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What to do when the car is in the middle of the road

What to do when the car is out of the middle of the road

Whenever your car is out of gas, I am on the road in this case, how do we handle it? And the things I will mention below, the problem that you note is that the battery is simple to install but very important.

What to do if the vehicle is out of the average in the middle of the road 1

There will be two pairs of Yang and Yin pairs, on the car you must put the right position on the pair of Yang and Mat pairs on the car and only one assembly position. In the case when we paired wrongly, the electrical systems on the car will have some broken equipment, even a fire, you should pay attention to this to avoid the case of flammable substances we observe first. After placing the flask in a fixed position, in order to avoid a dangerous fire hazard, we next check the Yang and Yin pairs for the last time. Then we will clamp the Yang pair into the positive sign with a plus sign, and when clamping the other pair we have to be careful, lightly touch if there is no phenomenon, so that we can safely clamp. After finishing clamping, we will check it again by turning on the light, turning on the engine and honking the trumpet

What to do when the vehicle is in the middle of the road 2

In case we comment, there will be Toyota's Emergency Assistance Kit. This set includes a pair of negative cable, Binh Duong cable, user manual, a lamp, cable to pull the car and a piece of triangular assembly to alert the rear in case We broke down the car in the middle of the road.

In the case of the same comments we will clamp the car battery cable first, then we attach the pair am and need to do correctly.

What to do when the vehicle is in the middle of the road 3

Especially when attaching the battery, we will clamp the first pair of Yang, but note that when you remove the jar, we remove the negative clamp first, maybe the battery will run out of power but there will be a little. Special precautions should be taken, in case of fire.


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