How To Handle The Situation On A Long Distance

The essential items when traveling away include: fire extinguishers, flashlights, 1 set of battery fishing lines, gloves when the car is in trouble and finally a first aid kit. If possible, an extra 12V electric pump can be plugged directly into the 12V charging port in the car to prevent the car from getting soft, check the spare tire and lift the car.

How To Handle The Situation On A Long Distance

- On long trips we often go on highways and roads, the first thing to consider when running on the highway is the speed limit, for modern cars that can be installed. Speed limits right on the steering wheel or throttle will help us somewhat help with the car without that mode.

- Always remember that highways are always running from 80km / h with 100km / h and especially with 120km / h and always keep in mind when running fast, we can run the throttle max. If you exceed the speed limit, you will be punished. Most importantly, you will be in danger of going at high speed.

- An issue to note when running on the highway is that the distance with the vehicles ahead must not follow the rear of the car, but must keep a minimum distance to brake when facing obstacles or vehicles ahead. before the sudden stop.

- The provisional formula to calculate the distance is "Your velocity x 3/10". That is the 3-second method to calculate the safe distance to brake if the vehicle in front suddenly and can also distance as far as possible.

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The next rule is the rule of yielding and overtaking:

- When there is a vehicle that wants to pass, turn signals on the right, change lanes to the right slowly, and look ahead and back. Then release the parking garage to the left to overtake, when the left is over and you want to change lanes to the left as you did before, look behind and slowly move into the left lane. If you want to overtake you are required to turn left signals, flashing a signal if you want to pass until the car ahead gives way to them they will come over to the right for you to pass, then watch. carefully then get ahead.

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- When we start moving into the freeway when you stop or repair a car etc ... when joining the highway you must be very careful turn signals to the left to observe the rear even the front is very clear if it is really safe to come out gradually when the speed is stable we continue to move the lane inward to be safe, the eyes must always look into the mirror to observe behind and always not to turn their heads like That would be very dangerous. When preparing to the destination or where to turn right gradually change lanes so that enough distance is 3-5 minutes, to turn right is safer than going on the left lane sudden turn right is extremely dangerous dangerous.

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- When you are traveling on the road or highway, stopping in the middle of the road is extremely dangerous and absolutely you should not, if in the case of force majeure such as a car with a tire such as forcing to run slowly any road that is safe and has room to stop, turn off, gradually park, turn on the warning signal (triangle button), and quickly change the tire.

  • Steps to take:
  • First remove the spare tire in the trunk and lift the jack.
  • Turn off the screws on the punctured tire after removing the last one, then you can easily remove the tire, followed by the spare tire and attach the screws in the middle when you attach 5 screws. and make sure the snails are tightened.
  • Note: On the spare tire to be max 80km / h means that you only run a maximum or no more than 80km / h and how to run to the nearest car garage to patch the punctured tire and continue the journey.

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