Degrees And How It Is Punished

Vehicle degrees and penalties

Penalties for vehicle modification, According to Decree No. 171 / ND-CP in 2013, stipulating penalties for vehicle modification:

  • From VND 100 to VND 200,000, when arbitrarily changing paint colors or changing vehicle brands. After the sanction is completed, it must be reverted to the original state of the vehicle.
  • From 800 to 1 million dong, when arbitrarily changing the engine number, chassis number, structure and specification of the vehicle (changes do not include changes in paint color and brand, such as folding, exhaust , onto the bigger rear wheel, tail, mounted improper number plates, led lights, trumpet, the level of the car's music player, engine, ...). After the penalty, the vehicle must be restored to its original state.

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Things that are less punished:

  • When the lights are not bright, you can replace the halogen lights with LEDs to increase the brightness, because the bulbs are quite close inside and the bulbs are quite similar so it will be difficult to detect. If there is a penalty, there is also less penalty than installing an external light. And especially when attaching led strips or owl lights, the more easily detected. Often the traffic police catch gimmicky errors, the colors slip out. And mostly the police relied on the paint color written on the car's car to base their punishment.
  • Change the gear slug, change the gear ratio to better the car and should not use floating colors too.
  • Change the strength of the car, put left to the left, make the pot again, up the clutch.

How to improve the aesthetics, express the personality, increase the performance of the car while ensuring safety is least sanctioned.

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