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New Peugeot 5008 details: Opponent of Honda CR-V 5 + 2 in Vietnam

Discover Peugeot 5008 Honda Heavyweight Competition CR-V 5 + 2 In Vietnam

Hello all of you and you and we meet again in the autodaily car experience program, and in today's program we will come to a Peugeot 3008 senior model which is the 5008. In Today's program, we are going to find out if this 5008 model is anything more outstanding than the 3008 model.

New Peugeot 5008 details: Opponent of Honda CR-V 5 + 2 in Vietnam 1

The Peugeot 5008 has an overall length of 4670 mm, a wheelbase of 2840 mm, longer than other names on the market such as Honda CR-V 2659 mm or Nissan 2705 mm. The car looks almost identical to the 3008, which clearly demonstrates Peugeot's design ambition towards a healthier and more elegant image than the previous generation. The front of the car features a full-LED headlight cluster with sharp edges on both sides with stylized motifs. The fog lamps are also stylized and stylish. And the first difference comes from the luggage compartment above the 5008 model that has been equipped with the electric trunk opening feature compared to the 3008 model and is also equipped with another smart feature that is able to use stone feet to open and close. boot

The 5008 sample luggage compartment is significantly wider than the 3008. The here I am letting the third row fold down, but this model has a third row seat now I will let the third row pop up. And as you can see now I have opened the third row of seats and if we used the third row we would have 166 liters of storage space when opening this row. Now I'm going to put my work tools to see how. And now I will try this backpack. I put my backpack like this, I think it will not be possible to close this trunk, but in this model 5008 after we lift the seat, there will be a compartment in the lower area so we can put things like small suitcases. I think using seven seats like this is difficult to use as much luggage to go on 4-5 day trips.

New Peugeot 5008 details: Opponent of Honda CR-V 5 + 2 in Vietnam 2

And the third row of this Peugeot 5008 model can be removed to let me remove it for you to see quite heavy. With the third row seats removable, this can be used to sit outside. We can use it to sit fishing or do something outside very handy, right. The chair is a bit heavy, but it is quite easy to disassemble. For a car equipped with electric opening and closing function, of course, it will also be able to prevent jamming. At the rear and body the lines have become more harmonious and eye-catching than the rum lights around the glass window. The taillights are also equipped with full leds with fancy shapes connected by a glossy black plastic panel with the lion logo in the middle. cladding sports clusters fit the front end of the sports wheels with a size of 18 inches.

New Peugeot 5008 details: Opponent of Honda CR-V 5 + 2 in Vietnam 3

Ground clearance according to manufacturer specifications is 165 mm. In the second row this model has the good point that we have another storage compartment under the foot of the person sitting on this side is very convenient. The car is also equipped with air conditioning system in the second row. There is also a USB charging port. Another difference on this model with the 3008 is that we can adjust the wind mode for the second row of seats, there are two buttons here. When we sit here, there is a button to adjust the first row accordingly. Why is there a control button? When we step down the third row we will use this side seat to step down this side seat is usable but it is a bit difficult so the manufacturer made this button so that when we pull up the entanglement there will be This quickly the row up but not up there to adjust. Before I got down to the third row, I had a doubt that for a 7-seater SUV that is only longer than the 5-seater 3008 SUV, which is only about 20 cm, I don't know the seating area, the legroom of What will the third row look like? Now let's go down, let's go down. I will adjust the second row to sit down to see if the space is good or not. As you can see, when I sit in this position, I am completely comfortable with my back and knees still a little about 10 cm long, my head still about 5 - 7 cm completely comfortable from the ceiling.

Let's go down. Put down the third row, I will use this pad, just one touch, we can go down immediately. And now I have sat in the third row of my foot-drive that's getting a bit hard. When I sat here, I felt a bit uncomfortable and uncomfortable, it did not bring us much comfort even though we could sit within the distance of 20-30 km. The knee is still about 5 cm from the back of the front row, so here we have a tray to keep the water and the cup back. On this side we also have an umbrella for a cup of water and a phone. In fact, the back of this chair is a little bit standing and it's a bit small, you guys, this chair is really suitable for young children to sit more appropriately than an adult like me who is 1m75 tall and weighs over 70kg. .

New Peugeot 5008 details: Opponent of Honda CR-V 5 + 2 in Vietnam 4

Here you can see the part of our legs that are quite entangled in moving or sitting quite uncomfortably coming out, so try to lean a bit. Interior design of the new generation Peugeot 5008 model follows the style…. Uniquely similar to the 3008, every detail is shaped to bring the future protein to the driver's position. Now I'm sitting in the first row of this model 5008. The layout and design of the buttons or functions used here is identical to the 3008. Model There are some new equipment on this 5008 model, some of which are added. This is a 180-degree camera that says it's a 180-degree camera, but actually in the back when we enter the reverse gear, there will be a rear camera and a 180-degree screen mode like here.

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Behind us we will be able to view the sides a bit wider than the normal reversing camera. This 5008 model is also equipped with wireless charging for new mobile phones. model 5008 is equipped with lane keeping warning technology, dust-proof warning and remote sign recognition. In this model chair, besides the power adjustment feature for both sides, I can remember two positions and have a massage mode here as I click on the massage mode, the screen will appear for us to choose the average. High and the massage mode again. and not only on the driver's seat, massage is also provided for the passenger seat. Peugeot 5008 uses a 1.6L engine equipped with a pressure cylinder for maximum power of 165 horsepower along with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

New Peugeot 5008 details: Opponent of Honda CR-V 5 + 2 in Vietnam 5

Safety equipment on the vehicle includes ABS braking system with force distribution EPFD emergency braking EBA electronic brake ESB supports horizontal departure, downhill assistance and blind spot warning. The official selling price of Peugeot 5008 model in Vietnam market is VND 1,349,000,000. with the equipment and technology added on this model 5008 and with the third row, whether we should spend more than VND 200,000,000 compared to the model 3008 to own this 5008 7-seater SUV model or not. Please comment right below this clip and don't forget to like share subscribe youtube autodaily channel

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