Feeling objectively when Kenz test-drives KIA SORENTO


Hello friends, today we will experience the feeling of driving a Kia Sorento. With this car, many people have high expectations for the smart stream 2.2 oil engine next to the wet dual clutch 8-speed automatic transmission. Right now we will find out what is so special about this engine beyond the attractive numbers on paper. 

Previously, when it came to diesel engines, people were impressed by the smoothness and power of the Hyundai Santafe and now there is a smoother Kia Sorento. Compared to the 2.5-liter gasoline engine, the diesel engine is significantly more powerful and comfortable to ride. This car with reference in the European market has a mass of over 1,8 tons; This number is a challenge when you use it in the petrol version.

In some other diesel engines, the fear is that some situations are in the form of mezzanine, ie you keep the car from jumping to the next gear and move it at the highest rpm range in the current gear. then there will be a situation where the machine knocks a lot and the chassis part will make a little sound. However, what the experience on the new engine of the Sorento is very impressive, the gearbox and engine create a very pleasant quiet space inside the car.

With the previous generation Sorento car circulating in Vietnam, the suspension is a bit stiff to solve the problem of heavy loads. A note to you, with the new undercarriage, this car has about 6% lighter chassis in volume but has increased anti-twisting level by 4%.

After testing on rough and gravel roads, speed bumps, the Sorento showed that the engine of the car was very strong and smooth, the suspension system had a more stable level. Although you run in normal mode, what the steering wheel brings is much more subtle. In addition, the new Sorento now has better sound insulation than before. The car also carries a higher safety function, assisting the driver with a lane-keeping feature.

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