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Hello, you are watching my video. In the past, I have made some videos and also received some comments. Your question, some of you ask if it's better to do b2 or c now, some of them ask if they've just graduated and now should choose to drive a car Truck driving is better, has a more stable job and more time comfort. Well, I didn't make any assertions, but today I am going to make an overall review of my experience and experience, I want to share with you, As for how you choose, hopefully through today's video, with what you share, you will have the answer that best suits your conditions.

Should I Drive Or Download? first

Guys, we have a question if we should do it with b2 or with c, then if it were me, I would do it with c, because if you are not old enough to do c, I won't tell you, but if you do If you are old enough to work with c and if you intend to work, then you should do it best. Because why, because by doing c, you can both drive a truck and drive a car; and most of you guys work on a job right now, those who do it to go home and drive are not talking, but most of you now go to work to serve your work. yourself.

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There are many people who do not rent a car, if you work in an office or do business, or are assigned to work by companies or other businesses, you have a license to go, but we also It is impossible to foresee everything, things never go according to our plan, there are times when and there are times we have to use. Sometimes there are times when we have to use our driver's license and of course if there's a hard time you want to drive, it's better to have a c, and in the condition that you can drive a car then it is still a lot more. By c, you can drive bigger cars, a lot more working environment, but with b2, you are limited to just renting your car to your boss, it will be limited. your job more.

Should I Drive Or Download? 2

But in addition, the degree c then we will get on the Fc too, for example, whoever has the intention or the direction that we will drive long term, we will get to the Fc quickly more so that we can drive public cars and if we are ok then we will be 27 years old, we will get up by e as well. So this is because the doctors have done it for a long time, you guys have your own orientation then, but if this is the first step, I think doing it with c is the best solution. This is a pretty good plan, except for those of you who are not old enough and the ones who have cars already, and when you have a car, I will drive home, I will not say, but those who plan to do it driving to serve the job later, we should make a c driving license.

And after this car, I think it will be as popular as motorbike in the next decade or two decades. Well, the driver's license is also very necessary and in any period of time, even in the future, surely there was a need to hire a private driver at that time. The demand for hiring a truck is also very high, we will find it easier to find work.

Should I Drive Or Download? 3

The second question is that some doctors ask if they have a c license then should drive a car or a truck. These questions, I think I can not be sure as to what to drive where it depends on the circumstances of each person. Then I will say the pros and cons of each so that you can make the most accurate choice, consistent with your conditions.

When driving a car, it's common for us to drive for Korean, Japanese and some Vietnamese bosses, this is a common job, many places it chooses, but it has such advantages. This: you guys drive a car, it will be easier to control, it is easier to drive. Those who have just got a license will be easier to get a job if you control your steering wheel well; The second one is clean, delicious dress always peach branches, go flirting only then it is only standard, each player will die, that's two. But on the contrary, it is like this, guys, if you go to drive for the boss, or drive the cargo, you're very tight in terms of time. You go all day.

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Before, when I just got that license, I could not drive a car, I also used to drive for a Korean boss, which means going from 6 am until 11 pm, seven days of work, I can only take a break. every Sunday and the rest of the day, it was five o'clock to go to 11pm to return, very few bosses leave early, most people still go to work and all that. And you have to stay up late, get up early, then it won't take advantage of other things. If you have a family, you can't run around, all you have to do is stick to it all the time, even though you have a little more leisurely. And the second one is, but it's like this, it is less rich and in many places it just waits for a lot of copper to sprinkle the numbers up, to sprinkle the number of kilometers it will not give up much, then wait for it The ticket stubs only earn more than a month, in general, the total of each month may be 2 million, this is my actual speaking, because I used to work in the old days, that's the downside. The biggest drawback I see is that it consumes too much of our time.

Should I Drive Or Download? 4

What about big trucks, what if I got a big truck. Because the other day, the time when I went to drive was that time I was also very difficult, I did not have money and when I received that truck, then after many months I went to help the assistant. all the models, going to drive a car of all kinds make it boring, no money. When I got the truck, I didn't have any money left. The characteristics of some construction trucks, like where I used to run, used to be leveling before, then I ran to concrete, the most stable was the concrete. The big truck is usually a lot of places where people often sell oil, I'm not saying it all, but the concrete driving places are very mineral and like now people are contracting it is 60 ml / 1km, that is, with the engine of 336 or 371 and the other cars that 60 ml / 1km, you know then it will have the excess oil index. That carriage, people will give themselves a little higher because there are more decks. As for the motor grader, the motor grader, the people who go to pick up and run somewhere, then you have to go somewhere where it contracts oil, because they give oil to our brothers and then what do we want to do? do it, and if I run well then I will have oil to sell and the special thing here is that the car I drive it is big, the tank of oil must be about 300 to 400 l then it will also have a lot.

With that oil, I can save and I can go to the market and sell. This is my brother's personal way, talking here. I didn't specify it as a place to sell but in fact, people were already contracted to my brothers, my brother's skills were good, then my brothers and sisters ate and I did not denounce it. . This owner doesn't pay much attention to it either because people already contracted it to me or the big cars and you guys ..., this is just for me. The problem behind is a bit subtle, then the driver in the job will know.

Should I Drive Or Download? 5

See, I said driving a car is good at that, but it's hard to be rich. The second one is, you will have a fixed time to drive because: first, if there are many places where people drive 2 cars, then they will divide the shift, a night driver and a day driver and so on. So the two brothers told each other that they split up in shifts and drove, it was stable, that is, I worked nights and I only worked nights. 9am, if it is legal, then 9am go out to work, but if it is 4:30 am, 5am, then I go back, and the guy in the daytime, if running the ring road or running other places in the street, he would do his job. that. Like my time is fixed, like when I used to drive a lot, my working time is relatively small because big cars can't run during the day, so that's a day job. it is less, I can do it, it is better, then in the extra time I can still take care of my family, take care of my children, there, and do other things.

Like in the old days when I went to drive, I could still receive items or receive design projects, those kinds of miscellaneous things, my profession, I could still receive them. As for the night, I run from 9am to 4:30 am, I'll go back, I will finish sleeping in the day and go until noon, I will have time to work in the afternoon, and in the evening, I will go to see the cars, check the tires how to run yourself at night; I see what your car is like, like. There are cars that have their pros and cons, but in return, this car has its disadvantages, that is, it is very dangerous to drive, it is very difficult to drive and not to drive. To be able to drive right away, it takes time to practice driving small cars before you can drive it and you must also have a certain amount of driving experience before you can climb. Get on and drive those cars.

You have to drive very small trucks first and then you get to drive them; then those cars are usually big cars, construction vehicles, the risks are also very large, risks of people, risks of accidents when entering the site and many other risks as well. You guys have determined that by profession, you know that it has a lot of risks and above that, I have just shared what are the advantages and disadvantages of small cars, cars and trucks. construction. Each of it has its own advantages and disadvantages, I hope that through the above sharing, you will better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one and have a suitable choice. my condition, how do I make it the safest and I go to make money, take money home, not bring it to the temple and then go to compensate for accidents or take away car repair due to his carelessness caused an accident.

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I also hope that you will come here to get the information that has the best consideration for myself. I would like to end the video here, wish you a safe driving distance and make the best choice for yourself. If you find the video useful, please subscribe to my channel to watch my next video. I will have new topics for you to refer to, entertain, as well as share so that you can have a more general view of this driving career as well as new models or some sharing. His new way of driving. I hope you guys support me and it is good to share this video for your friends to consult, who knows, it helps some people.

Thank you brothers

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