Hyundai Models and Origin of Names

Hello everyone, I wish you all the best of luck. Ladies and gentlemen, in order not to make an appointment with you for too long, today I would like to mention the meaning of the name of the type of Hyundai cars that we often meet in Vietnam market. Hope you guys will pay attention.


Firstly, when talking about Hyundai cars in Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention the Hyundai Grand I10. This is the most successful Hyundai model in Vietnam, and it can also be said to be the best-selling car in Vietnam in recent years. The word Grand stands for Grander meaning nobility and the letter I stands for the word Increase for growth. With the desire of Hyundai I's line-up model growing day by day. And the number 10 at the end refers to the size of this model. For example, I30 is larger than I20 and I20 is larger than I10.

The second is I20 Active, the word Active means flexible and dynamic. This is really a flexible compact crossover that is suitable for young people. Generally, with Hyundai models in Vietnam, I am impressed with the most active Hyundai model I20.

Hyundai Models and Origin of Names 1

The third is Huyndai Elantra is the name derived from the word Elation means passion. It reflects the ability to bring attraction to any driver when sitting on the Elantra.

The fourth is Huyndai Accent it means the emphasis. In music Accent is understood as accent. This term reflects the sharp and strong design of the vehicle.

The fifth is Hyundai Sonata, I wonder if you know Beethoven's famous song, the moonlight sonata? The name of this model means a sonata, in simple terms it is the name of a symphonic genre. I find this name very suitable for the elegant design of this model.

Friday is Huyndai Creta, then Creta is the name of the largest and most populous island of Greece located in the Mediterranean Sea.

Seventh is Huyndai Santa Fe, Santa Fe is the name of a city in the state of New Mexico. Santa Fe means Spanish faith.

Hyundai Models and Origin of Names 2

Eighth is Hyundai Tucson and Tucson is the name of a city in Southern Arizona. A state that has many deserts, this name reflects the wilderness of the car.

The second is the Hyundai Veloster, which is not officially distributed in Vietnam. But I have met many times so I would like to speak here. It is a sports car and its name is a combination of the word Velocity which means speed and the word Roadster means 2-seater. The name indicates its strong sportiness.

Hyundai Models and Origin of Names 3

Finally, two commercial models of Hyundai. It is Huyndai Porter truck, Porter means porter. As for the Hyundai Starex model, it is derived from the word Star meaning the star.

So here is the meaning of the name of the Hyundai model that we often encounter in Vietnam market. Dear readers, brothers and sisters and friends.


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