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Should The Gas Saving Kit Be Attached To My Car?

Should gasoline abc xyz kits be fitted or not?

Hoang Son fuel saver, including: the screw that attaches to the wind snail of the gas tank, detaches and attaches the snail, which has a hole in the opening; followed by a rubber tube; The bottom is the air filter and the top is the screw that controls the wind.

Should The Gas Saving Kit Be Attached To My Car? first

When removing the wind screw in the fuel tank of your child then attaching the screw with the hole in and venting the tube out, the goal is to help the gas tank get more wind, making its fuel mixture more the wind should be less gasoline, that is, the mixture is uneven or poor gasoline, a poor mixture of gasoline will run more economically. The addition of this screw has an impact on the gas circuit when I run always, not you stop anymore, that is, the carburetor mixture when entering the engine when the engine is operating, the wind is lack of gas.

When running, many wind lacks such gasoline is harmful or not? The fuel saver Hoang Son attaches to the short distance, it is okay, if going long distances, it is also very harmful, because it is the wrong ratio of the carburetor, it is too windy to lack gasoline, when entering the combustion chamber, it causes the phenomenon. burning long and causing hot machine, hot machine when going long distances will cause the phenomenon of xupap and bori burned white. And gas mileage cannot be high, power and torque are reduced. After a period of use, the air filter it will be turned off but I do not know how to clean it will cause shutdowns, stalling. And this air filter is also very difficult to clean, it is in the form of discarded and not replaced. When I turned off the engine, I removed the fuel saver and then mounted the car's wind screw in the car to start the engine normally.

Hoang Son fuel saver can only be installed on cars using carburetors and on cars using small gas tanks. It is also advisable not to install a fuel saver because it does not save much fuel, but it falsifies the carburetor ratio, causing the engine to run poorly, causing overheating of the engine, if you go. Long distance is more harmful than good.

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The gas snail, the snail in the carburetor have been adjusted to the standard, so it should not be corrected, if the adjustment is not good enough, it will be damaged.

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Some ways to drive fuel economy:

  1. Pay attention to the wheel, tire pressure: you have to inflate the tire, do not stretch too soft nor too soft, generally the right pressure when going 1 is different from 2 is different. When the pressure is too low, it presses the tire down a lot, so it has a large area of contact with the road, it runs very heavy and it causes fuel consumption, moreover, it quickly wears out the tire. When the wheel pump is too flat, the grip of the wheel with the road is low so it will be ballast.
  2. About the throttle and braking the car: when you run, you should not turn the accelerator suddenly and avoid urgent braking because the fuel you have previously charged the vehicle will be wasted, so reduce the gas slowly until you arrive, then you brake the car stop.
  3. When the lights stop for more than 30 seconds, you can turn off the machine to save fuel.
  4. Viscosity is also very important, when the lubrication of the vehicle is weak, when the vehicle operates, it will create a great friction, it will also consume fuel, so pay attention to change oil regularly.

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