- Junior high school diploma or equivalent.

- 10 photos of 3 × 4 dark blue background.

- Copy of ID card

Conditions for passing the driving test to increase the driving license C to E

-To pass the license lift exam, candidates need to achieve a minimum score of 80/100 point of stay 11 screen savers.

- 28/30 sentences of theoretical part in the set of 450 questions even though some previous rounds have been omitted.

Register to raise the driving license C to E where?

Should register the service of raising the stamp of driving license C to E at This is one of the major training centers in Ho Chi Minh, specializing in the field of Driver Training and the Examination for driving license, driver's license lift.

With 10 years of operation, with the support and trust of students, City Driving School. Ho Chi Minh City has continuously made efforts to improve the quality of training:

+ Investing in a completely new driving practice car to teach students the best.

+ The curriculum is updated according to the law and is always committed to teaching the best driving.

+ Best tuition in Ho Chi Minh City (package - no extra charge).

+ Always at the top of the training, service and teaching stages in Ho Chi Minh City.


+ Ensure all information provided is accurate and clear about the rights of both parties, sign a clear contract, tuition package does not incur any additional costs during the learning process.

+ When registering raise the driver's license mark C to E At our center, the trainees will be well-trained, mastered both the theory and practice so it will increase the ratio up to 100%

Contact Info

Ho Chi Minh City Driving Training Center

Call Center: 1900 633670

Contact: Ms Kim Vi 090 243 0787


Hopefully, the information we provide above will help drivers who are planning to use the driver's license lift service to have a better understanding of the service to better serve their work and save time. save time and effort when you want to own a driver's license that suits your needs.

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